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Review #1, by dracos lover Chapter Thirty One: Classroom

26th October 2012:
Lovin ur book please finish it off.

Author's Response: I did finish it, but I did consider doing a sequel. Might do that one day!

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Review #2, by slytherinchica08 Chapter two: Class

29th July 2012:
So apparently I started this story a while ago and completely forgot about it but alas I'm back and shall be reading and reviewing more of it. Now onto the story, I loved the teasing atmosphere between Hermione and Harry at the end of this chapter! It was so cute and really helped to define what their friendship is like. I feel bad for Hermione that she was busy thinking about everything and Malfoy and recieved a low grade in potions.

I'm really excited for this story and to see where exactly its going and who will be teaching Hermione the ropes of Quidditch! I think you have an interesting and original idea here and in a pairing that is so huge like dramione thats always a great thing to find. I thought the description in this chapter was really well done as well and I especially loved the bits for the potion. Great Job!


Author's Response: hahahah, you did but thanks for returning!

Thanks re the relationship between Harry and Hermione, I'm a big Harmony shipper as well as Ron Hermione believe it not!

Thanks v much. The originality of the plot was my favourite thing about this before I started. The plot bunny jumped in, made its home and jumped around until it had kicked up all the carrots lol. I wanted to show that it's cool to experiment with different ideas and as I said before regarding yours, Dramiones should always be written realistically otherwise nobody would believe the relationship and I hope I've achieved this like you did.

Yes, Hermione is really confused at the minute and this whole additional activities thing is making her stressed I think!

Thanks again Slytherinchica08!

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Review #3, by Vicci Chapter Ten: Miscommunication

5th June 2012:
Love the punch! And dracos diary thing. He deff seems the type to have a diary!

Author's Response: hahahah I can see him writing things like "friday. I hate Potter, oh and Snape's lesson was good. Crabbe and Goyle keep asking me to buy cakes. Going to bed soon. Bed."

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Review #4, by Vicci Proctor Chapter Nine: Naked

5th June 2012:
So I wrote a whole detailed review...and thought it'd sent...but turns out it didn't :( so I'm just gonna say super awesome story :) still sticking with it, should probs review every chapter! Love how your descriptions are so un-dramione-cliche! :) hope your speech in the great hall went well on Thursday btw!
Lots of love and HP admiration
Vicci Proctor

Author's Response: hahahah aw no worries Vicci thank you so much for liking it still. I'm really pleased you're enjoying it as much as ever, that's wicked. My ultimate intention with this Dramione was to make sure it wasn't cliche at all. I did go really well thanks, very well actually I surprised myself.
Lots of love and HP admiration back

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Review #5, by Vicci Proctor  Chapter One: Activity

30th May 2012:
Hi! Loving the stories!! Met you today at hp studio tour! Blonde girl with the ginger fiancee? Bit obsessed with draco malfoy? Hope you remember :) anyway brilliant writing, loving it from the first chapter! Keep up your stories! Xxx

Author's Response: Hiya Vicci of course I remember you! hahahahah it's good to be obsessed, I'm obsess-possessed :P Thanks so much I'm really glad you're enjoying it x

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Review #6, by Maximum Ride  Chapter One: Activity

12th August 2011:
I love ALL of your work! keep writing!

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you loads! I don't know what to say :) I'm so glad you enjoy my writing that much! lol I'm all embarrassed now! No really, means a lot.

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Review #7, by slytherinchica08  Chapter One: Activity

7th August 2011:
It's a very interesting idea, to have Hermione needing to have something else other then classes. I think this is a good start it gives us a good idea to where the story will be headed. Also i liked your description during this chapter. This line "Hate rushed through Hermione's abdomen, inflamed needles pricking at her insides, just as her hand shot in the air. " was really great to me. I really liked the last part as well. "I think you're gonna have to spell it out." I was like o snap! lol But really this piece was really well written and a great beginning. Can't wait to read the next chapter. Great Job.


Author's Response: Sorry, I haven't replied to this, I'm behind! *smacks my wrist* lol Thanks very much for your review, and yes I wanted to do something that was uncliche with Hermione and Draco. I don't know where this idea came from, but once I started writing I couldn't stop :) Oh wow, thank you! I love it when people pick out quotes that I've written, it makes me feel very happy! Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the rest just as much. I know there's quite a lot to get through but if you like Dramione's, I think you'll like the rest ;)

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Review #8, by imcute410 Chapter Thirty One: Classroom

27th December 2008:
Ooo. I liked it :D It was pretty good. I love Draco/Hermione stories. Along with Draco/Ginny. Lol.

Author's Response: Thanks!! loll : ) Yes, I've done both now but been writing since 2002!

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Review #9, by imcute410 Chapter Twenty: Race

26th December 2008:
Some of those last lines sounded kinda like it was from Cinderella with Hillary Duff and that Chad something. :D Really good though. Still reading on, but had to point that out!

Author's Response: loll Oh yes they did! hahahah Thanks for your review and good to hear you're still liking it : )!

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Review #10, by Bella Cullen Chapter Thirty One: Classroom

3rd December 2008:
plz! i want a sequel!
this was very good!!!

Author's Response: loll aww I'll see what I can do!
thanks v much!!

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Review #11, by Wynsom Trouble Chapter Thirty One: Classroom

18th November 2008:
YAY, Please do a sequel!

Author's Response: Oh. alright loll!

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Review #12, by jacquelyn Chapter Thirty One: Classroom

17th November 2008:
i think a sequel would be AMAZING...i keep waiting for his friends and dad to find out. Lol. LOVED the story tho :-D

Author's Response: I'll have a go and see what I can do! I started a new fanfiction today but I could merge the two storylines together, I do have an idea actually.

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Review #13, by Draco is sexy! Chapter Thirteen: Wondering

16th November 2008:
bludger is the one you hit with a bat.

Author's Response: Thanks for that information, I can't believe I got it wrong!

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Review #14, by the_princess_of_the_darkness Chapter Thirty One: Classroom

15th November 2008:
okay i will be true! i love quidditch and i though that it would be hard to make it have something to do with romantic moments... but i see u have manedged;)) and its bloody hell good:) lol
i do enjoy reading this story:)

Author's Response: loll thanks, I love your penname by the way! : ) I love Draco and Hermione now that I've done Cavalier. That's what I love about fanfiction, you can do whatever you like with anything and everything. aww thanks v much!

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Review #15, by VEWHogwarts Chapter Thirty One: Classroom

14th November 2008:
aw my favorite ch.yet muy bien another one por favor!!

Author's Response: loll thanks so much!

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Review #16, by gitgit Chapter Thirty One: Classroom

14th November 2008:
that was so cute
nice chapter
i liked how you did it in flash of scenes that was really nice :) and loved the ending about poetry;)

Author's Response: loll thanks v much! : )
aww thanks again!
: D
I wanted them to have an interesting ending, and I also wanted for them to not have a cliche one. The poetry part, I can't even remember but I'll look back on it!

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Review #17, by dramione4eva94 Chapter Thirty One: Classroom

14th November 2008:
i like this chapter! i know somthing's gonna go wrong, though, cuz it can't just be a happy ending with a perfect life for them. please continue!

Author's Response: I just might write another one for everyone!!

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Review #18, by jenrabbit Chapter Thirty One: Classroom

14th November 2008:
Aww, that was sweet, it has enspired me, I think I'm in thw writing mood this afternoon, I might even get a chapter posted, who knows!!
lol, I've had a great day, and that was the iceing on the cake, let me tell you. Totaly a 10/10 as always, and will he try to rhyme her name? hehe, that would be funny, can't wait fo the update!^.^

Author's Response: Hey jen! It's been so long, but I'm back. I kind of was badly distracted by facebook but I'm back in full swing. : ) I haven't been on this site properly since last November, and feel terrible about that!! That isn't me! Thanks so much for your review, it's made me smile. I don't know, can't remember if he did or not hahaha been so long! I'll owl you later!

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Review #19, by AriesGirl40 Chapter Thirty One: Classroom

14th November 2008:
Ron is such a prat. I'd like to see some more of Draco's hidden talents. Changing his voice is a good one. too bad they still got caught.

Author's Response: lol!! aw poor Ronny :) He's just jealous, and I know what jealousy feels like, horrible!! :( Yes, me too. Draco's quite the secret keeper. I kind of slipped my love of voice overs into that hehee. True, but I always say 'to have a story, there must be drama.'

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Review #20, by AriesGirl40 Chapter Thirty: Development

10th November 2008:
She finally got what she wanted, sounds like their in for a bumpy ride.

Author's Response: She most certainly did, and perhaps...

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Review #21, by :) Chapter Thirty: Development

10th November 2008:
P.S. I love these two lines:
"What we have is between you and me- it's none of their business, yes?
I understand I was wrong about you, but asking me or hinting that if I spent more time with Potter and Weasley, we'd 'work everything out' is just a death sentence, Granger."
Ah, so good.

Author's Response: lol!! thanks v much for selecting from the text. (PS: If you didn't know, am major fan of Harry v Draco, so that's why he's always talking about/or implying how much he hates Potter.)

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Review #22, by :) Chapter Thirty: Development

10th November 2008:
ohh this is soo intersting. haha. I really want to see how they act as a couple together. I love Draco's character in this story!! Really good!!

Author's Response: Thanks :) loll. Yes, me too but check my autho's note on chapter thirty one which is now up ;) it explains all. Oh thanks, I love writing Draco. You can do so many things with him.

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Review #23, by VEWHogwarts Chapter Thirty: Development

10th November 2008:
yay another ch im so excited draco finally yes lol :)

Author's Response: lol thanks VEWHogwarts, I don't think I've heard of you before, welcome! **shakes hands** :)

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Review #24, by gitgit Chapter Thirty: Development

9th November 2008:
well that was definatly an interesting chapter
o he asked her out that was awesome
cant wait to see how their date turns out

Author's Response: lol I love that word 'interesting.' It could almost say 'ummm' at the end, loll. :)
Thanks, thought it was about time really.

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Review #25, by dont like it Chapter Nine: Naked

9th November 2008:
this chapter was so bad

Author's Response: Thanks for your opinion, but what was it that you didn't like? I'm guessing it was the whole naked thing? Oh well. I can't please everyone :)

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