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Review #1, by purple_roxs97 The First Chapter and the Last Chapter

24th May 2009:
teardrops on my guitar huh?:D

Author's Response: yesss. tis teardrops on my guitar by taylor swift. pretty good song, kinda old but still good. u no, if there was no :D smiley in ur review i would be really worried that u didnt like it. but YAY 4 SMILEY!!! haha. thx for da review!!! xP

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Review #2, by Taoshira The First Chapter and the Last Chapter

9th May 2009:
Cool! Love how you incorperated the song into it... Taylor Swift is a brilliant artist!

Author's Response: ya she reallly is! i sort of felt stupid 4 posting this so long after the song came out but *shrugs* u no. things get in the way sometimes so ya. thx sooo much 4 reviewing!!! xP

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Review #3, by Antipodean Opaleye The First Chapter and the Last Chapter

10th December 2008:
that last poem sucked... anyhoo there were some really good parts in this - i loved the albanian senator that was absolutely hilarious. It was a bit clicheed, and please PLEASE! don't sign post like that ever again like when you referenced Wicked - some readers will get it others won't and if they don't they won't care anyway - DON'T write "They giggled at the reference to the Muggle Broadway play, 'Wicked'" just "they giggled" is fine, if you really want to mention it's a broadway musical make it anecdotal - it'll make your writing far better (sorry, I got a little bit obsessed by one measly sentence didn't I? lol)
Overall this was a sweet one shot, cute, pink and fluffy just like fairy floss. Written quite nicely although largely supported by the great plot line.

Author's Response: ya... *sighs* i am not very talented at poem writing. really? good parts? WWWOOOWWW!!! i feel so loved! no really, it feels gr8 to be told that THNK U!!! yes i no, i was having a boring day, so it just kind of came out WWWAAAYYY 2cliche 4 my usual taste, but u no *shrugs* thot id post it 4 all those gushy ppl *coff lala25525 coff* oh yyyaaa... i was already wondering if i should take it off, but i ended up not cuz... well i wuz lazy and it duznt bother me all that much if other ppl dont get it. but i promise i wont do it again. plus i couldnt figure out how 2 fix it, but now ill remember that 4 future riting, kk? anecdotal, hmmm... that iz a funny wrd! but i understand ur frustrashun (if thats wut it iz) and ill do that if something like that comes up again - im up 4 anything that makes my riting better! itz ok, i ttly do that all the time and just flip out 4 like a tiny reason. fairy floss... wutz that? sorry im sure its a stupid q, but i honestly dont no. and THX SO MUCH *tears up* u said i have a gr8 plotline!!! yay!!! THX AGAIN!!! xP

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Review #4, by lala25525 The First Chapter and the Last Chapter

12th June 2008:
IDK how your story is because i havent read it yet but i am sosososososossoosososossososoosossoso EXCITED! I finally figured you out!

Author's Response: oh no now, u cant go stealing MY smiley! u have ur own awsome smileys! this ones MINE!!! i have a copyrite on it! swear! xP

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Review #5, by KiTkAt14 The First Chapter and the Last Chapter

12th June 2008:
Ang, i didn't no there wuz a senator of Albania did u mean Albama
u do know that this isn't in America but is in London
the u suck girls tongues part is hillarious although i've already heard that story
i no u can't sing i can
and ur poem sucks
but i am ur bff so i am entitled to this

Author's Response: i made up the senator of albania part b4 i new wut albania wuz, ok? and yes i no that IN THE STORY it is london. and i no u heard that u suck thing b4. i no i cant sing. i no u can *coff*. and i no the poem sux. but finally found it! STRESS ON FINALLY!!! xP

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Review #6, by Miss Haggan The First Chapter and the Last Chapter

11th June 2008:
cool, it was good, Lily and James all the way. When I saw the 6,000 odd word I thought holy crud this is going to be long, but it wasn't. I like the way you showed both James and Lily's pov's it was good and detailed.

Author's Response: aww thanks!!! YES GO JAMILY!!! or i could just call her lily potter. yes ill do that instead. yeah, when i put it in for validating, i thot WUT THE CRAP WUZ I THINKING, WRITING A 6000 WORD STORY/CHAPPIE!!!??? but then i asked a friend and she said it didnt seem 2 long. and thanks again, i like adding details to things. i find it fun. xP

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