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Review #1, by Ditzy Did i make it that easy to walk in and out of my life?

20th January 2009:
Almost lover is my favriote song at the moment, a very inspirtaional song which also gave me an idea for my fanfic. I know the song well, i know praticly ever word off by heart, so reading this story made it feel very real. This was well written and i hope you extend this story further because it would be a very interesting read. Good luck with your future fanfics :)

Author's Response: I love the song, it is so beautiful. I have kind of carried this idea on , my story We might as well be strangers picks up after the war. I think i proberly will continue this. Thank you very much for your review.

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Review #2, by al Did i make it that easy to walk in and out of my life?

11th June 2008:
oh, how sad *sniffs*...i loved it! good job

Author's Response: thanks so much! glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #3, by chinery13 Did i make it that easy to walk in and out of my life?

24th May 2008:
it was a brilliant first fic. can't wait for more of the fics you write.

Author's Response: thank you so much, i am now inspired to write more. Any particular ship or anything you would like ? x

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Review #4, by Weasleys Forever Did i make it that easy to walk in and out of my life?

21st May 2008:
Wow, great piece. Very well written. It must have been hard for Ginny when Harry walked away from her and she didn't know if she would see him alive again, or if they would have a life together after he killed Voldemort. Your characters are well written, in canon, your pace is excellent, and your writing excellent.

Well done.

Author's Response: wow! was not expecting a response like that! thank you so much. i was waiting for peoples feedback before i decided to write anything else, as you can see this is my first piece of fanfiction writing, and i didnt know if i was any good at it, thanks again! x

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