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Review #1, by LilyPotterEvans1976 Black Ops

17th January 2016:
Hmmm, whats going on ?? intriqued now 10/10

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Review #2, by LilyPotterEvans1976 Prologue: Battleship Valiant Crusader

17th January 2016:
Interesting start, eager to see were this is going. Good story so far 10/10

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Review #3, by sirix Escape From Privet Drive

17th January 2012:
about the jet pack if you think about the time frame for them the vampires are way ahead of humans so that tech might have been meet up a long time ago

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Review #4, by auror_snape Victory and Defeat

13th January 2012:
That was probably the most combat Dumbledore's seen since the first war. Too bad he only had the one clip, and there were more Death Eaters on the stairs than there were bullets in that clip. I'd have gotten Harry out of that Body-Bind and let him wipe the floor with the Death Eaters' pasty white butts. I'd give just about anything to see him hand Snape his rear end on a silver platter with a cherry on top.

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Review #5, by auror_snape The Tides of War

13th September 2011:
Great chapter! Question: is Morgan still attending Hogwarts, or did he pull out when the war started?

Author's Response: He was pulled out when the war started. The previous chapter covered about a year of events, and this one takes us to the beginning of Harry's sixth year.

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Review #6, by auror_snape Triumph of Darkness

3rd September 2011:
Great chapter! Just making sure, Sirius wasn't killed, right? 10/10

Author's Response: You'll have to read on and find out...

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Review #7, by auror_snape War Begins

18th July 2011:
Fantastic chapter! I've been waiting for a new one! Since Dumbledore knows about Robert, and I'm sure he'd have to know about the war, how's he going to react? He was uptight enough about having a BLACKCOM agent at Hogwarts during peace time (or technically peace).

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Review #8, by auror_snape Endgame, Part IV

15th May 2011:
Suddenly I pity Voldemort, having that thing after him... It *is* after him, isn't it?

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Review #9, by auror_snape Endgame, Part III

9th April 2011:
Nice descripton! You made it sound more like demons rising from the fiery pits of Hell!

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Review #10, by auror_snape Endgame, Part II

20th March 2011:
I'm assuming Crouch saw Dumbledore and a full-grown vampire, not a young kid.

Voldemort's in for it now. He took Hermione and pissed off the vampires.

Author's Response: Yep.

Hehehe. Just read on. I have a feeling a few people might want to hurt me by the end of this arc.

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Review #11, by auror_snape Endgame, Part I

7th March 2011:
Krum wasn't being supremely stupid and asking how best to hit on Hermione, was he? Or is he after Fleur?

What's that beacon Robert mentioned?

Author's Response: No, Krum's got more IQ points than that. Tell you the truth, Krum was supposed to have a much bigger role in this story, but it felt forced no matter how I wrote it. I cut out that particular subplot in the end.

As for the beacon, you'll find out in the next chapter.

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Review #12, by auror_snape Prelude to the Endgame

2nd February 2011:
Only twelve rounds? You can only dispatch Snape and a handful of the Slytherins with those...if they were even lethal, which they're not. I guess Robert had to be sure even if Dumbledore pointed the gun in the wrong direction, he wouldn't be killed.

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Review #13, by auror_snape Confrontation

25th December 2010:
I will have lost all respect for Robert if he handed Dumbledore a loaded weapon and told him to shoot him. Hint, hint...

Anyway, I really liked the discussion between Dumbledore and Moody. That was inspired!

Author's Response: Considering he's up and about in The Final War, I think he's got something up his sleeve. Unless he's undead-dead. Or un-undead? Would that just be plain dead? Hmmm...

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Review #14, by auror_snape The First Task

23rd November 2010:
Really great chapter. I'm sorry I missed it earlier.

Robert, at least, is loyal to Harry, right? He won't put on one of those Potter Stinks badges, will he?

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Review #15, by auror_snape The Triwizard Tournament

23rd October 2010:
Robert's going to have to work overtime now. Harry's just jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire, and the poor kid didn't even do anything.

I guess "Moody" just found out that you never attempt to ambush a Black Ops agent who's jumpy from worrying about you.

Author's Response: Oh, the Triwizard Tournament is a cakewalk compared to what Harry's facing afterwards. Jan...uh...I just said too much...

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Review #16, by auror_snape Fourth Year Begins...

23rd October 2010:
I wondered how Robert would view Moody. Will he be the first to realize there's something funny about Moody? Like that he takes a drink every hour like clockwork?

Author's Response: He's aware that Moody is on to him, but neither will tip their hands anytime soon. He's good, but he's not going to magically recognize polyjuice for what it is.

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Review #17, by auror_snape The World Cup

22nd August 2010:
And there's the particularly stupid Death Eater idea: get drunk and attack the campsite.

I must've missed the foreshadowing, so I'll come back and reread this chapter later.

Great story, great chapter, and I can't wait for more. 10/10

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Review #18, by auror_snape The Beginning of the End

25th July 2010:
I could dance after this! Wow! That was awesome! Good-bye Peter! But I wish someone could deal with Snape, too...

I had a thought on incriminating evidence planted on Snape: leave his office door open one night with no wards up to keep people out, and tell Fred and George. Let them find the incriminating evidence Snape planted on himself. No need to involve BLACKCOM.

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Review #19, by auror_snape Nearing the End

18th July 2010:
I think the cold war is about to turn hot. But is Pettigrew officially captured, or will he escape to shake off the portkey?

Great chapter, and I can't wait for the showdown between Robert and Dumbledore.

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Review #20, by auror_snape The Oncoming Storm

29th June 2010:
So Wanderer isn't a code-name Robert is using for his mission?

And is Dumbledore stupid? I would think he'd have enough brains to realize that if Black Ops had indeed sent an agent to his school, he should keep his head down and his hands to himself to increase the chances that he'd get to keep them.

Especially since Robert's been there more than two years now and the only assassinations carried out were of a handful of Dementors at the Quidditch game and maybe a Basilisk.

Anyway, great chapter and I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Nope. A lot bigger than that. I wouldn't recommend perusing my other stories (which are on another site entirely) if you want the truth behind the name to be some semblance of a surprise. Yes, all my fanfics have a grand unifying plotline, though the Black Guard series is the only one to reveal the extent of it.

And, yes, Dumbledore is brushing up against that dangerous zone right now. A few people will be assassinated by the end of this, in operations that may or may not be BLACKCOM sponsored. I hope that the eventual confrontation with Dumbledore will prove entertaining.

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Review #21, by auror_snape Third Year Begins

19th May 2010:
Will Robert catch Sirius, and at least assure him that Harry is in good hands? If he does, Sirius can tell him about Peter being in the dormitory. 10/10

Author's Response: Hehehe. Let's just say Robert's reflexes are a bit better than Harry and co.'s.

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Review #22, by auror_snape The Journey to Hogwarts

6th May 2010:
Oh man! Robert and Remus know each other! I'd completely forgotten about Black Guard involvement in the war against Voldemort! When Robert and Remus each sensed the other, I thought there were going to be problems, what with Robert thinking Remus might be ex-Legion, and Remus probably correctly assuming Black Guard or Black Ops.

But I liked the story he told Hermione earlier.

When Sirius comes into the story, will he recognize Robert, or did Remus recognize him just because he can smell vampires a mile away?

Author's Response: He'll have to reveal himself eventually. If you re-read the early chapters of the Final War closely, you'll see that Robert knows about Grimmauld Place. I have a pretty intense scene prepared for that confrontation with Dumbledore, actually.

And will Sirius recognize Robert? He might, he might not. You'll get a tiny peak at Time Warped with this story's version of Sirius' death, which introduces one of the funnest-to-write characters in the Black Guard saga.

And, in case you want to know, the reasoning behind Janus and Robert's feud is much more complex than the incident described in this chapter. Considering he's still wearing the insignia and all. All I'll leak is that Robert is partially responsible for Sylvia's death.

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Review #23, by Abc Trapped

16th April 2010:
This story is so cool. I like the idea that hermione found him out,that gives him an excuse to blow her brains out. update soon :)

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Review #24, by auror_snape Trapped

13th March 2010:
What will Robert say, that it's his own grandfather standing next to hers in the photo and that he inherited good genes? It would probably be the best idea. You don't want it too elaborate. But anyway, great chapter, and I look forward to the next one.

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Review #25, by auror_snape Into the Chamber

21st February 2010:
Wow. That was amazing. Robert actually went into Lockhart's room as himself? I would've done anything to see that!

And what if Dumbledore had seen him as himself? Would he think his own probing into Black Guard secrets had prompted the visit?

Lockhart didn't become Janus, did he?

And why can't Hermione simply butt out? Robert doesn't need her nosing around when he's on the job, and Dumbledore convinced there's an assassin loose in the school is enough.

Author's Response: I actually wasn't too sure about this scene. Since Robert, to use a Mass Effect term here, has been a Paragon for most of the series, it sorta felt weird to give him a ruthless streak.

Don't worry. Dumbledore'll find a pistol in his face soon enough. Robert had to have found out about the Order somehow.

And no, Lockhart being Janus implies that Lockhart is competant. Janus is one of the few characters who can outmaneuver Robert, and is also a great deal older than either Lockhart or Robert.

Hermione's little investigation will be ended soon enough. She comes scarily close to unmasking him before then, though.

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