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Review #1, by luna_lovegood101 Forget About Love

6th November 2008:
it was really good mke more

Author's Response: Thank you. I have some other stories on the site ;-)

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Review #2, by jenkent Forget About Love

4th June 2008:
Very cute. I really thought you placed the song very creatively into the story. I'd have to say my favorite part, though, was when Sirius said, "I would, but the mermaids get thoroughly over-excited!" I laughed so hard at that line. I saw a few grammatical errors, but that's just the overactive English teacher in my genetics, so I wouldn't worry about that too much. Oh and I also loved the kiss; it was so fitting and seemed like that could have actually happened. Great job!~Jen (9/10)

Author's Response: I never thought that mermaid line would cause so many laughs!! I'm glad you liked it- I was tumped for ages then all of a sudden I was just able to write it!! Thanks you so much xx

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Review #3, by Nymphadora_Anne Forget About Love

2nd June 2008:
That was lovely.Heart Melting actually.I'm such a sucker for a good Lily/James.Anyway it was great.

Author's Response: Aw thank you! :-)

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Review #4, by Midnight Ink Forget About Love

2nd June 2008:
“I would, but the mermaids get thoroughly over-excited!” He grinned, standing up.

I think I've fond my Cujo moment! You know what I mean =p

Great choice of song, they really merge well together, and it's perfectly in sync with the narrative, great job!

Author's Response: I've equalled Cujo????????? *dances*. High praise indeed!!!
I didn't choose the song- was given through the challenge but thanks- had me stumped for ages!

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Review #5, by Andromeda Black Forget About Love

2nd June 2008:
Marauder Landy writes...I review...thus is the way of the world! Very cute, made me smile!

Author's Response: he he he thanks- though heres hoping I can live up to it lol. I thought it was cute too ;-) Thanks hunxxx

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Review #6, by lily_james_foreva_701 Forget About Love

2nd June 2008:
dfinately really cute! xoxo

Author's Response: thanks. Glad you enjoyed it :-)

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Review #7, by marinahill Forget About Love

2nd June 2008:
aw that was wonderful! really it was! beautifully written, and it fitted with the song lyrics really well. but the way you showed lilys emotions was effortless, which made it a lovely read. I can really see the exact moment she fell for him... and when he realised he needed to grow up/ be more relaxed. excellent :)

Author's Response: thanks hun :-) I had real trouble with this for ages as I don't know the song that well.
Thanks for the lovely review, as ever!

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