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Review #1, by sameep Bygones

2nd September 2009:
i really like this story 10/10 please update soon

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Review #2, by krissy87 Bygones

10th July 2009:
I'd all but forgotten about this story. I started reading it before I got an account, so couldn't favourite it. Anyway, I've re-discovered it (new title and all!) and still really like it! Hope to read more of it soon! =)

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Review #3, by raberbar Bygones

16th April 2009:
Are you still out there? Come Back!

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Review #4, by paratrooper321fa Bygones

29th December 2008:
bonus points for the line about James never being able to out do bringing a Slytherin home. Dont take so long to update again

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Review #5, by alix Bygones

8th December 2008:
glad that you're back from MIA land! pretty good transition chapter..and i like how we got to meet someone from the Nott clan..great evil grandma by the way. but, I am also hungry for some more albus/emmeline interaction, and how emmeline will react to her family's pressure. keep the ideas coming!:)

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Review #6, by raberbar Bygones

8th December 2008:
I knew you'd come back, an excellent restart, twists and all!

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Review #7, by raberbar The Christmas Conversation

12th November 2008:
Come back please! I hope you haven't abandoned this, it is one of my favourites.

Author's Response: Um, I'm going as fast as I can. It's exam week, and my family is so screwed up... but you don't really need to know that! I'll work as fast as I can.

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Review #8, by paratrooper321fa The Burrow

22nd October 2008:
bali bali adashidh(spelling?) is Korean for hurry up sir
So whena re you going to add the next chapter?

Author's Response: Sry! I am in a really stressful situation right now and it might be a while before the next chapter comes out. Again, sorry! I just have no time to write anymore. But, THERE WILL BE ANOTHER CHAPTER. EVENTUALLY.

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Review #9, by paratrooper321fa Snakes Among Lions

15th October 2008:
So when is the next chaptergoing to come out bali bali adashie

Author's Response: what does bali bali adashie mean?

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Review #10, by nixta The Christmas Conversation

5th October 2008:
more more more loving it

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Review #11, by alix The Christmas Conversation

5th October 2008:
i reviewed a while back but i'll do it agian as i read the last chapter but never reviewed to it! (hit me with a wet noddle, lol) i think the reason i like this story is Albus and Emmeline's characterization--Emmeline especially--and creativity ponts for using some other death eater family names (like you did with Nott). i agree with one the first review that you need some emmeline family problems come up soon--it sounds like her dad and probably grandmother etc. would not be happy to hear the only daughter was dating a Potter. Ha, yes James reaction would be cool i could see that--and maybe other family members too (Ginny and Emmeline's talk was good). My only stickler for this story is that I don't envision this ship to be pure smooth sailing, due to thier divergent family backgrounds,etc. I also really like how you revealed some of Emmeline's doubts and fears about the depth of her feelings for Al at the end of ch.7 and i think those doubts should come into play. just please be realistic and don't downplay all the drama. that's all for now, you've done a good job so far so i'm looking forward to you stretching some literary muscle for the next chapter

p.s. i'll give you a cookie at the next chapter. incentive? :)

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Review #12, by paratrooper321fa The Christmas Conversation

3rd October 2008:
I am looking forawrd to see how this pans out.
A couple thoughts though:
I dont seem to recall James reaction to. Either supportive or not a side comment about not matter what I do from now on you brought home a Slytherin would be funny and in character.

Scorpius should prod Emmiline more into the reationship with Albus pointing out that he is mostly happy dating or trying to date another gryffendor

Andromeda should make an apperence and be happy that she is no longer the only Slytherin anymore.

a further falling out with her father is in order, bonus point is Scorpius , the Potters and the entire weasley family show support.

Further bonus points for not making the female character a Malfoy

i am very much looking forawrd to reading the rest of the story please contineu and finish this

Author's Response: Okay, props to you for giving me advice. I love it and crave more. However, I have never intended Andromeda to be a part of the story much more than a side mention. Emmeline, I believe, is a very different person from Andromeda, and I don't want too many comparisons. Sorry, thanks for the tip! Also, I love the James idea! It changes the beginning of the next chapter, but vastly improves it.
p.s. I share your aborrence of female Malfoys. They really bother me.

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Review #13, by paratrooper321fa Encounters

3rd October 2008:
This I liked. This is also how i invisioned a Potter boy meeting his significant other.

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