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Review #1, by toonmili The Wedding

8th June 2008:
*claps* I loved that. I could NEVER be so brave to write a wedding.. and A Sevadora Wedding... The discriptions are great. I always have problems with that... Ohhh... I'm so happy. I'm grinny like a nerd her... seriously... my family worries about me.

I see the little wolf is back... I love that thing...

she is preggers... Hey... she told him right away, you know I would have been tempted to draw it out...

Gosh i wonder what's going to happen. Does that house or ring fit into the story line... I have a feeling it does... heavens you're making me get idea for a story...

And thanks for the dedication... I really don't deserve it. I TOTALLY forgot to read this... it's only today when I decided to read some reviews to see what points I needed to clarify I remembered that you mentioned this... SORRY... now I'm going to rush you to update ASAP.

oh... I will update at least ENVY today... Flowers... not too know the problems I'm having with that.

Author's Response: oh i rewrote this chapter but it hasnt been validated yet.
i'm not sure where this is going yet. I've had a four day weekend to figure out what i'm going to write but i still havent so yeah...
dont worry about not reading it til now, i was actually hoping that you would read the edited version instead of this one but hey.
oohh so excited for envy. i dont think you should rush with flowers, and if you have to just leave it for a while i think you should
thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by Sab The Wedding

3rd June 2008:
YAY! It's outrageous awesome!!! YOU'RE SO MEAN FOR NOT LETTING ME READ THIS EARLIER! but that's ok, i forgive you... :P lol You, my dear, have issues with capital letters and punctuation! but tis all fair in fun and games :) im such an english nerd lol. but yes I loved it! and if i have to wait for the next chapter... i'll, well i dont know what lol. :D

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Review #3, by bring_back_sirius The Wedding

1st June 2008:
a SEQUEL, yay!!! and they're having a baby, double yay! is this gonna be a long story or just a one-off for the wedding scene?

Author's Response: i think it will be a long-ish story but i'm not sure at the moment... i havea four day weekend to figure out what i'm going to do with this story so yeah. at least one chapter should be up by friday
Thanks for reviewing

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