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Review #1, by KaythiaZ Will you marry me?

30th May 2011:
A delightful little story. I would Love to see it continued!
-Kaythia Zalewski

Author's Response: Thank you but for mow it will stay like that

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Review #2, by my wicked quill Will you marry me?

14th October 2009:
sweet story, loved how u described how everyone was living!! the writting could have been a bit better, but it was good all the same 7/10

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. It was going to be a short story, but I though that I could not do it justice.

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Review #3, by Slytherinlover Will you marry me?

7th March 2009:
That's pretty good. You might want to try elaborating a bit more in certain places, but on the whole it was really good. Could you check out my story? It's just, you're 20 and I'm 11.

Author's Response: ok thank you for the nice review and I will read one of your stories. did you read my other stories?

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Review #4, by lily and scorpius 4eva Will you marry me?

11th January 2009:
well i reallly liked it but i think the language & style of the story is more of a teenager-on-msn than an author but other than that its really good!

Author's Response: thanks for your review... I think

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Review #5, by happy_person Will you marry me?

2nd January 2009:
good story. you had grammer mistakes, but who dosen't? other than that awsome story!

Author's Response: thank you so much happy person. if you liked that storie you may like the others that I have. you are the first review of 2009 have a nice year.

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Review #6, by Banba Will you marry me?

9th December 2008:
I like your plot and your brief summary about what happened right after the war. But there is still so much more that you could do. I think that if you made this into a few more chapters and added a lot of detail that it would be wonderful.

Author's Response: if you go back to the story you will see chapter two, that is the last chapter hope you like it

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Review #7, by SpiffySlytherin Looking for a ring

30th November 2008:
from your description it seems like this will have a new dimension to the normal Harry/Ginny romance which I'm excited to see what it is not a bad start. and yeah my next chapter is on the way.

Author's Response: thanks chapter 2 is on validation right now so it has to be up soon

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Review #8, by tgfoy Looking for a ring

23rd October 2008:
Nice bit of fluff, but I think it's fair to say you need to work on spellings etc a bit. Perhaps a beta or asking someone else to look over it prior to posting would have helped. Still I enjoyed the story, keep writing, the more you do the better and more satisfying it will get.

Author's Response: thank you for the review I am trying my best I still don't have chapter 2 but I am working on it.

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Review #9, by Luv_Ginny Looking for a ring

4th June 2008:
This was good... but u had a lot of spelling errors. mayb u can get 1 of ur friends 2 review ur stories ahead of time... but anyway this was quite good! 10/10

Author's Response: thank you

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