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Review #1, by Lydia The Other Gryffindors

5th July 2011:
This story is truly unique. The storyline is amazing, and Hermy seems so innocent in her love. Charlie seems like such a sweet lad. I wonder what would have happened if she hadn't gone back in time? The only reason I rated an eight is because your grammar is a bit off and you misspelled some words. But I did know what you meant. Keep on writing!

Author's Response: Glad ya liked it! Sorry, I know I need to work on grammer and such but when I write I never think of what makes sense I think 'get it down on paper now before I forget it' = ) glad you like it and I love Hermione and Charlie!!

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Review #2, by FallenAmaranth To Hogwarts

17th April 2010:
loved it. totally. i don't really like twilight but i love jasper and alice.. it was great xDD
although in a previous chapter charlie's eyes were green and now they're blue.. but whatever :D xx

Author's Response: Yeah, I use to love Twilight...then I saw the movie...yeah, love Jasper and Alice!! they rock!! thnx for the review! = )

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Review #3, by Melina_Foster True Love's Beginning

18th March 2010:
It was exactly like this. But I bet that I just read this before and just forgot.

Author's Response: Yeah, my plot was kind of original (disclude it being a time-turner-Hermione story with romance) I didn't mean to plagerize if it is another story, it just came into my head one day and then POOF there it was...hope you enjoyed it thou = )

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Review #4, by Melina_Foster To Hogwarts

4th March 2010:
Aw! I love this story! Oddly, I've read this before!

Author's Response: You've read it before? I don't know if you meant this exact story or a plot similar - no copywrite intended if its the latter, just an idea that popped in my head one day, glad you liked it thou! = )

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Review #5, by HermionesPimp Your choice, Your consequence

29th January 2010:
Vladimir is def my fav character! is so mysterious, yet realy kinda.. plus, in my mind atleast hes gorgeous! lol keep up thet good work!

Author's Response: He's gorgeous in mine too!! = ) I'm glad you like him, he was really fun to write, thanx for the review!

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Review #6, by Sierra To Hogwarts

17th November 2009:
The kids names confused me a little, too much! But seriously really cute.
Jasper and Victory, so cute!!
Charlie and Hermione were really cute but I would have loved Vladimir and Hermione better, o well!
Brilliant story
I liked the twilight mix too

Author's Response: Yeah, I have no use for the names that I like in real life so I throw them into my stories! sorry about that! and I'm glad you liked my story so much! = )

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Review #7, by Dearie me Your choice, Your consequence

14th August 2009:
Oh god. What was with the twilight refrences? I pretty much gagged.

Author's Response: Because I like Twilight and I found it amusing, sorry if it wasn't to your taste.

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Review #8, by hermionefangrl101 Your choice, Your consequence

8th June 2009:
My Favourite character is Vladimir

Author's Response: He's A LOT of peoples favorite = )

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Review #9, by REVIEWER To Hogwarts

8th June 2009:
ohmygod. This story was exactly like twilight. Charlie and Hermione have no chemistry when shes back in time they barely talk, hermione doesnt seem to miss anything at all about her old life even her so called best friends, Victory and Hermione become best friends in literally a day, what kind of name is Tathaniel?, and disregarding the prophecy how the hell does dumbledore know to call her miss GRANGER. Plus Hermione really sucks at Quditch. But I read the entire thing because its addictive and I loved Vladmier. Just like twilight.

Author's Response: I'm sorry that you didn't like my way of writing, or my plot line, but don't bash it unless you can give me a helpful way to fix it. Thank you.

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Review #10, by lily rose potter To Hogwarts

3rd June 2009:
like always you do a wonderful and beautiful job! 10/10

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked it! thanks for the ten! = )

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Review #11, by Boots To Hogwarts

27th May 2009:
I really love a good happy ending. I feel like I will be wiping a tear away any second now. Thanks for a great story, and I hope you think about writing another Hermione-Charlie in the future. It is a good combination.

Author's Response: Yeah, I love Hermione and Charlie! I will think about writing another one, thanks for the review and I'm glad that you liked it!

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Review #12, by Boots Your choice, Your consequence

27th May 2009:
Weirdly enough, my fav character is Vladimir. Normally I don't really like OCs, but you write him well.

Author's Response: Yeah, usually I don't care for OC's, but every once in a while I find one that I really like. So I get what yeah mean. Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by Daphne To Hogwarts

17th April 2009:
Very interesting! Liked/loved it!! ;)

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked it! Thanks for the review! = )

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Review #14, by KiyKat0575 Detention With The Boys

23rd March 2009:
Well, there must always be a tripito hex on me, then! lol. and i LOVE that your fave. character is Jasper! do you know how hard it is to find Jsaper lovers?!?!?!

Author's Response: Yeah, Team Jasper's are a rare kind - they should do a documentary! ; ) glad that you liked my hex, and I'm sorry that it's spelled on you (it's always jinxing me too), hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters!

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Review #15, by lily rose potter To Hogwarts

21st March 2009:
this was so sweet and the best chapter to end the story!!! I give you a 10/10!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! yeah! you're my 100th review for this story! *happy dance* Thanks again for the ten and I'm glad that you liked the ending! = )

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Review #16, by Stella To Hogwarts

18th March 2009:
Great story!
Sad that its over!

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm glad that you liked it, hope the ending was to your liking too!

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Review #17, by Della Robia Making Amends

18th March 2009:
damn i just keep liking vladimir more and more and liking him with hermione instead of charlie more so
i mean they have the bond, the prohocey (haha i can't spell today), they understand each other better than anyone else, and plus their just perfect for each other

Author's Response: Yeah, but Charlie is SO cute! And don't feel bad about the spelling, I can never spell - that would be why God invented Spell Check!

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Review #18, by miss regulus black The Hogsmeade Trip and A Proposal

18th March 2009:
jaspers my fav character in twilight too!
and hes one of the major reasons why i didn't go see the movies cause i didn't want to see them mess them up :D

Author's Response: I went to the movie - and OH BOY did they mess him up! Thanks for the comment! = )

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Review #19, by madmoo To Hogwarts

17th March 2009:
brilliant end to a fab story. Congratulations :) -madmoo

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked it! Thanks for all your sweet reviews! = )

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Review #20, by ClearAsCrystalrEyes To Hogwarts

17th March 2009:
Awww how cute, I loved the whole story!!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked it! Thanks SO much for all your reviews! = ) You rock! (Yeah, I know it's out of date - but I can't think of anything else to say!)

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Review #21, by Della Robia Your choice, Your consequence

17th March 2009:
i love Vladimir! seriously i kinda like him better with hermione than charlie :D

Author's Response: Yeah, it could go either way = )

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Review #22, by Della Robia Meeting Journey Knight

17th March 2009:
ehh Vladimirs kinda creepy and Dumbledore seems to act like a jerk

Author's Response: He will get nicer, and Dumbledore it--well, Dumbledore

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Review #23, by Della Robia The Time Change

17th March 2009:
*tear* robert knox's death was so sad :(
and it made me have this choking feeling when i read the dedication to him
may god rest his soul and bring peace to his family, friends, and all who knew him

Author's Response: Yeah, I read about it in the paper and it really touched me too. I'm glad that you liked the dedication. Thanks for reading.

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Review #24, by Simison Blake In The Boys Dorm

10th March 2009:
Well like I said Vladimir is just like my older brother Spencer, him and my twin always stand up for me.

Author's Response: That's cool that your bro and twin stick up for ya, and it's great that one of my characters can remind you of them! = ) thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by Mindy True Love's Beginning

3rd March 2009:
Hey again! Greak work as always, I love how oyu make the characters so real you give thema distinct personality adn stick with gives your characters a derinition that not all stories have! :) Great work...I have to be honest tho,, teh beginning of this chapter was a little confuzing, but thats probablly because Ive never actually read the HP books before. ;) Great work tho I love it..keep it up! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, read the books - it might make a little more sense...maybe = ) I'm glad that you like the characters, thanks for the review! ; )

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