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Reading Reviews for Running Away
9 Reviews Found

Review #1, by LittleJara found

6th January 2006:
Ihhh, i love it!!! But what's going on with Harry?? I have to find out so pleeeezz update soon ^^

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Review #2, by madeye found

22nd November 2004:
plez plez plez update soon, i'll be on the look out. Gr8 story can't wait

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Review #3, by geckogirl@mindless.com found

9th May 2004:
i am liking it very much.please finish.i would really appreciate it .

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Review #4, by Knightlord found

26th April 2004:
could be fun great story please update soon

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Review #5, by dogstar the Scary start

29th February 2004:
I couldn't really read this because of the spacing. it's called the enter key, dearie. use it.

Author's Response: ok wot is it wiv u do u just h8 everything ? plus i DO NOT LIKE BEING CALLED DEARIE !!!

Author's Response: plus i c tht u aint written anythin HA !!! lets c u try lol

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Review #6, by justanotherfan21 found

24th February 2004:
Hey there Fairy. Ok, so I decided to check out your work. I think you have wonderful ideas, and plots. But, I also think you get in too much of a hurry. So far I've read three of your fics. I see a good story, but I think you can develop them more. It would help me if you could space in between lines of dialog or description. If you could flesh the chapters out a little more, then I think most readers could really get into where your going. You've done good. I wonder why Petunia cares what happens to Harry. Sure he's blood, but he's always been blood. I would love to see more of this story.

Author's Response: thanks a lot 4 ur suggestions and comments I reli appertiate it. luv Fairy

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Review #7, by Tonks found

8th February 2004:
please please update very soon!! p.s. this is a great fanfic you have written..

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #8, by RavenGryffendor found

8th February 2004:
ohh man that's sad...but very good and dramatic. please update soon. i like your work so far.

Author's Response: i really want 2 thank u, u reli cheered me up cin as not a lot of people like it

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Review #9, by Arwen found

8th February 2004:
this is great, definatly one of the best stories i've read. hurry up and update i want to know where worm took harry.

Author's Response: i really want 2 thank u, u reli cheered me up cin as not a lot of people like it

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