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Review #1, by Meg Shattering, slowly yet surely

15th February 2009:
I was really disappointed to see that it is abandon. I kept checking and checking for an update. hopefully you will pick it back up again soon.

Author's Response: yeah, i was disappointed that i abandoned it, too :( i'll try to continue writing in it, and though i can't promise a next chapter, i'll try my hardest.

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Review #2, by Sari Back Off

24th January 2009:
Are you ever going to pick this story back up or is it completely abandoned?

Author's Response: it's not completely abandoned, i'll try writing in it once i've got a good portion of my other story written, but for right now, it's abandoned. it'll be really hard for me to get my thoughts flowing :P


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Review #3, by Sari New Kid

2nd January 2009:
yeah that's what it said for me too! When I saw that I freaked out and thought I had done something against the rules or something but then I put two and two together...

Author's Response: ohhh *breathes sigh of relief* i feel like a total idiot now! cuz i was just really depressed and i was like "nooo, i don't know what i did!!!" haha, you're so much smarter than me XD anyway, thanks for that *hugs*

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Review #4, by Sari Confessions

1st January 2009:
I think the reason why you can't add or edit chapters is because it's the holidays so the staff is on a break. It wouldn't let me add my story.

Author's Response: really? that would be a relief...but it says something about "submissions are temporarily not available to non-trusted authors" or something like that... is that what it says 4 u, too?


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Review #5, by orange octopus Shattering, slowly yet surely

31st December 2008:
Really awesome-tastic job, there. Sorry I haven't reviewed your other chapters, but for the most part I didn't even know that you had new chapters up! But I really like the mood you always put into the story and how realistic the dialogue is. And the humor. I love the humor! Plus things have definitely seemed to turn more interesting. I definitely didn't expect Asuka to be such a... bunny. idk! Update soon, I can't stand cliffhangers!

Author's Response: YAAAY! it's my bff Syrup! haha, well, i suppose it was a surprise that da japanese girl was a playboy bunny, but whatev! ehhh? Syrup, i thought i told you i was gonna do another story for a little (until i get new thoughts or something :P)...

haha, but thanks for taking the time to review!


p.s. "you say awesome-tastic, i say awesome-socks!" "awesome-tastic!" "awesome-socks!"

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Review #6, by Meg Shattering, slowly yet surely

30th December 2008:
Is like every guy totally obsessed with her or what?

And please don't take a year to finish!

Author's Response: haha, it seems so, doesn't it? XD ...

well, right now i'm having a MAJOR writer's block (and for some reason, hpff won't let me edit or add chapters right now :P) so i'm starting a new story for a bit... but once i get my thoughts streaming, i'll try to finish this...

thanks for the review, it's awesome that you took the time!


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Review #7, by Sari Quidditch

26th December 2008:
I was going to post my story the other day but I wasn't able to finish!It'll be in validation soon though!

Author's Response: oh, well, that's AWESOME! just tell me when it's been validated, okay? cuz i really can't wait to read it! :D


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Review #8, by Sari Shattering, slowly yet surely

24th December 2008:
I just noticed that you changed the rating and warnings on this story- you bad girl :-P

Author's Response: heehee, yeah, well i HAD to! (so naughty of me!) cuz i don't think that just a slight peck on the lips is what JP REALLY wanted to do, eh??? *winks*

haha, but i don't think there would be anything more than heavy petting in this story if you know what i mean...


p.s. how is ur story coming along? first chapter up yet? i really wanna read it!!!

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Review #9, by Sari (not singed in) Shattering, slowly yet surely

17th December 2008:
I sound slightly indesive in my other post on this chapter...

Author's Response: pshaw, it's ok, i luffles you!!! XD *hugs*


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Review #10, by Sari (not singed in) Shattering, slowly yet surely

17th December 2008:
*hugs u* Heyy!!! I think that might be my favorite chapter!!I looove JP!!! That moment w/ him was so coming!It made me smile!
And that cliffhanger was just plain cruel! Update soon because I'm insanely curious!
Definately my favorite chapter! many years are between Halaan and JP?

Author's Response: aww, you're so sweet! *hugs back* XD i was trying to make it like that, then tried to change it or something...but i'm glad it turned out good!

wah, i'm so so sorry, but i just HAD to!!! but my tenth chapter is so hard to write, i had to erase like FIVE pages and now i'm struggling with it!!!

awww, your FAVE chapter? that totally makes my day!!! *hugs again*

oh, just one year, it's not a huge amount. that would be really phedophile-ish of JP then... jkjk


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Review #11, by Sari A Day of Total Disaster

26th November 2008:
Ok!!I'm a member now I just need 2 type up my 1st chapter!!*bounces up and down excitedly*

Author's Response: yayayayayay! i'm so happy happy happy for you! *cheers* i can't wait for your chapter to start! i'll read it and then tell you what i think, etc...

*more excited than you and hopping up and down on one foot*


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Review #12, by HoneyDukesKid Quidditch

24th November 2008:
HEYY!!! Guess whose back! *throws confetti*

Okay, enough about me, let's talk about the lovely girl who is Halaan: LOVE HER! and of course she'd have to be brilliant at Quidditch along with everything else :p so jealous...the bra bit was simply bril but I am secretly hoping that she's an A so I can feel better about myself. JP rocks my socks. Love this chappie! *runs off to read the next one*

Oh! Almost forgot, I'm rewriting Black Sun so its more detailed and a bit darker, just because I thought of an apsolutely CRAZY brilliant scene for the first chapter where Sam is running. I'll let you know when it's up. Toodles!

Author's Response: yayayay!!! i was like "eh? where is she!!!"

*(and sorry i took so long to reply)*

uhhh, SURE she's an A cup *shifty eyes*...XD yeah, JP was awesome to write (if i can spell properly T-T it took me three tries to spell "write" right)...

oh YAY!!! this is really weird, but when the server thing crashed, i couldn't find your story and i've been looking for it ever since! but i'm glad that you've got more up! and go dark stories *cheers* they rocks me socks!!!



p.s. my ninth chappie is in validation, but it's taking so long T-T

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Review #13, by Sari A Day of Total Disaster

21st November 2008:
ok thanks!!!I'm still working on the first chapter and I'll be one of those people who updates like once a month :D

Author's Response: XD like me, jkjk. (my chapter's in validation, but it's taking FOREVER.) eh, it's ok if you post only once a month. cuz as i say, as long as you get it out, it's fine... i'm sure that readers don't agree with that. i know i don't...
anyway--- i really hope it turns out great and you'd better tell me when you've finished it!!! :D :D :D


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Review #14, by Sari A Day of Total Disaster

10th November 2008:
I'm thinking of writing my own fanfic and posting it on here. Any tips? Also my idea is to do an american school of magic. Has anyone else done that?I don't want `people to think I'm copying them.

Author's Response: oooh, sorry i took so long! really caught up with school work!!!

oh...well, first tell me what sort of genre it is and describe ur main character/s...then i can tell u the tips!

hmm, i really don't think anyone's ever done an american school of magic - i think it would be really cool! best of luck with your story!

oh, and don't forget to tell me when you've posted it...and the title, etc!

once again, good luck!!!


p.s. i DO have a tip, but only one...try to make it a character that you can relate to. every time i make it a character unlike me, i slowly merge the person back to my type of personality and it REALLY wacks up the story! haha. :P

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Review #15, by Sari A Day of Total Disaster

27th October 2008:
I think you should have her detention...OMG I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!*points to lightbulb above head* what if somehow Halaan,Cory, and 'the Bunny' ended up in detention together?And what if Bunny didn't deserve the detention but a teacher thinks she did something she didn't and Cory doesn't speak up and say she's innocent so she gets mad at him?
Also I love when Halaan talks to JP!And Blake!And Scorpius!And qudditch!Eh...looks like I love everything :D

P.S ahhh good thing u listened to ur dad bc I wouldv'e been so sad if u got banned from HPFF!

P.P.S try any ideas you have bc it is YOUR story!

Author's Response: oooh, thanks much! i almost forgot about the detention XD

i've got this awesomely awesome idea, and i'll tie your thing into the end of the detention! cuz it looks like a ton of laughs!!!

love you love you love you!!! you're so helpful and nice and stuff *hugs* i'm working on chapter nine right now, and i'm a few pgs in! i'll post it as soon as i'm allowed!


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Review #16, by Sari Quidditch

13th October 2008:
yeah and then on ur other story it says no one reviewed!ahhh I've gotta fix that!

Author's Response: XD thank u for fixing that *huggles*


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Review #17, by Sari A Day of Total Disaster

13th October 2008:
OMGNESSS!That was a awesome chapter!It is true that it feels a little like you're going astray but it was still awesome!I LOVED the whole potions thing between Halaan and 'The Bunny'. I anh't belivfe she actually called her that (called her bunny I mean)!O and I feel very loved getting mentioned at the end! *hugs u and never lets go but then realises that sounds stalker-ish so lets go*

Author's Response: waaah, i saw ur review but couldn't respond cuz my dad said i'd be banned from hpff if i did *sobs*

anyway, thank u so so so much! i was wondering if u could give me a tip on what i should do in the next chapter? i mean, i have an idea, but it seems super far-fetched...

heehee, the fight was definetly my favorite part of the chapter *cracks up*

thanks so so so much for being the best reader ever!!! *hugs*


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Review #18, by Sari Quidditch

26th September 2008:
OMG THAT WAS SUCH AN AWESOME CHAPTER!Each new chapter becomes my new favorite! *grins* wow the whole *grins* thing was totally like u...weird I don't even know u and I'm starting to take traits from u.

Author's Response: omg, i TOTALLY replied to this post ages ago, but there've been problems on hpff so the response didn't come up!

also, i'll have chapter 8 up, soon, but cuz of da problems, it hasn't been validated!

anyway, thank you for all of the kind words *hearts*... lol, you totally understand me! that's pretty cool! and i'm glad that u loved it!


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Review #19, by Lizzy Leigh Potions

12th June 2008:
Oh, wow! This chapter was great! It was short, but sweet. I really like the story- I love how the 'evil' child was the one who cared about the owl. I've actually always wondered that myself. :P I really love the dialague between the three friends- it's very entertaining. Scorpius is funny too. I'm excited to see what the next chapter brings. This is amazing for a first fanfic! :D

Author's Response: thanks! ur review just made my day! halaan's actually very caring towards animals (she and i are environmentals and green childs) and stuff. thanks, i was cracking up so much when i wrote this chapter because scorpius was so funny! *grins from ear to ear* that's such an amazing compliment! i really am honored! i will try my hardest in this fanfic and my next chapter will be great! (i hope)

thanks again!!!!!

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Review #20, by orange octopus Potions

11th June 2008:
Attack of da evil teacher~! Hm... and I wonder what this meeting with the Minister of Magic is all about?

Author's Response: yes! rowan is the second most hated teacher in Hogwarts!...ooh, i was just gonna have the Minister thing in there for no reason, but you just gave me the idea to change my next chapter. THANKS! :)

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Review #21, by orange octopus Back Off

11th June 2008:
Yay! This is really good! I love the dialogue here, haha! Curse you, Potter! *shakes fist*

Author's Response: thank you so much! i love your feedback! yes, potter needs to get a life! don't you just HATE his attitude?!

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Review #22, by Lizzy Leigh Back Off

10th June 2008:
Very good first chapter. It seemed a bit rushed, but still interesting. I like how you wrote it from a Slytherin's point of view, and the adopted Malfoy ending up as her brother was an interesting twist! I didn't see it coming. As for advice... maybe take things a bit slower. You seemed really anxious to make Blake and Halaan friends, but it worked out alright. And... it sounds very American. Not a bad thing (I'm American) :P But this is Britain, so I don't think they would use the same terminology. But it's very hard for someone who isn't British to write like that, and I liked your story anyway. :D Great job.

Author's Response: thank you for reviewing, i didn't even think anyone would, you're my first reviewer! - thanks for the comments, i will put all of it to consideration and edit the next chapter! and thanks again for the third time!

p.s. i am american, and i just like writing sorta-british better, i guess! :D

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