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Review #1, by CUT_DMalfoy Rude Awakening

5th July 2012:
Lol. Hilarious imagination! I hope you continue writing draco/harry fanfics :P

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Review #2, by michelle_ginny_potter Rude Awakening

3rd July 2011:
that was really good and the ending was should make a sequel when harry finds out or something like that

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Review #3, by RecklessRainChild Rude Awakening

3rd June 2011:
HEHEHE ;D Cheeky Pansy! ;D I likes it! I likes it alot! ;) LOL

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Review #4, by dracoandme23 Rude Awakening

26th September 2010:
Haha! great story! Draco and Harry are so cute together!

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Review #5, by hilda_kitty Rude Awakening

2nd January 2010:
XD this is good... AND HILARIOUS!!! i love it... FAVOURITED!!!

10/10 (no duh)

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Review #6, by Jessiy Rude Awakening

29th March 2009:
I like this, it's well written and I only wish it was longer! I think this is possibly a great storyline for a story, great work! Jessiy x

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Review #7, by Jazz Rude Awakening

8th January 2009:
cute. u should make a sequil.

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Review #8, by mugglebornwitch_J Rude Awakening

5th October 2008:
at first i didn't know what the hell was going on but it was really good exept after it was a little akward when Pansy came in

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Review #9, by gotta get on with life Rude Awakening

6th June 2008:
UM...short...but nice. Can you write a Ginny/Hermione? Please. And maybe a Blaise/Draco? pretty please

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Review #10, by torturedsoul Rude Awakening

23rd May 2008:
Hey I just Pansy can be a meanie *hint, hint* *cough, cough* (if you catch my meaning of words) but I still love her. I did like the story and hope you make another. My two favorite slash pairings are: Harry/Draco and Draco/Blaise. Please make one!!

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