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Review #1, by Rose Me And The Rest Of The Family

10th December 2016:
God why are all the great Fremoine fics abandoned??? Please please please tell me you will update one day? It's been 8 years so I have little hope but please know that there are people who would love a conclusion to this wonderful story [preferably a happy one]. My email is below so please if you have time do contact me with any news. Thanks in advance

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Review #2, by Sharon Me And The Rest Of The Family

18th October 2008:
Please I'm begging you to update as soon as U can

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Review #3, by Mrs George Weasley Where’d You Go?

10th June 2008:
okay what happened i so want to know! please update soon.

Laura Weasley

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Review #4, by Rain_Melody Where’d You Go?

31st May 2008:
Wow, I wasn't expecting that! You captured my interest.

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Review #5, by piper_weasley_24 Where’d You Go?

26th May 2008:
this is really good. i cant wait to read more.


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Review #6, by Weasleys Forever Where’d You Go?

25th May 2008:
This story has really got my attention! What is going on? What an amazing first chapter. I can hardly wait to find out what has happened. I'm thinking some problem with time, but I am open to any other possibilities.

Keep writing. This is really interesting.

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Review #7, by SilentConfession Where’d You Go?

22nd May 2008:
Sorry i didn't log in, but anyhow, this is very interesting! I was wondering why it was so weird to read, i didn't understand! Now i do, wow that would suck to suddenly wake up and learn that the last three years never happened! holy!
good job! like the idea! 10/10 Though i would suggust longer and more flesh in some parts, it would make it more interesting! keep it up!

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