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Review #1, by interested reader Epilogue

10th December 2010:
I liked it. Way to go with those traitors. I still like the Weasley's, but I don't like the competition for Harry with Ron. So doing away with them is o.k. with me. Thanks for the story.

Author's Response: No problem! I had fun writing it.

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Review #2, by pixiegold Epilogue

29th August 2009:
I ablolutely loved this story. I'm so glad that you made Harry smarter than JKR did in book 6. She seemed to dumb both Harry and Hermione down in that book to me. I also like the way you dealt with the whole love potion/real love issue. Great job!

Author's Response: Well, he is the son of James Potter and lily Evans. There's no Weasley blood in there. Two geniuses just can't produce an idiot child. At least not biologically.

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Review #3, by .neemo... The Only Way

29th April 2009:
Harmonians!! lol you lot are jokers. but i like the story so far.

Author's Response: Thanks, I think...

We don't think we're jokers.

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Review #4, by Demoness_Hermione69ner "Follow your heart..."

28th December 2008:
I love your stories. Are you thinking of writing sequels for all of your completed ones?

I have to go and hunt down your other stories now. Lolz.

Author's Response: Not for all of them, no. For Living Dead, yes. Eventually. Thanks for reading and reviewing, and I'm glad you liked them.

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Review #5, by Demoness_Hermione69ner Epilogue

9th December 2008:
Molly and Ginny (AND Ron) are too bitchy, spoiled, conceited, and ugly. Lolz. They get their own way to much. People can be spoiled with just love you know. ;)

I love it. I just wished that you told us what happened to Molly, after she was released from Azkaban and all that ...

Author's Response: It's not really important what became of her after she lost everything. She just disappeared, went into the wind, never to be seen or heard from again.

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Review #6, by joyce_potter Epilogue

22nd November 2008:
great what house will Evan be in? hope they will make harry proud

Author's Response: Gryffindor, of course. How could a Potter be anything but a Gryffindor?

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Review #7, by joyce_potter The Only Way

22nd November 2008:
whip up a lot more its crazy that molly would do that to auther but i love when molly's made out to a bitch

Author's Response: Yeah, lucky for us that's the way Rowling wrote the series. She's just handing loyal Harmonians ammunition by the bucket loads.

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Review #8, by tepiestar The Only Way

5th June 2008:
molly & ginny bashing. fun!! i always did wonder how arthur could stay with a person after being fed a love potion. although...if i remember correctly jkr made it seem like hermione was laughing about the story too. it did seem somewhat ooc for hermione. i like your version of events better. i'm glad you decided on a next chapter.

Author's Response: Yeah, I like mine better, too. The next chapter will come as soon as I can get it. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #9, by perfectships The Only Way

27th May 2008:
HI i really love all your stories. I have one request even if that female manages to poison harry with amortentia please let him come to his senses in time

Author's Response: There's just something about Hermione... Harry couldn't take his eyes off her before, but what about now...

Sorry, I don't want to spoil anything, but I think you'll enjoy the next chapter. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #10, by martin The Only Way

26th May 2008:
this is a good start i always like molly and ginny bashing

Author's Response: Who doesn't? Anyway, I should get the next chapter posted in the next week or two. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #11, by draco_lover_09 The Only Way

25th May 2008:
I love this is so good.keep it going i can't wait to read more!!

Author's Response: You might have to wait about a week or so to see it. I have a lot of stuff that I'm doing right now. Anyway, I'm glad you like it so much.

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Review #12, by rara avis The Only Way

24th May 2008:
As you say you are already writing a second chapter and I look forward to reading that. We Harmonians realise that love or lust potions must have figured somehow in the eventual outcome of the books. That is apart from Hermione's apparent lobotomy in book 6:-).

Tibi grates ago fabellae, capitulum secundum importas et probe! Bona fortuna RA

Author's Response: Yes, they definitely figured heavily. We think Molly, already proven to be unreliable to anything but her own ends in that department, was Ginny/Ron's supplier.

I think the doctor (Molly) may have bungled Hermione's lobotomy. Though cutting into the frontal lobe of the brain can rarely end well. Performed by an untrained doctor, it can leave the patient a vegetable.

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Review #13, by dumble0681 The Only Way

23rd May 2008:
I have always wondered if Ginny a girl Harry had rarely even noticed before had somehow used this potion on Harry during Half Blood a true Harmonian I was ultimately shocked by the last few chapters when Hermione kissed Ron. I am to this day denying those chapters exist...keep up the excellent work...I smile each time one of your stories appears or is updated.

Author's Response: We're almost certain of it for several reasons:

1. Harry smelled flowers that he remembered smelling at the Burrow during Potions. Ginny walks past him later that day, and then he suddenly becomes obsessed with her, to the point of feeling a "monster in his chest".

2. We already know from book 3 that Molly told her *twelve year old daughter* about love potions and well they work.

3. Based on the first reason, how many girls/women were there at the Burrow the last time Harry was there? There was Fleur Delacour, who's name literally means *flower of the court*. There was Molly, who still counts even though she's married. There was Ginny, of course, and we'd had no mention of her wearing flower-scented shampoo or anything like that. There was Tonks, who might have put perfume on to try to lure Remus, who had started to ignore her. And there was Hermione, who does have perfume she apparently never wore (the stuff Ron gave her the previous Christmas). That's five girls/women, any four of whom could have worn perfume or used scented shampoo.

Well, thanks for the review. I'm glad you like my stories so much.

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Review #14, by Seelvor The Only Way

23rd May 2008:
Yes, write more! And see if you can include some Ron!Bashing. You do that so well... Just look at "The Living Dead" and "Hidden Agendas".

To me, though, the problem with this story (and it isn't a problem with your writing, but rather character portrayal) is that Arthur KNEW about the later doses of potions. If it was me, I'd dump her arse instantly, son or not. I'd take Bill away, too. It's not a matter of honour, since Molly clearly doesn't have any honour, by using Arthur like that.

Author's Response: The thing is Arthur's sense of honor is slightly skewed, and he didn't know about the potion until she told him she'd been using it. After that, he'd know what to look for. Sure, it would hurt him deeply that she felt she had to do that, but he's too nice to dump her and try to raise Bill on his own.

This story isn't really Ron bashing, and I don't even know if he'll be in the next chapter. I'll certainly try to write him out. Is that enough for now, if he's not important enough to be included?

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Review #15, by Soraga The Only Way

22nd May 2008:
Y'know what's funny? Every time I read this story, I keep on imaging Ron and Harry singing Rockstar, by Nickelback. Heh.

Ron: I'm tired of waiting in line at clubs I'll never get in. It's the the bottom of the ninth and you know you're never going to win. This life hasn't quite turned out the way I want it to be.

Harry: So what do you want?

Ron: I want a brand new house on an episode of Cribs, and a bathroom I can play baseball in, and a king-size tub big enough for ten, plus me.

Harry: So, whatcha gonna need?

Ron: I want a credit card that's go no limit. I want a big, black jet with a bandroom in it. I want to join the mile-high club at thirty seven thousand feet.

Harry: So, how ya gonna do it?

Ron: I'm tradin' this life for fortune and fame. I'll even cut my hair and change my name. 'Cause we all just wannt be big rock stars, living in hilltop houses drivin' fifteen cars...

Sorry, rambling again. Anyhow, very interesting story, and I definately look forward to seeing Ginny's plot inevitably fail. Now to get back to my twisted image of Ron and Harry singing Rockstar.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing, and I will write that next chapter we promised.

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Review #16, by apAidan The Only Way

22nd May 2008:
that would be an interesting story to read. nicely written in this story. well done

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #17, by Potter n Mione The Only Way

22nd May 2008:
Bash! Bash! Bash them! Bash them! YAY! Update soon! :) *i hate Mrs. Weasley!*

Author's Response: Yeah, I hate her, too. Next chapter might take a while, though.

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Review #18, by accio_rainbow The Only Way

22nd May 2008:
Sounds really good so far so definately yes from me! 10/10


Author's Response: Thanks! I'll definitely get the next chapter, though you may have to wait for it.

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