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Review #1, by Goddess182 That's What You Get

26th May 2009:
i feel ur pain cris and i hope u arnt still hurting

similoar happened to me too and yea it sucks

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Review #2, by Ruth That's What You Get

25th May 2009:
I thought this was brilliant and i loved your honesty.
The same thing happened to one of my best mates and i know how hard it was on her and i never want to have to watch anyone else go through something like that again.
I hope you managed to get over it the same way my friend has and don't worry the right guy will come along eventually and he won't be some dickhead!

I really loved this

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Review #3, by ataraxy That's What You Get

22nd December 2008:
Aw, sorry to hear that happened to you.
Guys suck, but this story was really great, I liked it!

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Review #4, by pop_girl06 That's What You Get

17th November 2008:
Aw. I'm sorry.
The story in itself was wonderful. It almost leaves it so that you could expand it into a full story.
Good job!
and *hug!*

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Review #5, by harrypotterfreak1414 That's What You Get

23rd October 2008:
I really love this story, there were a few grammar errors but nothing big. And good for you to do that. I can completely understand whhere your coming from, this actually happened to me but it was an on going thing of 3 months. Keep writing and remember, practice makes perfect:)

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Review #6, by bellas That's What You Get

10th October 2008:
I love this one-shot, and I like how it shows 'the other side' of a cheating relationship - most of them just show the girl being cheated on finding out and breaking down. Anyhow, good job!

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