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Reading Reviews for Like a Romantic Comedy
50 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Tonks101 but, darn, I do love him.

10th April 2010:
Ohh!! So sweet! I love it!

Author's Response: thank you very much!

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Review #2, by Tonks101 I hate confessionals, too

10th April 2010:
Wow! That would be weird!!

Author's Response: haha, thank you very much!

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Review #3, by Tonks101 I hate the cliché

10th April 2010:
Very good! You hooked me right away!

Author's Response: thank you very much! :D

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Review #4, by happy_person but, darn, I do love him.

14th February 2010:
brilliant work!!! i loved every minute of it.. i love how u had remus and sirius provide lily with advice and th hilarious comments made by them. i just really enjoyed this story from start to finish! :D infinity/10!!

Author's Response: aw thank you so so so much!

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Review #5, by happy_person I hate confessionals, too

14th February 2010:
aww, poor lily!!! nice job!!! im loving this story!!

Author's Response: so happy to see you're enjoying it!

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Review #6, by happy_person I hate that I’m scared

14th February 2010:
hehe, another great one ;P

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #7, by happy_person I hate the cliché

14th February 2010:
lmfao, great story!! i love this chapter and i cant wait to read more ;D

Author's Response: :D :D :D you have no idea how happy that makes me!

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Review #8, by Gal22 but, darn, I do love him.

8th February 2010:
"No, Sirius, I just imagined him running out of that room as if I was the devil incarnate or something" hahaha :D
"I just thought they'd be pretty attractive together…"you gotta love sirius

so yup it was great :P

Author's Response: aw, thank you so much!

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Review #9, by Gal22 I hate the cliché

8th February 2010:
HAHAHA :D love! favrite quote:
"They really are very absorbent. They take in the knife rather well, allots you more opportunities to pierce them without having to waste food by getting a new one to mutilate." hahaha

Author's Response: she's a bit crazy, i know >.

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Review #10, by woohoopolychromatic I hate that I’m scared

30th September 2009:
oh my goodness! (if you could hear how i said that you would be laughing at me). i love the character of Lily! it allows me to babble in my mind constantly. and i just love doing that!

Author's Response: lol, you have no idea how happy it makes me to read that!

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Review #11, by Zaphira but, darn, I do love him.

9th September 2009:
Loved it!
Great to see the marauders from a different perspective and I am a sucker for happy endings :)
Especially loved Lily's observations about men and life in general, loved how you portrayed Sirius, and loved seeing Remus have a little more backbone than one often sees in marauder fics.

Author's Response: oooh, thank you, i'm so glad to hear this, it truly means so much to me to read!

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Review #12, by laura lollypop but, darn, I do love him.

17th August 2009:
very cliched. and enjoyable dont worry! :D xx

Author's Response: yay, thank you!

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Review #13, by laura lollypop I hate the cliché

17th August 2009:
discombobulated. aaah loving this, very whimsical ;D anywhoo next chappy here i come!

Author's Response: lol thank you, what a wonderful compliment there!

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Review #14, by MrSz_JaMeS_pOtTeR but, darn, I do love him.

1st August 2009:
omg its so awesome and cute i love james and lilz:)

Author's Response: lol, happy to hear it.

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Review #15, by LauraLongbottom but, darn, I do love him.

28th July 2009:
aww nice way of ending it :) i liked it

Author's Response: yay, wasnt too sure about it at lfirt but this does much to alleviate my trepidation over it.

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Review #16, by LauraLongbottom I hate that I’m scared

27th July 2009:
yeah the changes were perfect!! i wanted Lily to be a bit nicer or idk what. I love Sirius...very realistic... 10/10

Author's Response: lol, yes, she isn't always the sweetest person and can come off as extremely bitter, etc. but i simply figured it'd fit the whole cliche a bit better--the one guy who can break through the hard exterior, etc etc

thank you so much for reviewing

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Review #17, by LauraLongbottom I hate the cliché

27th July 2009:
I love this! They're so awesome :) 10/10

Author's Response: aw, thank you!

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Review #18, by SiriusPandaLover I hate confessionals, too

25th July 2009:
The guy I told I liked actually said " I'm going to go hide in my corner now." Right after I told him.

Author's Response: aw, wow... i've never actually admitted that i loved a guy, i must admit... i'm a bit emotionally retarded, but i've cowered when they've made the proclamation, sadly enough...

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Review #19, by Manderz but, darn, I do love him.

22nd July 2009:
i do think that you should continue this story... It cant be that simple come on she is too endearing to leave it off like that. Anyway it was really good and i hope you can find it in your pessimistic heart to write somemore fun sarastic love story.

Author's Response: sadly it's like a romantic comedy, and that's about as deep in as it goes, but i may consider an epilogue after that delightful review...

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Review #20, by Voldy_needs_a_hug but, darn, I do love him.

6th July 2009:
*drops review*

Love it!!!

Author's Response: aw thank you!

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Review #21, by tonks21094 but, darn, I do love him.

30th May 2009:
brilliant...absolutely brilliant. good job.

Author's Response: oh thank you, that is very kind of you to say.

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Review #22, by tonks21094 I hate confessionals, too

30th May 2009:
keep it up! I'm still laughing!

Author's Response: oh im so happy to hear that

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Review #23, by Tonks21094 I hate that I’m scared

29th May 2009:
Still cracking up on this end!

Author's Response: ooh, what a pleasure to read there

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Review #24, by Tonks21094 I hate the cliché

29th May 2009:
Ohmygosh this is freaking HILARIOUS!

Author's Response: AW, thank you!

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Review #25, by kirstie but, darn, I do love him.

23rd April 2009:
I did enjoy it. It wasareally funny. Boy! it must have been fun to right generaly when i wrote everything to me was seven times funny then it really was reading it, but i had loads of fun reading.


Author's Response: lol, it was a nice break--writing that--i'll admit.

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