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Review #1, by HogwartsRockChick  Green Eyes of Envy

11th March 2012:
Great Story!!! Loved it !! Update soon!! 🌹

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Review #2, by Burnt Cheese Bubbles are Burst

26th July 2009:
Oh oh oh so funny :) What an awesome story! Hope you update soon! You get a ten out of ten! :D


P.S. Hey, who's that blond guy you chose to portray as Scorpius Malfoy on your banner? :3 just curious...

Author's Response: Hey burnt cheese,

Thank you so much for leaving a review!
a ten out of ten? wow thanks

The guy is Boyd Holbrook.

~ Scorpy_4_evr

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Review #3, by Burnt Cheese Bubble Bubble Rose in Trouble

25th July 2009:
Scorpius is awesome! He sounds so drool-worthy in this... :3

One thing I'd like to complain about is your missing punctuation and shorted words like "cos". It's a bit distracting. Sorry, I'm nitpicking :P

Anyway, I LOVE your storyline! It's so awesome, and this bathroom thing was really good. I just wish you kind of wrote more about them playing about in the giant bath. Or more conversation. :)

*runs off to next chapter*

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Review #4, by NorahGP7 Bubbles are Burst

25th July 2009:
Oh no does Elliot like Scorpius?!
Rose and Scorpius are perfect together and I am just happy that they love each other! Demi...I can't picture anyone with that name as a blonde...maybe its just Demi Lovato that is stuck in my head. Update soon cause I love it!


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Review #5, by revuzsuck Bubbles are Burst

12th July 2009:
Another good chapter, now I'm really baffled at the low amount of reviews you have on this story. Its unfair, there are some crappy ass stories on this site with loads of reviews but this one gets hardly any! Well I guess it happens, but at least allow yourself to have some condolence in the fact that you got a fan in me.

Until next time: revuzsuck

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Review #6, by revuzsuck Bubble Bubble Rose in Trouble

12th July 2009:
This was really quite good. I am so so so suprised this has got so few reviews, it deserves a lot more.
Fantastic chapter, can't wait till chapter 2

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Review #7, by the_elder_wand Bubbles are Burst

12th July 2009:
gorjuz chapter:) hope you update soon:)

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Review #8, by the_elder_wand Bubble Bubble Rose in Trouble

12th July 2009:
wonderful chapter:)))

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Review #9, by roscorpius Bubbles are Burst

22nd October 2008:
great story can't wait to hear what happens next:))
when i first saw the title of this story i thought it would be boring but then they say "never judge a book by its cover!" Lo ve the story cant wait for the next chapter!:))

Author's Response: Hi!

Aww thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it =]

~ Scorpy_4_evr

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