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Review #1, by Nitenel Late on a Spring Night

27th May 2010:
Beautiful... just beautiful... This story is so different than your Harry/Bellatrix story. It's so amazing how you can write comedy and serous stories.

Author's Response: Oh, thanks so much for reviewing this story also. This one shot as I explained in the story was written as a tribute to Rob Knox who was stabbed for apparent no reason just after filming HBP (he played Belby). I was totally moved by this and I just thought I had to write something. I'm still surprised that I managed to combine both the real story and the Harry Potter world in some way. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

As for writing style; well my main novel length fanfic has elements of both but it's mainly a serious story, as is my other one shot: "Till Death Did Us Part," that one is another sad one by the way. I never thought that I could really pull off comedy maybe that's why I tried it first with that Bellatrix parody one. I'm really flattered that you think I can write both, honestly!

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Review #2, by Friend of robs Late on a Spring Night

18th February 2010:
I know it's been a while since you wrote this but I have to tell you what a lovely sentiment it is. The words referring to doing what's right rather than what's easy are perfect. It's nice to know that people around the world recognised what a tragedy robs murder was and it's lovely to see lots of people on many different sites saying lovely things about him. They are all true, he was a decent and honest person who deserved a much longer life.
For anyone who has lost someone in their life, remember 'Do not cry because it's over, smile because it happened'. X

Author's Response: Oh, wow, were you actually a friend of Rob's in real life? Feel free to send me an owl here.

I was really touched when this happened and I spend the week after trying to come up with a little fictional story that could be treated as a tribute. I live in the UK, I'm actually a lawyer and this got to me. I felt very ashamed of the state the country is in.

I'm very glad to hear also that other people on other websites have done similar things.

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Review #3, by magicalperfect Late on a Spring Night

26th October 2008:
That was a very sweet tribute story. Everything started off so well for Harry, but then the news just struck him so suddenly. It was so terrible that Harry felt he didn't deserve being looked up to, but in reality that's probably why Marcus put himself out there to save his brother. I liked the small bit of comedy that you had with Harry's parking violation, because it lightened the mood of the story a bit. But what came next was obviously very depressing, and it's understandable because what happened in real life was just so tragic. I'm glad that you were able to portray what happened to him through the character form of his story. Great job.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the wonderful review. I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to reply but I was on holiday with no internet connection.

I'm glad you found the story touching. I got so angry when I heard about this that I thought I ought to write something as a tribute.

I chose Harry's point of view because, yes, he is the main character of the series and he feels a bit like he doesn't deserve to have survived so many times when so many others haven't.

Yes, the parking issue was there in order to lighten the story a bit. I also thought that Harry wouldn't just think the worse but imagine that the policeman had approached him about something trivial. He has always been a bit of a rule breaker so I can easily imagine him having issues with traffic wardens in London.

I tried very hard not to trivialise the story because of the tragedy in real life and I sincerely hope that I didn't so I feel very reassured when this story gets positive reviews. After all, you guys (reviewers) are contributing to the tribute as much as I did by writing it.

Thanks so much.

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Review #4, by dracoslover1 Late on a Spring Night

21st October 2008:
Very good story here. Your characterizations are great and I like your descripitions. Great job on the story.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm really pleased that you thought Harry and Ginny were in character and that you enjoyed the descriptions. Thanks for such an encouraging review!

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Review #5, by greylady_Ravenclaw Late on a Spring Night

11th October 2008:
Wow. This story is very very touching. I cried when I found out what happened to him, but this just makes it so much more touching. I loved your characterization of Harry and Ginny. It showed how much they cared not only for each other but for the world they were in a way hiding from. The line about Colin made me tear up. I can't even hardly read about him anymore without crying. This was an excellent story! 9/10

Author's Response: When I heard about it in the news over here (UK) and particularly being a lawyer, I thought I had to do something on behalf of us HP mad fans! I just had to, even if it were rubbish! Like Harry on this one, I thought I ought to raise awarness. My original idea was to send it to the family and I got one review (sadlly gone) which I beleve it was from a real school-mate; yes I could cry too, that's why I wrote it but I believe that by reading and reviewing you're contributing just as much!

Thanks ever so much babe x

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Review #6, by shadowkitty22 Late on a Spring Night

10th October 2008:
That was very well done, Morgana. A nice tribute to a life cut short. I wasn't even aware that the actor had died. I suppose it just never made it in the news over here. I also really like the quote that you came up with for Harry about Marcus.

I also found a few typos for you. In your first paragraph, second sentence, you should have, "luxury of roaming," instead of, "luxury or roaming." And in the very last sentence of the story it should be, "he thought of Dumbeldore," instead of, "he though of Dumbledore."


Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing this and I'm glad you enjoyed it. It seems that knife crime is almost a normal occurrence here which to me is shocking. I just thought I had to do something, and in truth, I thought all I could really do was write a story and hopefully raise awareness.

Thanks so much for proof-reading this too. Thought should have a "t", yes, obviously a typo. However, I think the luxury or roaming is correct, though.

Thanks so much babe x

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Review #7, by PaperNovel Late on a Spring Night

4th June 2008:
Wow. Very powerful. I just can't even think about the actual words of the story, more the message. That's extremely depressing, and not just because Rob Knox was going to play Marcus Belby, but just the fact that he was protecting his brother.

Getting Stabbed, a horrible way of dying. Who in the right mind would even do that?!?!

Like I said, this is an extreme sign of integrity towards your part Morgana. The plot showed how Harry and Ginny reacted, like any human really would. Today, I was thinking in school, how this affected me. Most people heard about it and were all like this is sad, because he played the guy in the movie!

I think everyone should feel sympathetic even if Rob Knox wasn't an actor!

This one-shot, was amazing and deeply moved me, it wasn't Shakespeare, but it makes it amazing on the way you wrote it. I want to make you realize how much this is great. Because that means you took notice of what happend. You didn't go 'Oh that's sad' and go back to eating your supper.

I'm in a horribly depressed mood. I'm trying to smile, but it feels foreign to me.

It's not that this story was perfect, but I still give it a 10/10. Seriously, you should get a medal because this really is amazing...



Author's Response: I'm sorry that I have depressed you though.

I feel, as I said before on the thread, really honoured by your words. I live not far from London and I felt really enraged by this, since there have been 16 teenage stabbings in London this year already, even one more since I wrote this!

I agree that it doesn't matter that he was an actor. It only helps raise awareness about the issue of carrying knieves since he got a bit of publicity for having been in HP but I would feel exactly the same way no matter what his background. The latest victim has been a 15 year old girl who was stalked by some lunatic that used to go to the same church as her, which is shocking! I just couldn't sit down and do nothing (not that I have prevented any more violence, but I tried to remind people that there is a problem here).

I thought that we ought, as HP fans, give some kind of a tribute and I just thought that I could write a story.

I wrote this quite quickly because I wanted to post it when the story was still pretty fresh on people's memories and I'm glad that you found it powerful.

Try to cheer up. Honestly, I normally write things that are a bit less depressing!

Thanks so much though, x

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Review #8, by ButterflyRogue Late on a Spring Night

2nd June 2008:
Wow... This was truly beautiful... It is wonderful how you amended this tribute to the HP world. The balance between the fictional and what really happened was very well written.
I also like how you started with Harry and Ginny having fun in the Muggle world after the war, how everything appears perfect and than the sudden twist --- the reception of the bad news. Harry's feelings are also very in-character, especially him feeling guilty for surviving so many times when so many others have died.

I like the closing saying that Belby/Rob had in the end done "what was right, rather than what was easy". It is very fitting and very moving. This is an extremely powerful piece of work, well done!

It is such a wonderful gesture on your part to write such a thing. I seriously admire you for it.

R.I.P. Rob :(

~ Rosie Nymphadora from eHPF

Author's Response: Thanks Rosie, what a touching review!

I felt very strongly about this incident and I decided I wanted to write some sort of tribute but I didn't have a clue as to what, to begin with. I guess I wanted to mix the fiction with what really happen but in a way that didn't mean I wasn't trivialising the real story at all.

In the end, I went for Harry because I tend to identify a bit with him and I find it relatively easy to put myself in his shoes. I also thought that, since the series is based on him, he should have "his say" on this.

I'm really glad that you thought that the mixture or reality and fiction was good. I was nervous about this because, as I said, I did not want to trivialise the situation, but in fact to raise awareness.

I'm glad you thought Harry was in character. I can actually see him and Ginny delving into the Muggle world for a quiet evening. He's just too famous in the magical one. Also, he was raised as a Muggle and I guess, he would come to realise that he shouldn't sit on the fence about Muggle issues either, yeah, that's how I thought Harry would think. I'm glad that the survivor's guilt came through as well. I also thought that he feels a bit guilty too about having all that money and basically about having a good time, but I think he is entitled to have some fun really.

I thought since Harry didn't know Marcus particularly well his reaction would be a bit like that of the general public, only a bit stronger because he actually did know him.

I just felt like I had to write something and I'm just so impressed with all the support I have had.

Thanks so much babe!

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Review #9, by Bella_Portia Late on a Spring Night

31st May 2008:
I thought this was a lovely tribute. You took the limitations of this realm, which is ficton, and you managed to turn it into a story that fit the sad, sad circumstances. It reminded me of an editorial cartoon that showed a crocodile weeping at a headline announcing the death of Steve Erwin (who had been a great proponent of crocodile conservation). In both cases, you [and the cartoonist] are in a fictional realm but using fiction to respond to a real event. I liked the way you had Harry, as a stand-in for a citizen who could choose to be energized by this event, decide that he had to do something for his city, that the time for inaction was past.

I also admired your description of the city at night.

There is a lot going on in this little story, and I think you did a find job.

Author's Response: Well, ok about the London (Covent Garden descripiton), I know you well enough now to want to take you there, and shop and have a cocktail, on me, of course!

I'm very touched by your comments. Well, I chose Harry because I' m a bit like him, feeling guilty and stuff. He is a nice person, ok, he had so much to deal with that now that he is married and is very wealthy, he's been living it up a bit, but there is nothing wrong with that in my book.

I think Harry should be the next Mayor of London, because yes, he would genuinly try and make a difference.

This story, the real one, you know, touched my fibrel. I'm flattered about your comment re fiction v real life.

It's too much to hope but I honestly hope that this gets read by someone who could have done a thing like that and make them think.


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Review #10, by shadowycorner Late on a Spring Night

31st May 2008:
Wonderful job, my dear. It was very nice of you to do this. It shows what a lovely person you are. The way you handled the subject was also very creative, beginning with Harry and Ginny randomly strolling down Muggle streets.

The part where Harry reflects on the horrible reality of stabbing and useless deaths added a nice touch. It happens many time that only after a tragedy such as this people become aware of the truth.

Though what was powerful about this piece is the ending. Especially the last line, which was incredibly fitting. I don't have anything more to say really, because you summed it up all and I can just say that this was very good, a nice tribute i must say.

R.I.P. Rob

xoxo Liz

Author's Response: Oh, my God! When you said I was such a nice person for doing this, I almost cried! I just had this nagging feeling when I heard, which was very much after it happened and I thought all I could possibly do was write a little story. I truly felt for him and his family and all of your, readers and reviewers are a tribute to his memory too.

I'm a bit like Harry, albeit not so rich or fortunate in love but I thought that, yeah, we're over informed; horrible things happen all the time and we hardly take notice because they are just so many... Harry hadn't done anything wrong or uncommon by taking expensive holidays and sipping up the odd cocktail with his wife, it's just normal life, but something strikes him. On a funny note, when I wrote this, I was almost of the mind to get him to run for Mayor of London (I think I'd vote for him!) but the truth is, yes, until it happens to someone we know, it's just part of the news, sometimes...

I thought Dumbledore's words, ironically since they were created by JKR, who writes fiction, of course, are so true here...

I'd love to tell Jo, how true she was when writing her story.

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Review #11, by ginny4eva Late on a Spring Night

29th May 2008:
wow... this story is so good. I just had to read it again. and it's for a wonderful cause. wow. oh! and thank you for offering! but the queue opened. and I put my stories up! wow. your a really good author. i really like it!

Author's Response: Goodness, this is a very touching review. You had to read it again. This has truly made my day!

Thanks so much! x

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Review #12, by obviously394 Late on a Spring Night

29th May 2008:
Oh wow. Absolutely amazing. Great description, and so sad! I loved it.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so pleased that you enjoyed this. Yes, obviously it had to be sad. This story has had an amazing amount of wonderful reviews. Thanks so much for your support!

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Review #13, by siriusly_in_love_wid_sirius Late on a Spring Night

28th May 2008:
omigod!!u deserve much more tan applause 4 this wunderful tribute!!tanku so much 4 reaching this story out 2 a million people!!
gud luck!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review and encouragement. For what I have experienced so far in this site, this kind of review level is unprecedented! I didn't write this to further my vanity as a writer but to present the family with some sort of a pribute, so I don't mind what kind of review I get.

Yours was wonderful, by the way, one of the most emotive ones. I almost cried! I thought, since he was in HBP, just finished filming in fact, that maybe his friends and family would like a tribute from us HP obsessives (speaking for myself when I say obsessives! lol). If he had been my brother, or son, I would be honoured that someone has taken the trouble to write something and to review as well.

I intend to submit this somewhere where his close ones can see in in the name of all of us. Ok, I may say that this is my piece, but the tribute is from all of us, so the more reviews (tributes) the better. I know for a fact that they want to raise awareness, so hopefully it will be well received!

Thanks so much! x

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Review #14, by LucyLovegood3 Late on a Spring Night

28th May 2008:
Thankyou so much for this fan-fic. I was so upset when I found out about poor Rob. It's just awful. You were right in that last paragraph- he did what was right instead of what was easy. Something has to be done about all this.

Author's Response: Thanks to you readers for reading, reviewing and encouraging this tribute.

When I heard about it, I knew there and then that, even if I can really make a huge difference, I ought to write a one-shot of something but I had not idea how to go about it.

Yes, I totally agree with the last comment and I think Dumbledore's words were very fitting.

I'm hoping, especially since HP sites are very international and have members from all walks of life, to raise awareness about this kind of violence.

I'm really impressed with the amount of people who have reviewed and shared their thought in such a little space of time.

Thanks so much!

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Review #15, by Weasleys Forever Late on a Spring Night

28th May 2008:
Very moving tribute. A terrible tragedy to die so young, with such potential. The choices that we make do shape our lives.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review. I'm glad you liked it and found it moving. I was pretty saddened and outraged when I heard and I just thought I had to write something.

I'm really please with the response that this little one-shot is having though.

Thanks so much!

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Review #16, by JLHufflepuff Late on a Spring Night

27th May 2008:
This is really touching, and I think it is so sweet that you wrote it in his memory. I know that it's impossible to make sense of a tragedy like this, but I think that your act of love in writing this for the family will mean a lot to them. Your thoughts and feelings toward this loss are shown through Harry's eyes. He didn't really know Marcus, but his death affected Harry and made him think about his life more deeply.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, sweet-heart! As soon as I heard of this I decided that I had to write something in his memory. This did occupied most of my week-end, hence I haven't made much progress with my novel or reviewing other people's.

I can believe how many people have express their sadness and outrage through these reviews.

At first, I knew I wanted to write something but was totally loss as to what. I thought I should use the character he played. Well, at least he got to finished filming his part in HBP.

I thought that Harry's point of view may be good because, as you pointed out, he didn't know him well but he was still very upset. To tell the truth, I think I would have been massively upset if this had happened to a former school mate of mine. The car parking scene is put there, for instance, because yes, if the police came to me like that, that's the first thing I would think off, something trivial, not something so tragic.

Now, the one problem I have is that when I first looked on the net, I got to an article from a newspaper where there appear to be a link to memorial page, however, I cannot for my life find it again. There are others, including UTube but most of the people there are members of the public who have left their kind thoughts and support. I really would like for the family and/or friends to read it so I don't know who I best approach, maybe the editor of one of the newspapers covering the story to pass on. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear.

Thanks so much for your review. I would like to publish a link so that if anyone who knew him read this, they can read the reviews as well, because everyone has expressed such kind thoughts. x

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Review #17, by witch_in_training Late on a Spring Night

27th May 2008:
Beautiful. I loved it, honestly! I want to cry every time I think of people like him who died to protect someone else. It was really brave the way he did that for his brother, and the way you portrayed it here was wonderful.

'So, he had died trying to save others! This was just so unfair, so uncalled for, so intolerable!' That was one of my favorite lines. No one should have to die because they did the right thing.

The overall affect was great. I give this a definite 10/10.

Author's Response: I'm so wonderfully encouraged by all these great reviews. I just wanted to make a little contribution somehow, however humble, because I felt really strongly about this.

You guys are giving me the strength to post it on a memorial website dedicated to him.


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Review #18, by Leo072491 Late on a Spring Night

27th May 2008:
That was a beautiful tribute. I'm sure his faimly is thanking you right now for what you created. You should be unbelieveably proud of yourself. Well done.


Author's Response: I'm so touched by the response that this little one-shot is getting.

I haven't posted it yet outside of HP forums but I intend to post a link to the story soon. I'm now trying to figure out where is the best place, in terms of people who actually knew him and especially his family finding it, vane as this may seem.

Thanks so much!

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Review #19, by Joanne K Late on a Spring Night

27th May 2008:
Beautiful tribute! You did such a good job of incorporating the true events into this fictional world. Your descriptions were fantastic, particularly at the start, and really set the scene well.

I just have to pick on a minor typing error:
"on hid arrival"

You really have written such a beautiful tribute though, and I think the quotes at the end really do say it all. What a tragic loss :(

Author's Response: We've been telepathic again! lol I was thinking of owling you this to see what you thought.

I'm really pleased that you like it because I wrote it reasonably quickly because I felt really strongly about this when I heard. What state is this country in! Also I wanted to reflect the contrast between being out with your friends, in this case in the fic husband, having a quite drink and then something like that happening.

Thanks for spotting the typo.

I think I will probably take the plunge and post it in his memorial page.

Hugs x

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Review #20, by dormiens Late on a Spring Night

27th May 2008:
That was beautifully written and is a wonderful tribute to the Knox family, I especialy like your last paragraph where Harry finds the words to say to the Belby family. There are a few typos (sorry i feel terrible pointing that out) but i think all in all it is really, really good, and a wonderful thing to do.

Author's Response: I'm really please that you enjoyed this. Now, if you remember the typos, please do let me know so that I can fix them. If not, I'll just try to re-read it and see if I can spot them myself.

Thanks so much! x

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Review #21, by FredWeasley x Late on a Spring Night

27th May 2008:
Its Really Good.

RIP Rob x

Author's Response: I'm very glad you enjoy it! Thanks so much for reviewing.

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Review #22, by PotterGeek64 Late on a Spring Night

27th May 2008:
Oh my goodness, I heard about that. I'm so glad that someone remembered Robert. Great story :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I thought that if he had been a family member or close friend of mine I would have been touched is someone have wrote something dedicated to him, regardless of whether it was very good or not from a literary point of view, so I thought I do this.

Thanks everyone for your support with this idea!

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Review #23, by bigpotterfan Late on a Spring Night

27th May 2008:
I've already left a review, saying how much I like it but I have a question.

This one shot was published on the 26th May, however you can't vailidate a chapter after the 20th of May. This means that you either wrote it before he died (as he died on Saturday 24th), or you had special permisson to send it. Please respond as I'm interested in finding out the truth.

Author's Response: I'm a trusted author, which means that I don't need to wait for the queue to reopen. Authors normally gets this priviledge after submitting quite a lot of stuff, once the staff are satisfied that you're familiar enough with the T0S. I guess it saves them time not to have to read absolutely everything that gets posted.

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Review #24, by bigpotterfan Late on a Spring Night

27th May 2008:
This one shot is really moving. I've heard about Robert's death in the news and its so sad that an innocent man lost his life. I send prayors to his family and friends, it sounds like he was a lovely guy.

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked it. I just thought I had to write something dedicated to him. I have also answered your question. I'm a trusted author so I can submit even if the queue is closed. People get this status after having submitted quite a lot and having proven to the staff that we are not likely to violate the rules, so that's the answer to the mystery.

I'm very touched with the response this story is having.

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Review #25, by ginny4eva Late on a Spring Night

26th May 2008:
When I heard about Rob's death i almost cried... It was horrible... I feel so bad for the Knox family and what they are going through... I hope that everyone will remember Rob Knox... Once again another person has died who didn't need too... I love your story, It's going on my favorites... It is a great thing that you did and I was going to write a story for him but unfortuantely the queue is closed and I have to wait till it opens... I think that it was really kind of you to write this story...

Author's Response: Your review is really touching. I was very much at a loss for what to write and then I thought, ok, I'll give Harry's reaction, which I thought it would be realistic since he didn't know him very well, just how we feel, ok, we didn't know him but it has still affected a lot of us.

Now, about the queue, I'm a trusted author so maybe you could pm it to me, if you do write something. I would ask the staff it something could be done.

Thanks so much!

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