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Review #1, by Courtney A Breakup, a Fight, and a Very Bad Lesson.

31st July 2012:
Well, I think Rose should say good riddance to Scorpius. There is absolutely no excuse for him doign anything with her. This isn't just some little petty problem. She tried to kill Rose and has stolen the boyfriends of all their friends, so why on earth is he even talking to her let alone doing anything else with her? And why do you have him constantly flirting with Mandy and other girls throughout the story when he supposedly likes Rose. I don't really like Scorpius or any of the guys in this story except for Al. They all seem shallow and selfish, and Scorpius obviously doesn't care about hurting Rose over and over again. I hope she finds someone who actually will treat her with respect and loyalty.

Author's Response: Oh no! I definitely didn't mean to portray the guys like that. I wrote the first 7 chapters when I was in the 7th grade and I've just been going through and editing. This next chapter will hopefully portray all the guys in a better light. I love that your getting really into the story though and thank you so much for all your feedback.

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Review #2, by iloveharrypotter A Breakup, a Fight, and a Very Bad Lesson.

23rd December 2010:
Is this how you're leave i to here the end

Author's Response: I'm trying not to but it's really hard to update y'know? =/

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Review #3, by iloveharrypotter A Breakup, a Fight, and a Very Bad Lesson.

23rd December 2010:
Is this how you're leave i to here the end

Author's Response: I'm trying not to but it's really hard to update.

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Review #4, by 23OHPD A Breakup, a Fight, and a Very Bad Lesson.

7th May 2009:
Hello! Okay, complete cliff-hanger much? Great story, but I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! Now I will have to wait,and to be warned, not the most patient person out there. Urgh, please post soon!!

-Colleen M.S.

Author's Response: haha you sound like me!!! hahahaha ok, ill update soon...or try lol

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Review #5, by 23OHPD Going Back to Hogwarts!

6th May 2009:
I really like this story too. I'll probably review again, but right now I'm sorta asleep on my feet, so I'm gonna go to bed. I'll read the rest tommorrow!
Peace out

-Colleen M.S.

Author's Response: hahaha again, thank you so much =]

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Review #6, by ash A Breakup, a Fight, and a Very Bad Lesson.

4th May 2009:
best chapter to any story i hav eever read keep up the good work (:

Author's Response: hahaha wow that really makes me feel amazing ily 4 reviewing =] ill update soon i hope

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Review #7, by Kt_Clare_Lily A Breakup, a Fight, and a Very Bad Lesson.

29th April 2009:
That's so sad!!
Can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: aww thanks =] though I'm sad that your sad =[ stay tuned, i'll try to update soon!

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Review #8, by scorpy_4_evr A Breakup, a Fight, and a Very Bad Lesson.

29th April 2009:
OMG Mandy is such a b*! I can't belive it (actually I can)!

At least Rose has good supportive friends. I hope Scorpius gets to explain the truth =]

Keep up the updates!

Author's Response: Thank you =] I know right I hate Mandy and shes in my friggin story...haha yeah well just stay tuned

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Review #9, by Amulu_potter A Breakup, a Fight, and a Very Bad Lesson.

28th April 2009:
oow didn't see that coming !
poor rose n' Dom
just loved the chapter
i hope rose n' her frds take a good revenge on mandy

update soon!!!


Author's Response: I know!! Oooh they will.stay tuned thanks 4 reviewing ily!

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Review #10, by Kt_Clare_Lily The Second Lesson and a Fight

6th April 2009:
Wow!!! This is amazing!!!
I can't wait for more to be put up plz hurry!!

Author's Response: Really?! omg! I'm so glad you liked it =] I have found HOPE! haha

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Review #11, by scorpy_4_evr The Second Lesson and a Fight

20th February 2009:
Oh Please update! I really want to know what happens next!!

Author's Response: lol i will soon, hopefully this weekend but its my birthday on monday so ill be kinda busy...but now tht i kno ur reading it ill deff 4 sure update =]

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Review #12, by A Plan Is Thought Of

16th February 2009:
This story Keeps getting better!

But for the banner you should post the URL in a box that should pop up if you press the little image icon next to the italic and bold settings icons when you're editing your summary, if you roll your mouse over it, it should read Image.


Author's Response: THANK U SO MUCH lol thanks =]

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Review #13, by Going Back to Hogwarts!

15th February 2009:
This is a short but good start to a wonderful and funny story. I love it soo much that I made a banner for it (it's the URL in the where my name's supposed to be).

I really want to read more, please!

PS: If you do use it could you credit as Scorpy_4_evr?

Author's Response: omg thank you so much! and of COURSE ill credit it thank you!

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Review #14, by ME The Second Lesson and a Fight

27th January 2009:
Close to the end huh??? CLOSE TO THE END?? I hope u plan on writing another one!

Author's Response: Of course I do darling!!! haha I'm talking to you now on facebook.weirddd lol xoxo but ya, i do. Umm lyke 3 or 4 more chapters maybe? yuppp

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Review #15, by vibchikaratequeens The Second Lesson and a Fight

25th January 2009:
da fanfic is really kul n luv it but i m confused bout one thing- i think u mentioned in 1 of ur previous chapters that all these guys r in slytherin n in dis chapter u hv written. they r in gryffindor...

and i wish that rose and scorpius get along soon. GOOD LUCK!!!

Author's Response: oh shit lol. Sorry. I get so confused so easily and I havent looked back @ my story in 4-freaking-ever. =( I'll make the change soon. im glad u luv it =) i gots 2 say dis is one of my best chapters =) ya, i hope they get 2gether soon 2.i think maybe a few more chapters which is sad b/c i dont want my story 2 end =( oh well another story rite! I'm so glad u love it and i love u 4 reviewing lol heres a cookie =)

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Review #16, by prettypinkpony The First Lesson

10th January 2009:
bwahaha, madam horsefull??? what did the poor woman do to deserve that name, might i ask?! (haha, just kidding, i think it's a great - and oh so funny - name!)

nooo! what is rose's problem?! why doesn't she see that scorpius is in love with HER after all the five gazillion clue that he gave her?!?! ohmyyygoood! *dies*

but honestly, i'm dying from the suspense! just get them together already please?! *hugs*


Author's Response: I don't know, couple more chapters im glad u love it. lol shes a bitch hahaha. im sorry i havent updated in 4everrr

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Review #17, by prettypinkpony Memories interrputed and a game gone wrong

10th January 2009:
ohmigawwd! this chapter was just so undeniably sweet! i didn't know that a malfoy could care so deeply about someone (ok, when i write scorpius, he's a huge sweetie, but whatev :P) and it's freaking adorable!!!


p.s. awesome chapter

Author's Response: thank you i love it2.:) xoxo

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Review #18, by prettypinkpony A Confrontation and a Talk

10th January 2009:
ohhh, that's why all of the dudes are after hella-ugly-mandy... i understand properly now! :D i guess she DIDN'T get her mom's cute genes, but a certain other type of gene from her mom *koffs*

ehhh? wtf! scorpius should have never taken al's advice! just be honest with her, scorp *begs* ok, sorry for talking to ur characters, i'll shuddup now :D

ooh, cutting problem *shudders* yeah, i'm recovering from that... cept it wasn't comPLETEly cutting...uh, sorry, random burst from da pony!

oh, you idiot, rose! can't you tell it's YOU that he's in love with!!! *dies*

anyway, i think it's really sweet how she's gonna stay a virgin for scorp (or is it score?) because that's a good choice anyway...


Author's Response: ha, don't worry. I had a type of a cutting problem 2, not exactly pure blood etc, but I'm sorry i haven't updated in 4ever...thanks 4 reviewing lol

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Review #19, by prettypinkpony A Plan Is Thought Of

10th January 2009:
awww, he thinks she's gorgeous! that's so cute! *freaks out* i'm sorry, i just think that this story is incredibly adorable and HILARIOUS "no dip, shit stick" is something that i like to say to my friends sometimes, haha!

oh, damn! i forgot that rose+shawn were together... wait a sec, i think i've read the first 2-3-or-4 chapters of this story before...and i DID review, which means...*gasps* u lost my reviews! how horrible!!! *dies* well, it's ok, cuz i'll review EVERY chapter of this!!!

oh, yeah! i LOVE the reeces cups (i spelled it wrong, didn't i? T-T) scene! that was my fave part of the whole story, i remember now!!!

gahaha! i luv ur story because all of ur characters are spazzes, like me! but if i made any of my characters spaz, my sister would disown me or whatever *sobs* so i guess i'll make a spazzy story later! :)

haha, major creeper! that's what my friend at school says a ton! wait a sec - should a GOYLE be extremely ugly? unless she got all of her mom's genes, because i heard that pansy was supposed to have a CUTE pug face *thinks* ok, i understand now!

haha, so is the reason why liza (she's so cute) and al going out because they both have an extreme love for peanut butter cups? haha, just kidding!



Author's Response: i know i HATED THAT I LOST UR REVIEWS i got so sad, lol i lvoe this, hahah i cuss a lot, reeces cups-love! hahaha i love spazzesss

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Review #20, by prettypinkpony Going Back to Hogwarts!

10th January 2009:
bwahaha! i remember reading this chapter before, and i THINK that i left a review for it, but maybe not, i gues???

anyway, i TOTALLY am in love with your story because you made such funny descriptions of the potter/weasley family!!! my fave part was when you said "nothing should have 8 frickin legs, it's not natural, i tell you!" that cracked me up SO hard!!!

and i LOVED the flashback because i find it REALLY sweet how she's in love with scorpius. usually ppl make really weird "rose+scorpius" pairings that are so cliche, but yours doesn't seem like that at all! *hugs*

9.5/10 (but who's counting, let's round it up!!!)


Author's Response: lol thank you hahaha, i love rose/score :)

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Review #21, by LadyRedRoka The First Lesson

28th December 2008:
very cute story!! it's really funny and sweet. i just thought i would return the favor since you're so supportive of me...keep up the good work. :)

Author's Response: Thank you lol :) I haven't updated in 4ever *bad addie bad bad bad* haha :) I promise after the holidays i'll try xoxo

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Review #22, by MischievousMarauder A Confrontation and a Talk

24th November 2008:

dat was seriouS alright!

srry. feelin hyper on sugar!

Addie's my best friend's name too!

Author's Response: hah thanks.:) sorry it took so long 4 me 2 respnd.i luv sugur .hah thanks :)

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Review #23, by MischievousMarauder A Plan Is Thought Of

24th November 2008:




WICKED! (meant to be!)

Author's Response: ;) oh it sooo was ment 2 b :) thx 4 reviewin ily! 65 gold stars! xoxo

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Review #24, by MischievousMarauder Going Back to Hogwarts!

24th November 2008:
I totally loved the whole chappie, things really bothering me:

Don't you think Rose sort of 'fell in love' way to quickly? I mean, she barely knows him!!
Or is it that 'love a t first sight'?
Anyway, awesome first chappie!

you could return the favour and drop in with the pen on my FF too, thnks

Author's Response: touche! :) yeah, she probably did fall in love 2 quickly...*shakes head* what a typical me!!! xoxo 4 reviewing!

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Review #25, by Christy86 The First Lesson

9th October 2008:
update soon can't wait for more chapters goodwork

Author's Response: aw thanks sorry i just got back from a huge trip and now im going on another one.

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