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Review #1, by siruslyblack2 I Have Wonderfull Taste In Men!

10th April 2011:
you need to check your spelling and grammer its not correct

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Review #2, by AlbusRox14 I'm Yours Forever!

24th February 2011:
okay . . . i'm sorry but you spelling is atrocious.

tourchering? (torturing)

waisting time? (waste)

stairing? (Staring)

other than that, great, but charlee and sirius went from 0 to 60 in like, 10 sentences!

Like, hate BAM love!

they both seem a little cliche.

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Review #3, by .Annie. Girls Night In

26th December 2009:
i like your story quite a bit but i have to say, your grammar and spelling suck!
its Lily not Lilly
and you need to put periods in the right places. im not trying to be mean but you really need to work on that. other than that i like your plot =)

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Review #4, by Blue_Jean_Baby Heart Ache

5th July 2009:
Awww, she actually believes that Sirius would murder all those poeple. . . But then again, the Daily Prophet did say that he was laughing 'Manically' or whatever, so I guess I can't blame her.
Yet I must admit, even if my husband 'supposedly' was a muderer, surely if I was in love with him, I would find it in myself to give him the benefit of the doubt, even if all evidence was against him!
Because; just incase you haven't noticed, LOVE CONQUERS ALL!
All my brilliantly sexy love. . . .
. . .Zavala. . .

Author's Response: Thanks for the reveiw you should read the sequel to this if you haven\\\'t already \\\"Pranking Love\\\" or the one shot \\\"The Idiot\\\". as the writer I just wanted to say she doesn\\\'t nessesarily believe that he killed all those people.
tons of love

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Review #5, by tEar_leSs Heart Ache

9th April 2009:
the ending was so freaking sad! and i did cry at the end! sirius left charlee aaah! but sirius was so cute and sweet when charlee was pregnant with Alex!

Author's Response: I practically cried, god I felt so depressed when I finished writing this it wasn't even funny. but check out the sequal Pranking Love. Sirius is in it they resolve some issues. and then ther is The Idiot told from Sirius' Pov.
Thanks for reveiwing. and being patient enough to read the whole thing. ;)

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Review #6, by Mrs Padfoot The Brand New Marauder

7th April 2009:
Just so you know the spelling is animagi, and that prank isn't that good, certainly not enough to say that she had outdone the marauders.

Author's Response: Wow negative much! there wasn't one thing you liked about it? I'm sorry for the spelling I don't claim to be an amazing speller, and I couldn't think of anything better, if you have a better Idea I'm all ears!

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Review #7, by _Ember_Black_ Heart Ache

5th February 2009:
That is so good and sad! I absolutely loved it!!!

Author's Response: Thank you for reveiwing it's really apreciated, I'm glad that you liked it I almost cried while writing the last chapter but it had to be done!

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Review #8, by avni Heart Ache

10th January 2009:
hello.dats a really good wen r u writing the sequel??

Author's Response: The Sequel is already up,It's called Pranking Love, it's about Alex, two chapters are posted and I'm working on three right now! Thanks for reading!

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Review #9, by siriuslyawesome Heart Ache

7th January 2009:
Im so sad the story is over but im so excited to read Alex's story
You could tell in this chapter that Charlee grew up when she had her baby.
I wonder what went through sirius's head when she said she was pregnant?
If there is the states are you gonna send Alex and Dean to hogwarts...
Ahhh i just cant wait

Author's Response: I'm sad that the story is over too but no worries Charlee isn't going away, Charee did grow up.

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Review #10, by siriuslyawesome  We're Launching Sputnik!

6th January 2009:
Thank you very much i had a great holiday and hope you did too...
**“It’s okay to say pretty!”**
Aw ALEX is a girl cause we all know girls rule boys drool... and i can't wait to see what eye color she has she already has a lot of sirius in her i bet they both hope she is not to much of a flirt.

I think a story with alex would be great

Author's Response: Thanks, I did have an awsome holiday, and yeah, the story about Alex, will be awsome. She'll probably get the best of her mom and dad! i can't wait to finish the next chapter for you!

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Review #11, by siriuslyawesome Meeting the Tonks Family

5th January 2009:
LMAO for the last bit

*“So after this one can we have more?” I asked I truly did want more. “You know we could have our own messed up family*

thats one way to sell the idea... can you imagine hogwarts being filled with mini sirius's and charlee's O DEAR more minne

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm already planning a sequal to this story about the baby, bet you can't guess what the gender is! but I gurantee that it will be amazing! anyway I thought that last bit was funny as well!
tons of love

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Review #12, by siriuslyawesome Hormonal Crying

5th January 2009:
“Now I can see why Sirius loves you.” I looked up at her curious. “Cause even when you are crying you look absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy your meals guys.” She said and then walked away.

sweetest sentiment... Im glad they had a small ceremony i cant really picture charlee as a bridezilla type.

the music idea is really cool... i remember when my mom was pregnant with my sister... i am now terrified of pregnant women you never know wht emotion there gonna have next

Author's Response: I missed you how was your trip! thanks for reviewing. I know pregnant women are scary! I had to throw something slightly cheesey in there too.
tons of love

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Review #13, by mrs_padfoot The Brand New Marauder

24th December 2008:
this storie's really good! but, btw, try to add some comma's, it's kinda confusing "/. still really good tho!!


Author's Response: Thanks for reading it's great to hear my work is good. I'll try and use more commas. Happy holidays

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Review #14, by siriuslyawesome Hormones and Breakfast

24th December 2008:
Thanks ^-^ im going away for vacation i hope i don't miss to many of your posts anywho

this chapter was mighty amusing (im using a strange accent right now)
Poor james even his dad know he is pathetic

**“you-know-who’s groupies”. Did I mention before that I like James’ parents a lot.** that was so good how ever did you come u with it

I can' wait to see just how irritable charlee gets, and i thought Mrs. Potter was really sweet.

Happy Holidays and im guessing Merry Christmas to you too

Author's Response: I was thinking about rock bands and stuff while writing this chapter and stuff and groupies was the firstthing that poped into my head as followers. I didn't want to say death eaters cause every one already knew that I just wanted to be creative. and therefore they became "You-know-who's-groupies". I don't think you'll miss too much.
tons of love

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Review #15, by siriuslyawesome Meeting the Potter's

24th December 2008:
so sorry i didn't review sooner i came down with a nice case of strep throat.

Well I cant be surprised she was nervous if i was her i would probably be shaking... but the potters are such a sweet couple... i mean who else could be the reason for our jamesy

now i hope u can here this
Aw *pause* Aw

"“I figured if I’m going to do this right one girl is all I’ll ever need.” "

I concur with Charlee he is perfect

Author's Response: it's okay! I hope you feel better! luv ya!
thanks for reading.

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Review #16, by siriuslyawesome Time with the boys and with the girls

20th December 2008:
Charlee must love sirius if he can get away with calling her fatty.

*McGonnagall thought I might get all hormonal on her or something.*
well she has a point there pregnant women can be SCARY i mean happy SAD angry in 2 seconds you just never know what to expect

“So, have you and James, got to second base yet?”
sooo i need your break down of the bases everyone seems to define them differently i do the 4 F's

But aw she should have no fear for super sirius will always be there and while they will make unconventional parents they will be exceptional

Author's Response: Take second base however you want, and thanks for reveiwing love, Charlee really does love him.

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Review #17, by QuietPensive Surprise, goodbye!

20th December 2008:
Nice story. I thought it was very creative & it gave me an idea for my upcoming chapters.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks. thanks's for reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #18, by siriuslyawesome Slytherin Vs. Gryffindor they train hard for this match all year!

17th December 2008:
**“You better win for me because if you win for anyone else, I won’t let you into my tight awesome pants.” I smirked.**
well there is some real incentive to win

sirius is awesome taking a bludger to the head and i loved lilly freaking out the whole game but the first one to pull it together so she could save sirius.

Loved LOVED sirius's honesty "I wanted to run, to be honest I’m not ready to be a dad."

i think u should make it a little girl
or you know what a boy would be cool too XD

Author's Response: Yeah, real incentive. Lily she really is something quick on her feet huh! I'm not really sure about gender yet she's just getting pregnant but we'll see. Thanks for reveiwing and as always I love you you make my day!
Ton's of love

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Review #19, by siriuslyawesome I Have Wonderfull Taste In Men!

16th December 2008:
IM BETTER THAN UR OTHER READERS. could it possibly be that i really dont like homework and check all the time to see if you updated.

I loved this chapter. i was rolling on the floor with the whole dog thing

and i loved the promise ring.

charlee did do what lily asked they worked out there problems ; )

Author's Response: I'm glad you find that funny! my friend, Well the only reason I left that note was to make sure I express my gratitude that some one likes it!

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Review #20, by siriuslyawesome What do you get your bestfriend turned boyfried for christmas?

15th December 2008:
So you are my new virtual BFFL because you are continuously providing me with a satisfactory distraction to the ever present DOOM that is my homework.
***but why give him something he can get any time he feels . (Or I'm willing- but that's just about every time).*** HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I love that she isn't prude.. *cough lily cough* i mean virtue is great but i feel its good to have a female lead who knows what she wants, not like girls don't have hormones XD

Sirius is so adorable

" "Well, to quite honest you two are very..." She struggled for something to say. "You seem to be perfect for eachother... I just notice tention between people alot." "

NO i wanna no what she really ment you two are very memorable, hot, chock full of sexual tension...?!?!?!?!!?

Author's Response: Well I'm happy to be you virtual BFF! your are amazing! Yah Charlee deffinately knows what she wants. and about that last little thing... I wish I would have thought of that! *hit's self in head with a very large text book* "Ouch" oaky now that I'm done beating my self up thank you for reading and reveiwing and I'll get the next chapter up as fast as I can!
lots of love

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Review #21, by siriuslyawesome I'm Yours Forever!

15th December 2008:
*cheesy smile* on my face well that is deff one way to solve a problem i loved that he is attentive to HER needs... and that it was her who was impatient to get to it. XD cant wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: your totaly awesome! You make me smile like a crazed maniac. your the reason I keep writing my chapters and updating fast! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!
Lots of love

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Review #22, by siriuslyawesome Awesome Pick up lines and Bad tempers

15th December 2008:
*You like everything I do to you in my dreams!" Sirius smirked.*

tempers tempers they are deff an interesting couple to read about ONWARD march i have another chapter waiting to be read

Author's Response: What can I say my brain is amazing! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #23, by siriuslyawesome Bloody Quills

5th December 2008:
"Maybe he just needs a chance to prove himself!" Lily suggested.

Lilly always was the smart one, i wonder if she was trying to get james to plot with her.

OMG finally sirius uses words to talk about feelings it was so sweet

Or maybe she liked his new orange d faced look you never know do you

Thank you so much for posting so quickly your my favorite and i can't wait to see what you have in store for my favorite couple

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing I'm still trying to come up with something for the next chapter but I'll try to get it our as fast as I can. if you haven't already read some of the other stories I've written go ahead and read them while you wait.
lot's of love

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Review #24, by ruby sky He's done it this time!

3rd December 2008:
haha that was soo funny!! i loved how sirius got punched by remus... really random.haha lol. write more!

Author's Response: Thank's You can bet that Ill write more, and it always makes my day to see that some one reviews and stuff, and I gurantee that you will laugh more in the next chapter which still has yet to be written and as soon as I'm done responding to my reviewers I will be beging the next chapter!
lot's of love

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Review #25, by siriuslyawesome He's done it this time!

3rd December 2008:
psychopathic crack addit that wouldn't know her arce from a hole in the ground- im not sure about everyone else but that is quite possibly the PERFECT description of a teenage girl in love that i have ever read.

I hope that punch will wake sirius up and that he will need to stop playing the man whore to get her back, no more air headed girls and although his kisses sound amazing they don't prove the sincerity of the words. maybe lilly will turn the tables and help sirius out

Spiffing good chapter you should get them all out this quickly

Author's Response: Thank you... thank you very much... I'll try to get them out this quickly Ive got the best idea ever... well I don;t know about ever but I think it'll e amazing. and thank you so much for reveiwing! You made my day, except It's 12:30 am , so you made my mindnight! keep reading, and enjoy! oh yeah and don't forget to review!
tons of love

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