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Review #1, by crookshanks1545 The Attack

12th August 2009:
i really like your summary, and i really like this chapter, good job.

Author's Response: Thank you :) Hopefully I'll be able to complete this story some day. *kicks college*

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Review #2, by mystical_pirate The Attack

13th June 2008:
nice beginning. very straight forward and simple. i like it. :)
update soon!

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Review #3, by silver_and_gold (not logged in) The Attack

7th June 2008:
hi it's me again
i'm glad you like the banner!=D

Go to harrypotterfanfiction 'get help' link on the top of the page (next to write stories) and click on the link that says 'image issues'.
they'll run you through on how to put the banner on but when it says to go to photobucket to host your image you don't need to because i already hosted it for you.

just copy the 'direct link' on the photobucket account (the one under the banner) where you're supposed to put the image URL box that shows up on the screen when you want to add the banner.

i hope that helped :)

xxx silver_and_gold

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Review #4, by Aludra Major The Attack

6th June 2008:
Wow!!! A little bit scary but very dramatic. I have to admit that usually i find the Malfoys evil a little bit sexy but in this story, Lucius is pure evil and scary but its good. Cant wait to read the rest x x x

Author's Response: lol, I know what you mean:P But, when one is in need of a 'bad guy' for a tramatic experience, where better to turn than the "evil Malfoy's"?

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Review #5, by silver_and_gold The Attack

3rd June 2008:
hello nichole, it is me again!
i've made you a banner (if you want one) for this story.
go to
my username is: banners_here_for_you
my password is: harrypotterfanfiction

the banner i made for this story is the one titled "vengeance".

i hope you like it! if you dont want to use it it's fine.

xxx Daisy

Author's Response: I absolutely LOVE the banner! It's amazing! Sadly, I'm wretched with computers, so I can't figure out how to post it on the site:(

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Review #6, by silver_and_gold The Attack

3rd June 2008:
Wow, this chapter was beautifully written. You captured the mood very well. You're description was very well written and though this chapter was quite short, it was completely and utterly wonderful.You didn't include Draco in the first chapter, instead you started off with a Lucius and Hermione confrontation. That was original and the shorter sentences made this chapter very suspenseful.
Dear Nichole, your writing is splendid. Please continue this story as soon as possible!

until you update,


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