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Review #1, by Phoenix_feather123 The ruby that slipped through his fingers

18th June 2012:
i wish the end didn't happen. it was sad in a way
anyways 9/10

Author's Response: Thanks you :)

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Review #2, by Shadow harlequin The ruby that slipped through his fingers

27th May 2008:
im not really a big fan of one offs but this is amazing i especially liked how you ended it very powerful.
brilliant work and i would love to see more from you in the future. ( hint ) :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I do have two other things here... one shot and a long one. Going to add more stuff when I'm done with it too:-)

Good that you liked it! I needed the end to be like that, hehe. Did you see the connection between the start and the end? His thought feelings, and his words to her?

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Review #3, by Weasleys Forever The ruby that slipped through his fingers

25th May 2008:
Sad how a friendship ends, and how his love for her would shape the future so much when they never were a couple. I think of what their future held; she was dead at 21 and he died before 40 after living as a spy for half his life without ever having any real happiness.

I think I am being maudlin but this piece made me feel really sad.

You have written this really well. Keep writing.

Author's Response: Thank you, that means a lot:-)

Yes, it is sad. But we all know how it was - he loved her, but she didn't love him back, she loved James. Do we know if she knew his feelings for her? I can't remember, but you know how I did that in this shot:-)

Do you see how this all fits with why he was a spy for DD, though? We know it was because he loved Lily, and therefor he wanted to protect her baby. So I used that - in this story, the way he treated her is another reason why he agreed to be a spy. He feels so bad for the way he treated her by the lake.

And a lot of other connections throughout the story, hehe:-)

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