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Review #1, by Confused Fly May the Potter's Live On

27th July 2009:
So much emotions. Good descriptions. Incredulous character, again.
Love this. So sad.. so sad, that it really hurts.. I could cry, but somehow don't feel like doing it. I'm in kinda like shock state..

Author's Response: Wow I'm surprised you (or anyone) likes this story. I haven't read it in a while and wrote it a long time ago so I didn't think it was that great. Maybe it is better than I think...hmmm...

Thanks for the amazing review and of course reading all my stories! =D

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Review #2, by sugarcookie Black Cats and Train Rides

8th June 2008:
Grr! The end of the review I just left was cut off. How rude! Anyways, love your writing - your stories are some of my faves on this site. If you have a minute, could you check out my story Secret Sister? That would be SO cool! Thanks!

Hugs, Gigi (:

Author's Response: Thanks!

And I'll see what I can do...

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Review #3, by sugarcookie Lena

8th June 2008:
I like it! I'm not really sure where this is going - but I really, really like it! That isn't supposed to be an insult, I just don't think I read it right, lol. You have a very nice writing style, it's *unique*! Love that.

Hugs, Gigi (:


Author's Response: heh heh, well I'm glad you don't know where its going, that's the point of a story ;)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by twinkies Just Emely

30th May 2008:
Who is she, can she see the future. She said the cat would die, that's what got me thinking, who is she. Parts of the chapter weren't the best written but other parts held you captive and I couldn't bring myself to stop reading. Good start to a story.

Author's Response: She's a bit of a seer. Not great like Trelawney's great aunt and what not.

Ultimately she's no one. Just another OC.

Thanks for reviewing though!

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Review #5, by x Just Emely

23rd May 2008:
thats amazing so deep and powerful, it has great meaning too

Author's Response: =D Thank you!

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Review #6, by crazybibliophile Just Emely

23rd May 2008:
You know what? You are brilliant. Every single one of your stories is incredibly cool, and this is no exception. How on earth do you manage it?

Author's Response: awww thanks! *blushes*

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