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Review #1, by Rhoanna She Hates the Tube

12th June 2009:
This is really good! You've made Romilda Vane a memorable character.

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Review #2, by quillman A New Case

1st May 2009:
wow really good start! i really like ur banners! how do you make them?

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Review #3, by Potterholic She Hates the Tube

14th October 2008:
I love Romilda's ramblings. They made me smile, and I love how you made me like her. =D Her cold war with Ginny was quite funny too. I actually never connected Romilda to Ron getting poisoned until you pointed it out there. =P Lol, poor Romilda. Getting sick like that is not fun, and I like the mention of her mother. Makes me wonder what Mrs. Vane would say if she ever knew of Romilda's stalking Harry. =P Anyway, love it!

Author's Response: Romilda's a strange one, isn't she - well, I hope she seems so as I meant for her to be...but anyway. Thank you SO much, Priss. You're lovely. :]
Yes, I needed Romilda to have a slight enemy and I went through everything I could find about her until I found someone who could be an 'enemy' of sorts, and thought that Ginny was loyal to her family, and Ginny stole Harry from she fit! And oh yes, what would Mrs. Vane think. -shudder- Imagine any parent knowing that their daughter stalked someone that much. o_O

ILY Priss. :)

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Review #4, by frostedteardrops A New Case

10th October 2008:
"Ecchinologist (someone who studies cheese)" hahaha wow I didn't know that. I guess you learn something new everyday. (Great detail in adding the fact that she went dressed up as a box one year!)

"chronic procrastinator and honest idiot" hehe. Jake Jacobs... wow that kind of does suck to be named that. No offense if anyone's actually named that. But still. Very nice scene when she was panicking about getting sacked, but then got promoted instead.

Oh no! Hannah's dead?!

Brilliant opening chapter, keep it up!

Author's Response: I didn't know that either, but went looking for strange jobs and found that. (: And thank you! I stole that from my friend. She dressed up as an Ipod for halloween once, using a box.

I was thinking Jacob Jacobs...but that would just be cruel. And yes, no offence to anyone. (:

Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by SilverThimble A New Case

8th October 2008:
This was very good :)
Romilda is quirky (like you said) in the best possible way - I loved the part at the start where she's listing the different jobs she wanted. The first sentence really drew me in with the chatty style and directness, and the rest of the chapter was enjoyable. The beauty of it was that the reader gets to see what sort of a person she is, without long winded descriptions - you let her do the talking.
but I digress: Ok, I just love that phrase. Bonus points!
I didn't like the narrative part so much, but it was good as well. I think you could have gone into a bit more detail, especially as Romy knew Hannah - wouldn't she have been more shocked at first?
I do think your dialogue could do with some work - it's hard to define, but it was a little 'loose' or something.
Great work on this, though :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You liked the jobs part? Thank god, I was so worried about that bit. I was worried it was too chatty, you know what I mean? But thank you! I was hoping that that way would work, and apparently it did. ^_^
And yay! Bonus points!
Hmm, I see what you're saying, but I was trying to convey that Romy didn't actually know Hannah, but that everyone just assumed she did. But I get what you mean - I'll add in some more emotion ASAP.
And you're right. Dialogue + Me = awful. -blush-

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Review #6, by Potterholic A New Case

2nd October 2008:
Lol, I didn't save my review, but I'm giving it again.

Love it, Ali! Romilda's really quirky, and her thoughts made me laugh. I like how she talked about her dream jobs at the beginning. Can't wait to see her play detective and meet Neville!

I'll definitely be following this. Keep up the good work! *huggles*

Author's Response: Aw! You didn't have to, but thank you!
yeah, I'm just some crazy person and I saved that review. I dunno why, either. :P
But thank you!

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Review #7, by shadowycorner A New Case

31st May 2008:
Lol! This was awesome. Romilda Vane made a very nice appearance. She's quirky, she's twitty (in disguise, lol) and generally pleasant to read.

Pretty clueless as well --> So why was I getting the sack?, which basically means I can really relate to her, even according to these lines: chronic procrastinator and honest idiot. Yup, and I, too, would be likely to slip the endearing Harry Potter a love potion.

I love how you guys take these minor characters and give them such an interesting twist. Oh and Hannah is dead? So, yeah, Neville/Romilda now have freedom.

I like where this is going. Romilda's narration is funny and easy to read, and she's this normal and realistic character. Her background was a nice touch just as well. Overall a lovely job. :D

xoxo Liz

Author's Response: LIZLIZLIZLIZLIZ!

I like how you put your name. *snickers*
Anyhow. I knew who you were. :)

Yep, I based Romilda on the Saysers. I think most of us are procrastinators, and we hae our twits! and you'd slip Harry a love potion? What about OLIVER???

Thank you! But it's all Gubby's idea. :)

Thank you SO MUCH Liz. :)

I luff choo.

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Review #8, by GubraithianFire A New Case

30th May 2008:
Ohhh Ali! *dies* Okay, so I've been having not-the-greatest day and I'm like mostly dead, but who cares? This cheered me up yesterday and today! *squee* Firstly - love Romilda. Unlike most everyone on the planet, I actually think she's a wonderful character who ought to be more than a dread-inducing name. One of the reasons I challenged you to do this ^_^ You're writing her splendidly, I think, and I'm SO HAPPY you are. If you made Romilda a lovely, I would cry. That's my thing, obviously, I make my female narrators all bitchy (you know what lovely means, right? :P) but Romilda... isn't. She's (you'll love it when I say this) - QUIRKY. Yes, my dear, it totally worked! And I LOVE her being a writer at The Quibbler. I LOVE the Quibbler. Can we have a Xeno appearance? I want him to appear! He and Romilda would probably kill each other, if she hasn't killed him already. And I adore Jack. He's just so hilarious and a great foil for Romilda. Do I sense a love triangle coming on? I think I do! *is mad excited* Can't wait to see how the rest of the story plays out - especially 'cos this is a WIP! *is uber ecstatic about that* Wonderful job, I've added to my favorites and *loves*! *squishes*

Author's Response: Not the greatest day? *huggles* Poor Gubby!! And I'm glad this cheered you up *blushes*.
Thank you bout Romilda. I totally agree. I don't think she's horrible. No siree. And no...I don't get what you mean by a lovely...but I guess you're okay with her. :) And she is QUIRKY! OMG! I thought I failed the quirky part! And Xeno wasn't gonna appear...but if you wish. :) And you like Jack? Jake? I dunno bout his name. But I'm glad you like him.
And Love triangle? Actually...I didn't think of that. But now I do!
And WIP. I will finish it. I will!!!!

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Review #9, by ginwannabe A New Case

29th May 2008:
Oh, Ali...this is most definitely quirky! And I'm laughing so hard that I have another little twitty! But how could you? It's bad enough that Neville had to lose his toad in my story...but his wife? How much can one man take? Poor Neville. I loved the minute details, the door handle, the comments about her mother, the asides about Jake's name. And you know...I'm glad that you have taken Romilda and made her likeable, because she wasn't very in the books and most people in fan fictiondom have her as this vindictive, twisted person. I like your version of her. Definitely favoriting this one. I can't wait to see the rest of it!

Author's Response: Oh Thank you Taryn! I was so worried about it being quirky. How could I? Blame he evil Gubby. She gave me specifics. And that included kill off Hannah.
I wasn't sure about the minute details...especially the dorr handle, so I'm glad you liked it. :)
And yes. I like Romilda. There's a big character hiding beneath her, and this is my take. Thank you Taryn!!!!

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Review #10, by Beyond the Veil A New Case

29th May 2008:

It's hilarious. I am in love. I was laughing nearly the whole time. It's just so comfortable and quirky - it's great, it seriously, seriously, seriously is.

ILOVEIT! *glomp* You can be absolutely positive I'm going to keep up with this.

Blaire (I know, different penname)

Author's Response: Ah. Different pen name. :)
I was like "Huh? How does she know me? And my challenge?" But then it was you. :)
And thank you!!!! Ooh. I'm happy. :)

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