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Review #1, by Pottergirl75 Dec 25th -

9th January 2012:
Brilliantly written, and sensually captivating. Not just this chapter but the whole story! Can't wait for another chapter.

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Review #2, by Night Dec 25th -

27th September 2011:
I found your story a while back and, well, I love it. I think you are a very good writer. I hope that you are trying to publish some of your other stories (I'm guessing you are writing your own original stories besides this one, if not, you should) because you might actually get somewhere with it.

Anyways I like your story, keep writing. This chapter was a great follow up to the previous one. Best of luck

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Review #3, by dajda747 Dec 25th -

24th September 2011:
loved it! that was so good :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm glad you liked it *hugs*


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Review #4, by ShortPlatforms Dec 24th prt3

24th August 2011:
brilliant :) i love it!

Author's Response: I'm glad you do! Thanks so much for the review! *hugs*

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Review #5, by Someonewhoforgetheruser c: Christmas Catalyst

26th July 2011:
It's been a while, but I did always love the originality of this story and I was rather sad to see that it hadn't been updated it a while -- this was sometime last year.
I remember that I had read chapters 1 - 15 twice (due to the fact I needed to follow the story again...)
But oh my gosh! This is pretty damn, er, thunderstriking. D: you can see where Danyeal is coming from, but seriously! He gave up everything his family held dear -- no matter how disgusting a practice -- for someone who didn't even love him, and is now unintentionally making his brother suffer for it.
I don't like him, even if his heart was in the right place. ,_,
Poor Gabriel. It's not your fault your brother has no sense, and the fact you can't touch water without getting almost killed. D:
This family is sick. I hope they both have some redemption, especially Danyeal cause he just... Ugh, do not like.

I really like that paragraph about shocking and thunderstriking, by the way. I really like the way you write really.
--hoping for a quick update. >w

Author's Response: Hi! Sorry for the long wait for a reply!

Yes, I'm a horrible person for leaving it for so long. Thing is, things like life, and moods affect my writing so sometimes i have inspiration to spare and then other times i cant write a word for months. I plan to change that this year though :D

lol I actually like Danyeal. I asked a couple of my friends what they would've done in his situation and got a bunch of different answers. What would you have done? I'm curious to know. ;) I don't know if he's right or wrong but I do know he certainly didn't think it through. I mean, he thought the guy loved him. The family's gone so that's their price, Dan didnt get what he wanted so I guess that's his but Gab... well hmm. Thank you so much for the review! I like long reviews lol *hugs*

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Review #6, by :O Dec 23rd

28th March 2011:
Oh my days! So he isn't dead!
Sneaky. Very sneaky.
By the way, I had actually started to read this quite a while ago but you hadn't updated in ages so I kinda thought you wouldn't update again, which was a shame because I was enjoying the story immensely. I love how you totally made this plot, and yes there is a plot, extremely plausible and realistic which must have been difficult... But I suppose the sheer length of the character development had to count for something, right?
I love your characterisation aswell. James is almost exactly how I see him in my head, as is Lily. It's rather hard to judge the other marauders seeing as we don't see much of them. I'd love to know what the problem is with Sirius and Remus though. And how the Peter/Death eater thing -- and the Sev/Death eater thing aswell -- will come into play. Unless you're twisting that detail?

For this chapter... What is happening? I really feel sorry for Gabriel here... And Artemis.
And OMDWTFBBQ! It's Danyeal!
...please? D:

Author's Response: lolll He's dead XD. I can't apologize enough for leaving the story unattended :( But I can however make up for it by doing my best now to not let it have another long break.

But yeah, I plotted this for months and I still am! Adding bits here or there or random bursts of ideas.I think characterization is important because no one wants a story where they don't care about the main character or is willing to follow them and sympathize with them.

The marauders... I've done alot of stories about them individually but never James to an extent so that was my goal here. To make him. Lily I think could use more life (yeah I know, I'm saying it but why the hell dont I do it?) I've written her a lot too so its just a different take on her i guess :$ Every thing will come into play soon, I promise. I updated!! Hope you like and continue to read!


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Review #7, by candens Dec 23rd

14th March 2011:
What a shock! Can't wait for the next chapter. This is such an addictive story :P

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I've updated!! :D

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Review #8, by candens October 31st prt 2

14th March 2011:
Oh no! Trouble amongst the Marauders. I'm really enjoying Gabriel's character development. He's one of the weirdest characters I've ever read that is still convincing.

Author's Response: You think Gab's weird? How so? lol. Yeah the Marauders aren't perfect as is shown when they suspect Remus of being a traitor and working for Voldy.

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Review #9, by candens September 14th

14th March 2011:
Nice twist, getting Lily in on it! :D

Author's Response: Arigato ^_^ I definitely think Lily is more than a goody two shoes haha.

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Review #10, by candens September 1st pt 2

14th March 2011:
Loving your version of the marauders and intrigued by Charlie who seems like an odd character.

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Review #11, by CuriousArticles Dec 20th

16th December 2010:
I'm really enjoying this! Keep updating! I love the way the story is building up, it's really clever. Your style of writing really pulls you in, despite the slow pace, but then I think the build up is what makes the story.

Your characters are intriguing and well thought out. James is really starting to develop now, he's entertaining to read. I love Gabriel too. He's such a complex and interesting character, and can't wait to find out about his past. I love stories with lots of secrets and mysteries; I'm looking forward to the big reveal. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I've been having a really hard tome with the pace and trying to make everything gradual because James is not gay. In-between update time I do admit that it may be way too slow but I swear it'll pick up.

I put alot of time into the chars so thanks! ^_^. Lots a secrets in this one that's for sure lol. I hope you keep reading and enjoy the rest to come. :D


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Review #12, by MaxyK nov 5th

27th February 2010:
This is really good.
I love the way you have it gradually unfolding.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :D. I'm glad you like it. I'm suffering from writer's block right now but expect a meaty update soon! Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #13, by Fish Malfoy September 3rd

5th December 2009:
OMG! Finally something interesting! No offense, but slow plot lines bug the crap out of me. I love your story. It is so interesting. This is random but there is a song that goes with this story and it is called "Whataya Want From Me" by Adam Lambert. Awesome story and keep it up! Review ya later!


Author's Response: XD None taken hun. I get annoyed too when Im waiting long for something and when I get it it has no 'BOOM' to it. I should be posting a little faster now and now that the grace period is over, tons more love to come :3 *fufufu* Thank you for the review! And i'll take a listen to that song for sure :D


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Review #14, by kix10 October 31st prt 2

3rd December 2009:
Aw man I must be missing something super obvious that would make me understand this a little more. I don't have much to say this chapter except I'm worried about Gabriel and I'm anxious to hear from him again. I hope you get your Christmas chapter in like you want to.

Author's Response: XD. Like I said, chapters with Danyeal in them have all the answers. Sometimes its best to read over older chaps. You might notice something you missed or seems obvious now because of more stuff that has been said. :D I'ma try not to be so vague but answers are coming. Thanks for the review! More on Gab's situation in the next chap. I hope I get it in in time. I've been busy :(


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Review #15, by kix10 October 31st prt 1

22nd November 2009:
No no no, not a cliffhanger!!
Ugh, if I wasn't so happy this was up I'd be upset haha.

I think I'm in love with James honestly.or rather your James. You write him in such a way that its hard not to feel like you've known him forever. His personality is so tangible! I love it. And I feel so sad for Gabriel every time the story is from his point of view that I want to hug him.

Jamesí skin prickled, he could feel the pain on his own hands as he watched Monte scratch at his skin, drawing blood from the cuts his nails were making.
I can't get this image out of my favorite part of this chapter by far.

And my sincerest apologies for not reviewing the last chapter. I just might pop back over to do that. I hope that you don't give up on this story anytime soon, seeing as I love it and all that jazz.

Anyhoo update soon, you left me with some questions that I really really really really would like answered. :)

Author's Response: Lo! Sorry I took so long to reply. I was in the process of selling my old crappy acer laptop and upgrading to another... crappy... acer >_> hmm.

Anywho yes! Cliffy! I >:D love em' hehe but dont worry chapter 14 should be validated any day now. Honestly the queue closure has me a little scared and its been like a fire's been lit under my but. I'm on a roll cuz I want the fic to have an xmas chapter up b4 closure.

Yay! You like my James. He was one of my least fav chars ( you know, being a Sevvie lover and all) so I hoped it didnt show in how I wrote him XD

Dont worry about reviewing the last chap. The boring bits are needed to move the story along too XD. I assure you that I wont leave this unfinished and... the boring bits have all the answers you're looking for *wink*


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Review #16, by Sprite Sparkle October 22nd

25th September 2009:
. . . oh wow. I loved it! Please please write more soon, I enjoy this story so much, you build the tension so well. Keep writing, please.

Author's Response: Thanks! Sorry for the wait for the update. I'll be updating sooner since I got some inspiration back. :D fufufu, I wrote a one-shot with this pairing if you're interested ;D


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Review #17, by kix10 October 5th

18th July 2009:
I am in love with this story.
Please update soon!
I'm going crazy waiting for the next chapter.

Author's Response: So sorry :(. Ive had some other things on my plate with non H-P fics so I kinda had this on hold. Not to worry because I definitely wont abandon this and I've already started writing chapter eleven. Please bear with me XD. I'm glad to hear you like it though. Lack of reviews has me worried it's getting boring.


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Review #18, by Sprite Sparkle October 5th

31st May 2009:
I absolutely love this story and I hope that you update very soon. The characters are brilliant and I like your style of bringing the story forward but not making it obvious what is going to happen and keeping the mystery going.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you still find it interesting as I've lost some reviewers so I thought it may be getting a bit boring. I'll try to get a chapter in before the queue closes if that works out :D. Things should be speeding up a bit more and there's still alot of secrets that I have yet to reveal ;)


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Review #19, by himeoka_tsuki October 5th

16th May 2009:
*fan girl squeal* IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!!!*does a dance* i swear to the harry potter books that i'll love this chapter forever!!!it feels so good to finally have someone getting the feeling of love! i really can't wait 'til the get together, that'll really be something!anywho, i'm sorry i didn't review for the last chapter. i've been really busy, you know? with high school and such. anywho, that was a really good chapter and i hope you update more and soon. good luck!

your devoted fan,

Author's Response: XD lol I know took long didnt it. Sorry! I like to take things slow but I was feeling guilty for making it sooo slow. I'm another slump x_x but I'll try to keep this moving! No worries :D we've all got live right. Thank you for the continued reviews!


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Review #20, by BellaRose September 29th

3rd May 2009:
i really like this story and i can really connect with Gabriel. i have a deep dislike for water. deep water in particular, but i still dont fancy rain very much. i cant wait to see where this goes.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! So glad there is someone who can kinda relate to Gab's feelings about rain. :) Next chapter is in queue!


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Review #21, by Sprite Sparkle September 20th

19th April 2009:
I like where this is going though the pace is a little slow and just now and then I loose the thread of things and it becomes a little confusing. I like it though. I hope the next chapter is up soon.

Author's Response: Thank you! I know the pace is slow, it actually slower than I intended but I think it has to be because James is not gay so I cant just jump into stuff. I would be much easier if I had put him that way :3 *sigh* It picks up the pace from the next chapter though :D.

Some parts are supposed to be confusing but some aren't so feel free to ask me questions about anything you found confusing. I'd be happy to clear it up :). Next chapter is in queue


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Review #22, by himeoka_tsuki September 20th

6th April 2009:
ARRRGGHHH! this story is almost like Lost! more question but no goddamn answers! XD i'm sorry, i was just kidding... a little bit is true... maybe... sort! IT'S DANIEL RADCLIFFE AND HIS OVERLY BUSHY EYEBROWS!!! *runs away in embarrassment*

from you devoted fan,

p.s. it was a good chapter really, but there wasn't a lot of James...well! good luck with you next chapter! I'll await eagerly for your update!

Author's Response: Sorry for the late reply!

I certainly hope it's not like Lost. That show annoys the crap out of me XD Way too much questions and not enough answers but on the bright side it does keep my mind working lol, so I hope this is doing the same for you.

Just a little secret between us, James isn't very high on my favorite character list (shh!) :) but that's not why he's scarce. The story just has alot of aspects that I need to show for it to come together :D. No worries, James is back next chapter. Enjoy and thanks again for the review!


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Review #23, by himeoka_tsuki September 14th

28th March 2009:
*screams bloody murder in delight* that was awesome! i laughed when the kitty peed on Gabriel. I'm glad that you updated, I've missed your story. it's grown on me and i just couldn't wait for it to be update. i'll await eagerly for you next update! maybe there be some lovin' in the air? *rubs hands in anticipation*

from your devoted fan,

Author's Response: *Waves frantically* Hi! Glad you're still following the fic :) I love 'Cat' lol, the idea came to me when I was writing. My darling *cough evil cough* cat Bob was next to me so I just kinda threw him in there :D.

I have another chapter in the queue yay!. Though it is a little love scented, I'm sure it's the love you want, lol. Hope you like it anyway :D


P.S, everything changes in December ;D

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Review #24, by himeoka_tsuki September 3rd

9th March 2009:
i nearly cried at the end of your latest chapter! i can just imagine that look on gabriel's face and tears sprung up into my eyes! it's been so long since you last updated, though i'm sure you busy doing other things or fighting that terrible writers block, please update soon! i await eagerly for your next chapter oh great one! XD
dedicated fan,
p.s. hopefully there's a little slash in the next chapter, but if there isn't it's okay. the longer the wait the more better it is i say. good luck!

Author's Response: Oh my! What a wonderful review ^_^. It really made my day so thank you! First off let me say that I was so happy when you said you nearly cried at the end (wait...that sounds a bit cruel doesn't it XD ) I'm just always really self conscious that I'm not getting enough emotion or feeling into it and not describing it as good as how I see it in my head without over doing it. Sigh... yes, the dreaded writers block has me in it's clutches *cries* I have a bit of it done though but I'm holding out so I can add more to make up for the long wait. Sorry no slash though :D *gives cookies to make up for it*. Some more development. Yeah, a feast is way more savory when one is starved eh ;) lol


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Review #25, by Sprite Sparkle September 3rd

19th February 2009:
Dah, I want to read more now. I do hope that you update soon, I am liking this very much.

Author's Response: ^_^ I'm really glad you still like it! I'm experiencing a bit of writer's block right now even though I've got everything planned out in my head. No worries though because I won't let the update gap get too big. I'll try my best :D


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