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Review #1, by livelife0890 Say

1st June 2009:
Very good story!

I'm not going to lie though... I was pulling for Harry haha

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Review #2, by Anna Say

7th April 2009:
Ooh! Am loving the simmering tensions and high emotions in this! And the ending hanging on a thread! ek!
love it!

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Review #3, by selena gomez i luv u Say

26th March 2009:
i don't want ron and hermione to be together i want me and ron,harry and hermione

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Review #4, by The Empress Say

17th January 2009:
This was very good. I like how you described their emotions, it was very clear and just wonderfully done. Excellent piece.

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Review #5, by SpringTime Say

4th November 2008:
Oh good they are back together in the end. I would have been sad if it was otherwise. Good story, would be interesting to see how Ginny would feel if she found out about it, and Ron's reaction to it being Harry...Maybe a sequal...

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Review #6, by vakilinchuk Say

21st October 2008:
Well,you have good writing technics.And story is kind of original.But really,characters are not so realistic.I'm not saying that becouse I think "No!Harry and Hermione never do that."Life is complicated.In time,they can do that.But Ron's reaction is really unreaistic...I mean,we are reading about him in 7 books.He is really jealous and proud guy.He would never forgive her.Really,never.And your Harry is seriously bad guy.Ok,he can make a mistake,but he is acting like he have a right for this.Shag Hermione,live with and shag with Ginny,be best friend with Ron,and there is no problem about all of these for him.If Hermione wouldn't stop,he would continue...forever?
You have a good technics,like I said.But you should picture characters more realistic...

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Review #7, by ginnyfan4life Say

18th October 2008:
I really enjoyed your story. Hermione's jealousy was really well done along with all of her internal conflict. It would be nice to see some more of Ginny in this story because she seems totally oblivious to everything it would be nice to see an example of why she would trust Harry so greatly. I like that in the end Ron takes Hermione back, again I think we should see Ginny here too, and how does Harry end up feeling in the end? Anyways, great story 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks!

I thought about adding two or three more scenes so you can get a sense of Harry and Ginny's relationship and understand his motivations for being with Hermione (because you get why she was with him...for physical security). I may just edit and or do a sequel or something. But I think not having it leaves that little space for the reader to interpret ya know?

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