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Review #1, by BabyshoesBlack Our Last Day

15th March 2013:
Great.! It made my heart swell ever bigger for Remus! I loved it!

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Review #2, by Emily Our Last Day

29th December 2011:
I. Just. Love. This. Story. I found it sweet and perfect and just wanting to yell for Eli and Remus to just be a couple already! I'm so happy right now, such a perfect ending. You're an amazing writer. (:

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Review #3, by chocoholic907 Our Last Day

22nd May 2011:
Omg :D
that was so sweet...
N so awesome!
Loved it!!

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Review #4, by chocoholic907 Parents and Parties

22nd May 2011:
I loved it :)
going off to read more now, so toodles...

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Review #5, by chocoholic907 Being Prefect

22nd May 2011:
El is adorable :)
pretty awesome start for a first fic!
Actually, that would be awesome for *any* fic...

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Review #6, by Lbug10 Our Last Day

27th May 2010:
OMG I LOVED IT! it was AWESOME!!! i would have liked it if eli was tonks,but i still loved it!!

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Review #7, by Lbug10 Friendship

26th May 2010:
LOVE IT REALLY LOVE IT!! i SOsoSO want to find out if they ever get together!

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Review #8, by rezofsunshine Our Last Day

25th January 2010:
um. basically the cutest story EVER!! i LOVED it. its definitely one ill go back and reread! :]

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Review #9, by Catherine Our Last Day

18th October 2009:
This.I.Words can't describe how much I love this story. I hope your write a sequel!

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Review #10, by QueenOfSidekicks Our Last Day

16th July 2009:
o0o0o00o0o0o that was really really cute! >_

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Review #11, by mercurialxsmile Our Last Day

10th July 2009:
:) A pretty simple plot, but definitely a cheery one. Made me giggle. Thanks

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Review #12, by Snagglepuss Our Last Day

21st April 2009:
Ah that was so fluffy and cute and god damn adorable.
Just to tell you, i started reading at 8 and its now 11
i hope your happy :D
school night and everything.
It was worth it mind you
10/10 for an amazing story through out!

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Review #13, by Kiss Me Thru The Phone In The Broom Closet

18th April 2009:
Which one is gay, Owain or Gav?
Ten out of ten, by the way

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Review #14, by Belly Our Last Day

10th March 2009:
So seeing as how this is the end of the entire story and I haven't reviewed ONCE, I think you really deserve to be told how absolutely wonderful your story is. Ever since I saw kaylee from firefly in my 'story search results'; I've been utterly hooked. It's just so great and makes you feel good. Anyway, I hope that this review to gives back at least some of the happiness that 'All the better to kiss you with' gave me. Sorry for being so full on, I just really wanted to thank you for posting this up.


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Review #15, by Lela Our Last Day

1st March 2009:
i love the whole series (sp?)! ur a really good writer!

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Review #16, by xoJamesLilyox Our Last Day

21st December 2008:
aww !
I loved it !
I must admit, I was a little bit doutful when I read that Elina was in Hufflepuff, but you did an nice job!
It was very original!
: ) JL xo.

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Review #17, by pygmy_puff_girl Our Last Day

14th December 2008:

a fabby ending to a brilliant fanfic!
well done! :]


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Review #18, by pygmy_puff_girl Partnership

14th December 2008:
Another great chapter!!! loving the story - cant wait to see what happens next


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Review #19, by pygmy_puff_girl In The Broom Closet

14th December 2008:
Love this chapter too - I do the same thing as Eli when I'm drunk hehehe

btw i hope you had fun in Poland :P


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Review #20, by pygmy_puff_girl Friendship

14th December 2008:

love this chapter - i think Elina is a great OC. in some fanfics the OCs are really odd and under-developed (personality wise, not physically) but Elina is a really strong character!

loving this fic, and i cant wait to read the rest of it!


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Review #21, by verbal87 Our Last Day

12th December 2008:
Well brilliant story and I finally get the Elina reference in Love's Scars. Remus I think was perfect in how you wrote him nd your characterisation and Elina was a really good OC character. Quite a few stories don't really blend OC characters in properly but you actually made her a three-dimensional character and made her seem like she should be there. All in all brilliant 10/10

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Review #22, by Amrita Our Last Day

6th November 2008:
Wow, you have real writing talent! Kinda reminds me of the ex-stripper who wrote Juno. Not that you're skanky! Um.
Seriously, that was one really feel-good romance. Rock on!

Author's Response: why am i continually compared to strippers?! hm... =P thank you! (i think)

well done for reading the whole thing! i've just started a remus/tonks story. if you love lupin you should read! xxx

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Review #23, by MrsNorris17 Our Last Day

30th October 2008:
i loved this story!
i shall miss constantly checking for updates!
now i must go check out your other stories, do you have any other marauders ones?
anyway great story, great last chapter too!
10/10 as always!

Author's Response: aww! thank you! writing the last chapter made me *really* sad... it was kinda loserish, but i was like 'gah! i'm never gonna write reika again! goodbye owain! oh! eli!!' lol

i am in the process of writing more stories! hope you like xxx

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Review #24, by Arcane Our Last Day

11th October 2008:
YAYAYAYA that was so ccuuutteee!
I'm really depressed this is over though. This is seriously probably one of the only stories I've read that has stayed Remus/OC through till the end and not switched over.

Author's Response: haha! how could i switch over?! my love for remus is undying =P

i've posted the first chapter of my remus/tonks story. have a look! xxx ps thanks for the review ;)

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Review #25, by blonde_red_head2 Our Last Day

10th October 2008:
EEEP its ova! sad...

loved it!

Author's Response: =D thanks a lot! well done for gettin to the end ;) glad you enjoyed xxx

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