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Review #1, by hpobsessed12 That Smell

30th July 2009:
omg i love like every one of your stories!! this one is so cute and funny!!

Author's Response: AYA I have a fan!

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Review #2, by jameslily1313 That Smell

10th June 2009:
"Calm as a cucumber" wow that is amazing luff it, so cute! That Smell!!! hahaha. ok sorry this will be shrt. 10/10!!! xP

Author's Response: Thank you, you have made my day!

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Review #3, by purple_roxs97 That Smell

24th May 2009:
this is really funny!so quirky!just sorta rushed...

Author's Response: Yeah I did rush it a bit, been meaning to go over it but, Im a law student do busy busy busy

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Review #4, by o.i.p. That Smell

10th November 2008:
omg this story has sooo much potential! first of all props for such a creative idea...this really reminds me of the scene in HBP i think when slughorn brings the potion in and harry's reminded of ginny and hermione of ron. while i feel this story has a great foundation i think it would be even better if this potion were the reason Lily/James got together in the first's a bit of a waste to use such a good idea (love potion) to reinforce the status your story nothing really changes, but if this potion were the cause of the change, it would definitely make the story more interesting and eventful. and hey, we all want that, right? that's just what I think about it; you may or may not have time/want to rewrite. also, i was a little confused about why james would smell like roses?? hmm.

i would like to end with another rave on this wonderful plot idea! i would so love if you would consider my suggestion, but of course it's your story.

Author's Response: Have re-written this, and will be posted shortly.
Thanks for reveiwing,

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Review #5, by RHrHGShipper That Smell

11th October 2008:
Haha. That was short and cute. :D

Author's Response: Yeea, I'm not so good with long stories, Thank so much for the reveiw!

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Review #6, by Miss Haggan That Smell

11th June 2008:
erm random but good made me laugh accuatly.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your comment!
Thanks once more!

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Review #7, by WeasleyTwins That Smell

10th June 2008:
Love it, love it. I'm a HUGE Lily/James freak. I bet James would smell DELICIOUS and probably taste that way too. Calm as a cucumber, it kills me.


Author's Response: LOL! Thanks so much! Yeah I have a thing with scent as creepy as that sounds. If they don't smell nice it ain't worth it.

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Review #8, by Victoria That Smell

4th June 2008:
haha, that's really cute! well done. It was very well written

Author's Response: Thanks, that means alot.

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Review #9, by scorpy_4_evr That Smell

31st May 2008:
that was really cute , short and simple. it was a little confusing but it was nice

Author's Response: Thanks :) Glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #10, by Werewolf_love That Smell

31st May 2008:
Aw. That wa so cute! I got quite confused at parts, but then I realized what was happening! Good job!

Author's Response: Aw, Thank you very much. I did try to even out the confusing bits but I guess I didn't do as good as I thought. :)

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