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Review #1, by Slate Chapter 1: Summer Break

9th June 2008:
It definitely shows promise. Can you explain: how exactly did Sirius end up with grandkids when in the sixth book, Dumbledore clearly states that Harry will inherit number twelve, Grimmauld Place because "Sirius was the very last of the line as his younger brother, Regulus, predeceased him and both were childless," (p. 50, Half-Blood Prince, US version). And whose child is Fred?

Author's Response: So, I know that the thing about his grandkids was confusing. But, I thought about ALL of that beforehand. Sirius DID marry, but it was private. You know how in his 6th year he went to live w/ James. Yeah, well, he met this girl at Hogwarts, named Elizabeth Grace Moe(She went by Lizzy Grace). She was a Ravenclaw in his year.

They had fancied each other for 6 years. So when Sirius left he just decided to disobey his parents more. So he married muggleborn Lizzy Grace. When Sirius got sent to Azkaban Lizzy Grace thought he was dead, so she sent her only child Jacob to a magical orphanage(he was 6) and than ran away and became a true muggle, never using her powers again.

Jacob ended up marrying Marissa Chan(no not Asian) and having 4 kids, in order from oldest to youngest: Max, Violet, and the twins Jake and Jadice.

As for Fred, he is George's son.if you go to http://www.jkrowling.com/accessible/en/

click on the eraser, open the door and click on the skull, you'll find out more.

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Review #2, by lisapotter Chapter 1: Summer Break

8th June 2008:
its pretty good so far!
udpate, so i can read more and leave a better review

god job

Author's Response: Thanks XD Vi

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Review #3, by I Luv James P II Chapter 2: The more the merrier...RIGHT?

7th June 2008:
Yeah!! I love my own story!!!

Author's Response: Thank you me!!

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Review #4, by PINKhairedLOVER Chapter 1: Summer Break

7th June 2008:

Good start!
Can't wait to read more.

P.s. I can try and work on a banner for you... if you still need one?


Author's Response: Thanks...that means a lot from you. I've read your story Famous By Association, and LOVED IT, so yeah.

And a banner would be AWESOME!!!


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