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Review #1, by anonymous Unsure

7th March 2009:
i quote from dumbledore "all across the country his spells have been lifted" then that kinda contradicts with the fact that harry had a different DADA teacher each year

Author's Response: Thank you for trying to point out an inconsistency with story. I must say though, that while I try my best to stay within the bounds of canon, there are many things that remain unexplained and therefore, it is just stipulation. What you suggest would also mean that the horcruxes would have been destroyed. The idea is that there are different sorts of spells and qualities of magic: what curses a job would be different from an imperious curse, which affects a person in the moment, consistently. Those types of spells would require constant maitainence whereas a long-standing curse or spell would not die with a person, or else, why does the Sorting Hat still work. I hope this helps explain my concept of the magic.

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