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Review #1, by beapinkie The Return of Paige Springer

19th September 2012:
Such a good sequel... Your such a great author! You never disappoint :) please make a continuation of Paige and Jeremy (surprisingly I enjoyed them, I thought for sure I'd be heartbroken and dying for Paige to be back w/Sirius)

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Review #2, by Padfoot4eternity The Return of Paige Springer

31st October 2011:
am so sad that sirius and Paige didn't end together, I love Say What and was hopping that this would be about how sirius and paige make it work till he gets out and so on.
This sorry was okay i'm just a little bit sad that Sirius wasn't in it more

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Review #3, by Charlotte Flame The Return of Paige Springer

31st May 2011:
Rest assured, the seven is only a seven because it makes me sad that none of the Marauders get a happy ending. I am happy for Paige though. I liked this version of a Sirius/OC story cause it was believable. Nice work!

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Review #4, by Crescent Moon  The Return of Paige Springer

10th April 2011:
Loved it, great sequel!! Shame there wasn't more Paige/Sirius but never mind XD

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Review #5, by dyan The Return of Paige Springer

15th January 2010:
THAT WAS AMAZING!!! What a great one-shot follow up.
It is hard for me to find stories that please me, and your "Say, What?" always was one of my favs. I love the way you ended it with this.
On thing, though. Why did her mother come and get her? What happened to "Don't contact me ever again?" Did they setter their disagreements and that's why she got to where ever Paige was?
But yea, I loved it.
(So idk how this works, if you find the time to write a response, e-mail me at janitorbudd[at]gmail[dot]com) ((please)) (((=])))

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Review #6, by Fireball Nymph The Return of Paige Springer

31st May 2009:
I love this one shot. I am completely happy with it, and I love Paige and her sarcastic attitude.

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Review #7, by SpringTime The Return of Paige Springer

9th April 2009:
Great bridge between stories... yes the Amy bit was a little rushed, but it is a one shot and not really about Amy so much as Paige so I don't mind. Great writing still and I look forward to your update of with pleasure.

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Review #8, by SilverShadow04 The Return of Paige Springer

19th March 2009:
Aw I liked this now I know how Paige and Jeremy got together and why Josie and fire do not go well together ^_^. I'm glad you gave us some Sirius/Paige time too even if it was only a short glimpse it was nice. Its so sad that Amy lost her hubby though :( I hope she gets more lovin' in Josie's story.


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Review #9, by furaha The Return of Paige Springer

19th January 2009:
This is great. Your writing style is incredible. I like that you've toned down on the psychotic monolouges. They were fun, but could be a bit much. Also a bit sad that she and Sirius didn't have more than 5 minutes in the alley-way, but at least you gave them that. Nice job with weaving in the new suitor.

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Review #10, by MelonCoke The Return of Paige Springer

13th January 2009:
Okay, seriously? I'm about to cry.

I'm always about to cry when I think about serious being locked up in Azkaban when he's totally innocent. And then him dying later on. It's just so amazingly sad. I can't stand it.

And I love Paige and Amy, and the relationship they have with each other. Best friends forever doesn't nearly cover it with them.

I started reading With Pleasure before reading Say, What? and Transitions. But I am so glad I thought, "This would probably make better sense if I read the other stories first." Because Say, What? is excellent! Definitely one of my favorites now.

I'm really glad you wrote Transitions to bridge the two stories, because I love it, even if it is really sad.

I love Paige's quirkiness, most of all. You've created an unforgettable character. I can't wait to see where With Pleasure goes now.

Thank you very much for these stories. I love you :)


P.S.I'm also a huge fan of the Life and Death Brigade!

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Review #11, by ruby_slippers The Return of Paige Springer

8th January 2009:
loved reading this it was a really good middle ground between the two stories! I also really like the way that things played out with all the characters and where everything sort of ended up for this point. Thanks for writing this it helped fill in some stuff for josie's story.

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Review #12, by Anu The Return of Paige Springer

22nd December 2008:
I like how you tied the last story into a new one.Well...I like how this chapter is perfectly conveying the title. :)

I'm still depressed over Sirius, though. He is and will always be my favorite HP character (right up there with Dumbledore) so loosing him was a major let down. Don't take this seriously though, it's my personal biased opinion and I'm sure it's possible to create good stories without the most amazing-est ever magical world character included.

Perhaps I'll go read your continuation. I'm almost getting used to Paige's...insanity.

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Review #13, by xime The Return of Paige Springer

17th December 2008:
ugh! i just HATE that sirius was blamed 4 the deaths of lily and james.. sooo unfair!! he's my favorite character and i loved paige and him together!!! ugh!!!
anywyas... it was great.. i skipped some parts because well, see i'm not a patient persons.. i wanted to see what happened b/w sirius and paige.. hehe sorry.
i would totally be reading the sequel though!! cheers!!

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Review #14, by Sanitariumescapee The Return of Paige Springer

13th December 2008:
great, i loved how you did this transition. you dealt with all the issues and the story made sense but you didn't go off into some long winded depressed rant. once again you are a great story-teller and as always i love paige. jazz hands, ha, she would.

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Review #15, by utterly confused The Return of Paige Springer

11th November 2008:
I love how you are continuing this.

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Review #16, by Liz The Return of Paige Springer

8th June 2008:
You're rather humorous, thank you very much. 10/10

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Review #17, by Abi x The Return of Paige Springer

8th June 2008:
It was great. I love your new story about Josie to!

Abi x

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Review #18, by haileythefan The Return of Paige Springer

27th May 2008:
I seriously love the character Paige and I am again going to ask you to please write more of Paige, since her character is so random and Hilarious that every time I read about her I laugh my head off. I also have a question how old is Jeremy and what does he exactly look like? It says he was tall but nothing I am imagining guys but they all are ending up what I imagine Sirius to look like. So again I hope you write about Paige again soon, and I loved this story.

Author's Response: More will be written of Paige, I have a specific Jeremy image in my mind, and I've got a chapter image ready for the sequel that basically covers it and a description written out as well.

Smiles all around, and I'm glad you liked!

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Review #19, by Magical Ram The Return of Paige Springer

27th May 2008:
Paige Springer has returned! I get how it was hard for you to have ended the Sirius/Paige ship, but this Jeremy dude sounds really funny. I wonder though, what are you gonna do when Sirius breaks out? How will Paige react?!? Only time will tell (well not really time, you will...have you thought of the story that far? I wouldn't have, I guess that's why I read storylines rather than write them)!
Aww, poor Amy!! Hopefully, with her niece, her heart will mend and she will become strong(er?)
I'm so glad you're continuing with Paige...her story is very much wanted/needed in my favs

Author's Response: I have plans for the Sirius break out. Actually have have the last part of Josie's story already planned out and it does involve Sirius.

Amy has a trip to take, and her niece will definitely play a part in that.

I'm glad to be continuing too, thanks for the love!

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Review #20, by brokentrain The Return of Paige Springer

27th May 2008:
Ah! I love it. I, personally, am a fan of keeping M-era stories in canon. It requires much more skill and finesse than letting things have their own pretty ending. And it mirrors life, as well, since we don't all marry our first loves or high school sweethearts, and we don't all have nice pretty perfect lives- especially if there is a war on.

And I like that you managed to keep it canon and keep Paige and Amy very much in character (oh, yeah, I read 'Say, What?' a few weeks ago, by the way, don't think I ever reviewed it because I am a jerk.). And I like that it's hilarious. By the way. As Paige usually is, haha.

I am very excited for this Josie story and will be off to read it after this! Yea!

And I love the gold star incident. I used to have a chemistry teacher who did that kind of thing, except she didn't have gold star stickers, she just wrote "gold star" on our papers or said it to us out loud when we answered something correctly in class.

Anyway, thank you so much for this delightful story (and the one that preceded it which I never reviewed because of said jerkiness). It is truly wonderful and all things good in the world. And you have a wonderful sense of humor, too.


Author's Response: Your first bit basically sums up exactly how I felt. I feel strange messing with canon and real life facts as well.

Not a jerk, no one can leave a review for every little thing someone's written. You leave me plenty of them elsewhere and I'm glad for that.

I had a teacher who did that exact same thing with writing gold star, sometimes she wrote "happy little animal" instead haha.

compliments on my humour are always the stuff that get me blushing, thanks for leaving this and know jerkiness is thought off in my camp.


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Review #21, by SockLover The Return of Paige Springer

26th May 2008:
you should go back and add more sirius pllleeasssee?

haha the end was so cool and funny and the begining too

Author's Response: I think I may, once I get inspired for more Sirius/Paige I'll probably add something and let people know.

Thanks for leaving a review!

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Review #22, by harrypotterfreak1414 The Return of Paige Springer

25th May 2008:
Not bad. I was a little confused, but great job:) The whole Paige/sirius thing felt like it was compltetly left out. But otherwise great job! and i am a little confused about the sequel stuff

Author's Response: I may go back and improve upon that (Sirius/Paige), I originally had even less but I think I may have under did it for them here.

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Review #23, by julia The Return of Paige Springer

24th May 2008:
lmao the ending was funny! i loved Say, what? as well i'm glad your writing a sequel

Author's Response: Me too! I should probably learn to let go haha well I am with TALU so that's something

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Review #24, by kathryn The Return of Paige Springer

24th May 2008:
haha i absolutely LOVE your stories. please write more!

Author's Response: I certainly will, glad you like :)

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Review #25, by SquidWhisperer The Return of Paige Springer

23rd May 2008:
you mentioned me? aw im glad you liked the email :-D

PAIGE IS BACK! i missed her sosososo much. i was half sad half joyed at this chapter, i don't blame you, there was a lot of obvious harsh stuff she was going to have to deal with. will jeremy be in the sequel? i don't know about him yet but i liked him at the end. oh right you said the sequel was up, ill just go read it then

i'm first whooo good job too! i have so much to say but little time

Author's Response: Yes, as you will see, Jeremy will be in the sequel, which I hope you will like too.

Sorry about all the harshness and thanks for knowing it can't all be sunshine and daisies, thanks for reviewing!

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