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Review #1, by BeforeTheStorm Should've Said No

30th June 2010:
ouch .
lovely though :)

Author's Response: thanks ^.^

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Review #2, by casey Should've Said No

15th December 2009:
yes but he shouldnt really be dead. srry i just like happy endings.

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Review #3, by Theia Luna Should've Said No

14th November 2009:
aw..!! *tears* that was so cute and extremely sad..!! i think it should go on, but i bet it would be a sad story with--hopefully-- a happy ending..!! please keep writing it..!!

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Review #4, by anonymousbrunette Should've Said No

22nd October 2008:
omg, wow. i definitely didn't expect that ending at all, probably because it felt so out of character, to me he would've fought for her, played mind games, but i never imagined killing himself. it's a good story and definitely not predictable!

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Review #5, by ethansgirl Should've Said No

14th October 2008:
Wow, this story reminded me of when my boyfriend tried to kill himself. I had just returned home from my rape counselor. I was raped by a person that I thought to be my best friend. I ended up getting pregnant by him. My boyfriend said that he was going to protect me at all cost. When I went upstairs to our bedroom, I found him sitting on the floor with an empty pill bottle next to him and a note addressed to me. He had cheated on me a year ago but I forgave him because I loved him. I carried him into the bathroom and stuck two of my fingers down his throat to begin his gag reflex. I felt so weak as he was vomiting the pills back up. After he finished, he fell against my chest and sobbed out four words, "Holli, I need help."

Author's Response: Awww I'm so glad you got to save him and im glad you reviewed!hope you enjoyed it.thankies!

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Review #6, by you you you are evil Should've Said No

12th October 2008:
i hate you why why why you are the meanest person EVER

Author's Response: I am so so sorry but thats just the way this one endded so ummm..i hope you kinda enjoyed it at least

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