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Review #1, by ChristianGirl56 Preface

13th July 2010:
This sort of reminds me of Twilight. Anyways great job

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Review #2, by ChristianGirl56 Nightmares

13th July 2010:
This story is awesome!

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Review #3, by ChristianGirl56 Enemies

13th July 2010:
I love this story! Please, please, please add soon.

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Review #4, by AstraElladoraBlack Enemies

12th September 2009:
i am really enjoying your story. i'm looking forward to seeing what will happen next and who these mysterious people are. keep up the fantastic work!

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Review #5, by dolly Enemies

26th July 2009:
omg love it!!!
u have to write more!

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Review #6, by lorena Enemies

2nd May 2009:
it's been so long since you last updated! it's not abandoned, is it? please, it can't be! it's such an amazing story and i'm so curious about what's going to happen.
please, update!

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Review #7, by vikki Enemies

17th February 2009:
please, please, please! you have to update this asap! i'm very intrigued and i need to know what's going to happen!
great work!

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Review #8, by Flying Squirrel Enemies

1st February 2009:
Have you happened to have read Twilight? Either that or is it just coincidence? Well who cares if it's based on a crappy film and an okay book, this story is going to get interesting, I love it!

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Review #9, by laughhard91 Enemies

29th December 2008:
Hey, this is a really good story so far, but there isn't any chance that you're basing part of this story off of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, is there? Some of the names and things are very similar, but I really like Jess.

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Review #10, by Prongs58 Enemies

23rd December 2008:
you really must continue this! it is soo good so far! :)
you should update soon! im gonna add this story to my favs

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Review #11, by vicca Enemies

22nd December 2008:
This story is really amazing. I simply love Twilight and Harry Potter and bringing the two worlds somewhat together pleased me a lot.
Keep up the good work.
Update soon, please!

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Review #12, by wonderkid93 Enemies

7th December 2008:
this sounds like a good story, like really good. It reminds me of Twilight a bit - not that its a bad thing. I can't wait for you to update :D

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Review #13, by _Martha_ Enemies

28th November 2008:
You have to update soon!
I love this story!

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Review #14, by _Martha_ Nightmares

28th November 2008:
This is shaping up to be really good, and the writing in this chapter was excellent again!
Now reading on!

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Review #15, by _Martha_ Preface

28th November 2008:
OMG! I'm loving it already!
The writing here was excellent!
I can't wait to see what happens next!

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Review #16, by The Kyo Kind Enemies

23rd November 2008:
Uuh :) it's good, I like it. I think it's incredible how all the 'main'characters can be so hot! I guess they're just lucky, huh? And I think I've been hale-ifyed :D Black's got some competition, has he? well... I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #17, by luna moth Enemies

11th November 2008:
this is good. could you have her become friends with Severus ? he's going to need a good friend when/if you have Lily abandonen him.

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Review #18, by butterfliesneedwings Enemies

11th November 2008:
Hey! i think I've found another Twilight fan! I couldn't help but recall the Cullens when I read the descriptions and the last names Hale and Swan didn't do anything to prevent those from flying in, however, I think you're doing wonderful so far and really love your writing style.

I'd just like to point one thing out though. In the previous chapter you told us Jess's mum was a muggle, a ballerina, and her father was a wizard but in this chapter you said the sorting hat remembered sorting her mother in Ravenclaw. Is that an error or am I missing something?

Anyhow, I hope you update soon with another chapter that's at least as long as these last two have been!
Adding to faves!

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Review #19, by rosie Enemies

9th November 2008:
C'mon, you have to update as soon as possible! This story is simply amazing.The way you put the Marauders with the Twilight world was great. I love both and I'm loving your story.
Update SOON please.
Keep up the good work!


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Review #20, by Q Enemies

30th October 2008:
so far so good!!

still trying to figure out where the vampiresses comes in... but I guess coz its the start of the story, there's a long way to go =)

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Review #21, by dollie Enemies

2nd October 2008:
ah you need to update this is a fantastic story omg

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Review #22, by MajiKat Preface

11th June 2008:
i like it alot love.
very atmospheric and you've done what a good preface should do - left me wanting to know more ^_^

excellent - not too much more to say at this early stage, but im adding to my favs so i can keep track.

update soon!

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Review #23, by tiana Preface

9th June 2008:
this chapter seems to be very promising for future ones i loved it! keep up with the good work and update asap!

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Review #24, by loney lovegood Preface

30th May 2008:
I love it! please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!!! Hopefully, I'll update :)


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