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Review #1, by eightfourseven Still Waiting For You

10th September 2009:
i know this doesn't relate to your story, but i was wondering why you would defavorite my story. let me know. thanks.

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Review #2, by LionAmongSnakes Still Waiting For You

25th August 2009:
Their story of lost brotherhood and all that is so sad.
I've already favoured this story, but I came back and read it again then I realised that I hadn't left this fantastic story a reveiw.
Great Story, I love it,
so sad, I think I might have cried.

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Review #3, by ansermeedu Still Waiting For You

17th August 2009:
Very Very nice. I love how you made Regulus into a totally sympathetic character, trapped by his family's vision. Well Done.

Author's Response: Thanks!
I really wanted to show how brainwashed Regulus was by his parents - thinking of doing an actualy sotry on him at the moment - and how he tried to live up to their expectations.

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Review #4, by Sarahsmad Still Waiting For You

30th July 2009:
I loved it, it was very upsetting and moving.
From the black family tree Narcissa is a few years older then Sirius not the same age.
No other complaints, keep up the writting, I shall be pleased to read more from you.

Author's Response: Thanks for telling me about Narcissa, I'll change it asap.
I'm really glad you enjoyed it!:)

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Review #5, by Spottedaw Still Waiting For You

29th July 2009:
This is well goood! I love how you made Regalus and how Surius could be like to him bcos he was slytherin and everything. Its really good :)

Author's Response: Thanks. I have always wondered about their relationship - they must have been rather different because they were in different houses, but they were brothers and were raised by the same people... They must have been similar in some ways!

Anyway, thank you so much. :)

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Review #6, by writingisright Still Waiting For You

28th July 2009:
This was really really good! You really made me believe all of this happened! excellent writing skills. :D

Author's Response: Wow... Thank you.. It's always so great to hear such kind things about my stories! Thanks!

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Review #7, by weasley7 Still Waiting For You

27th July 2009:
That was really good. I think it flowed well and it made me tear up a just a little bit. Very nice. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I edited it on Word so many times to get things in the right chronilogical order. At first it was a muddle of events. It took of a couple, to be honest, and left the better ones in.

:-) Thanks!

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Review #8, by alliesleeners Still Waiting For You

27th July 2009:
This was awesome and so so sad :`(! I loved it. 10/10

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked it. :-)

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Review #9, by j Still Waiting For You

27th July 2009:
this is very very very amazing, lisa baby!

Author's Response: Thanks! :-)

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Review #10, by guest Still Waiting For You

27th July 2009:
I generally only come on this site to read. This is about the second story I've reveiwed in two years. Just wanted to tell you that this realy moved me. It made me cry.

I'll look out for more of your stories.

Author's Response: Wow... :-)
I'm glad it moved you, but sorry it made you cry.. Gosh.

Thanks for your review! It gave me a booster. :-)

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Review #11, by Eleanor Larkin Still Waiting For You

27th July 2009:
Awesome! A really interesting point of view, and well written too. Few people explore the effect Sirius had on Regulus, or the possibility that they didn't always hate each other, or that one didn't necessarily hate the other ... anyway, I'd be interested to know your take on Sirius reading that letter. Is he supposed to have received it?

Author's Response: I have found that there aren't many stories on Regulus, and the ones that are there are of him being an arrogant little so-'n'-so.
Maybe I'll do another chapter - an extra chapter - on Sirius getting the letter. It would be interesting to write certainly...

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Review #12, by Amanda Still Waiting For You

27th July 2009:
wow that's a really good story! it makes me wonder if that was how Regulus and Sirius's relationship was

Author's Response: Yeah, it does make you think, doesn't it? :-)
Thanks for your review!

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Review #13, by uncivilized Still Waiting For You

26th July 2009:
The way you portrayed Regulus is exactly how I pictured him. Your writing really drew me in, made me cry a wee bit. Haha. I'm such a baby. Anyways, I thought it was well written and engaging! Keep up the good work. =)

cheers, uncivilized.

Author's Response: Wow.. Thanks :-)
Regulus has always been so unexplored. I just wondered a lot about his personality... his friends... I've been thinking about doing an proper story on him actually...

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Review #14, by EllaBelle18 Still Waiting For You

11th June 2008:
Omigod, this story is so awesome. I feel so sorry for Regulus, I think I started to cry. . . Keep up the good work : )

Author's Response: Thanks!
I really, really have wondered about Reglus' personality; it's not there. So I figured, hey, go for it!

PS. I cried a teeny bit when I was wirint it. :)

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