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Review #1, by anonymous Diagon Alley

28th May 2008:
Loved it update soon! I love the ron/hermione in this story!

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Review #2, by Girldetective85 Here's to the rest of our lives.

23rd May 2008:
Hey! I thought this was a cute story :) I think your strongest point was the characterization of Ron. He's the perfect big brother in this story and just as protective of Ginny as he was in canon. I love the part where he argued with Harry that his baby sister was too young to be thinking of marriage, and then he caved in because it was his best friend. That was adorable. :) I liked Ron and Hermione together too, I thought they were pretty sweet. I saw a bunch of grammar errors so I would probably go back, whenever you have time, and just look it over quickly. Here are a few that I spotted:

"This is the man she loved, and a love she wouldn’t trade for anything in the world."

The rest of the story is in past tense, so that sentence should be too.

“So, what’s this about mate,” Ron asked, slightly confused, “something going on?” he finished.

This sentence was a little awkward, mostly because you needed a question mark. I might change it to something like:

"So what's this about, mate?" Ron asked, slightly confused. "Is there something going on?"

You need a question mark in this sentence too:

“So what do you think those two were talking about” Hermione said as she saw them walking past them, in a sort of mischievous way.

So it would become:

"So, what do you think those two were talking about?" Hermione asked, watching them walking past in a sort of mischievous way.

Hope that helps! :)

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Review #3, by anonymous Here's to the rest of our lives.

15th May 2008:
Really good, adding to favs!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Glad you liked it :D

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Review #4, by potslicker Here's to the rest of our lives.

15th May 2008:
I don't write long reviews, so here goes.

Not a bad start, if according to cannon, I don't think Ron would get that mad. I know that he is a hypocrite, that he does what he tells Harry not to do, but to get that angry is something else. Other than a short first chapter, lets see where you go from here.

Author's Response: Thank you for the input :) Yeah, I wasn't sure about the whole anger thing, but I thought ah why not. And yeah, my other chapters I'm hoping will be slightly longer :)

thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by rowenaravenclaw94 Here's to the rest of our lives.

15th May 2008:
feeling so good! just the way that you should! when it's nine in the afternoon! hehe! great story title! ron is annoying! but good job!

Author's Response: lol thanks :) im a sucker for patd :)

and yeah... dont worry! keep faith in ron, he may surprise you!! ;)

and thanks for the rating :)

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