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Review #1, by Gryffindor_girl Start of something.

30th December 2013:
I take it you've given up on this? My question: why? I adore this story and I don't understand why you would abandon it.

Author's Response: Ah omg I forgot this existed. I wish I could still write.

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Review #2, by lovemeneverleaveme Start of something.

16th July 2010:
Heyy, i loved it, is there any more or is this the end, i'd really like it if you added more to it, i'm more partial to the Draco/hermione fics and to be honest this is the first lily/james fic i've read but i really like it :D

Author's Response: It's been forever, hopefully people are still with me. I know James and Lily are!

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Review #3, by princess Time to pretend.

13th July 2009:

i loved it!!!

it was amazing and very well thought out!

Author's Response: Thanks! It means a lot to me.

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Review #4, by Hermione_Draco Start of something.

18th March 2009:
that's not fair even if one person really wants to read ure story then you should continue... and please don't make us wait by procrastinating =) i love learning how (this might not be how JKR planned it but) James and Lily get together =)

Author's Response: I'm just having really bad writers block :)

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Review #5, by Hermione_Draco Best friends for never.

18th March 2009:
Oooh, i don't want them to get inot a relationship tooo quickly if you know what I mean... it would be nice for them to get to know each other first. that would make it seem sooo real =D I really like this story though =)

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #6, by Hermione_Draco Best friends for never.

18th March 2009:
Hey, this is really gud, I like where the story is heading =) keep on writing please for the people that look forward to reading the next chapter =) Thanks!!!

Author's Response: I appreciate your review!

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Review #7, by Azule Sausage rolls and astrology homework.

3rd March 2009:
love love love.
it was really good ! i am addicted. ALSO i have the same problem. 3000 plus reads and no reviews ! life is unfair.
keep this up it is ace of base.


Author's Response: Your reviews are what I die for.
Keep reading")

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Review #8, by Harry and Ginny Start of something.

2nd March 2009:
I've read this story and let me tell u, the chapters are great. Will u update soon please?^_^

10/10 all chapters

Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: ABSOLUTELY! You're amazing ")

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Review #9, by looneyleeleelovegood Start of something.

17th February 2009:
Again a lovely chapter, It was probably this story actually that inspired me to write a Lily/James one-shot, which is so very strange for me because I never write anthing fluffy.

The constant change of direction in the narration is good for giving your story another dimension, and even though you mention in the kissing scene that it feels like Lily and James are at the center of a revolving world, it still refuses to become cliché because you have shown other scenes around Hogwarts at the same time.

That last chapter was a nit unnerving, James is now 'complete' which is great, but the remark about throwing it in Severus's face shows us that he still has a mean streak, that will probably never be healed, James and Severus could never quite be on the same page. Already noting the tragedy that we can assume will occur.

Well done, keep it up, your doing really well!

Author's Response: Siriusly? That's so sweet. I appreciate you giving me feedback on most of my chapters. You have no idea how kind your words are.

It's reviews like yours I die for!

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Review #10, by Slytherinlover Time to pretend.

17th February 2009:

Author's Response: Yep! You betcha. (Lily Flower Will Fall For Prongs)

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Review #11, by B. Martin Start of something.

15th February 2009:
Too hard on yourself, I approve of it

Author's Response: :) Eek. Thanks!

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Review #12, by B. Martin Sausage rolls and astrology homework.

15th February 2009:
So completely addictive!!

Author's Response: YAY! Gracias!

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Review #13, by jameslily1313 Start of something.

14th February 2009:
'a horrible chapter' *pretend caps is on* r u fricknicking kidding me??? that wuz awesome!!! a lil bit faster than i expected but its really cute!!! i am excited 4 da next chappie so ud better upd8!!! 10/10!!! xP

Author's Response: Thank you!

Me too ;)

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Review #14, by Lily123Evans  Start of something.

14th February 2009:
Aww! THis is awesome... cant wait till chapter 8! LoVe It!

Author's Response: And this is why I continue to write :)

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Review #15, by smileyface Start of something.

12th February 2009:
that was NOT, i repeat NOT a horrible chapter. In fact it was the best! awe that was so so cute! it was amazing and the leave that was perfect! it was so funny too! great great great job. im a little sick so i can tthink of much else to say because im one so many pillls. ughh i hate being sick. but again this was great!


Author's Response: Ah, thanks :)
I'm working on a new chappy.

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Review #16, by Gutterflower Start of something.

9th February 2009:
It's lovely. Stop putting yourself down. It was a great chapter, and I really enjoyed it.

Worth the wait. :)

"It was the fact that he was no longer incomplete."

That line was so beautiful.

Author's Response: AH! Thank you! :)

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Review #17, by pensiveprincess Start of something.

8th February 2009:
it wasn't horrible. :) it was lovely! james and lily are adorable! thanks for updating! i'll be looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: You're amazing! Thank you!

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Review #18, by Flower n Prongs Professor Abby's techniques for the kissing impaired.

6th February 2009:
Ooh, cliffhanger! Update, now I want to know what happens next with this maybe-a-Death-Eater father.

Author's Response: Thanks :)
Update should be in a few days!

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Review #19, by looneyleeleelovegood Professor Abby's techniques for the kissing impaired.

3rd February 2009:
I think you have really got something here worth writing about! There is a great amount of mystery that you developed that needs to be fathomd out, and Lily and James are still a long way away from where we see them in J.K's ideas.

Don't give up, the more you write, i'm sure the more interest will be paid to your story.

This chapter was very funny, Abby reminds me a little of myself,she is clumsy, a bit crazy and she is not only on a completely different page to everyone else, she is also in a completely different volume.

Keep going, your doing great!

Just wondering if you have a regular time for updates, and if so when can I expect the next chapter?

Author's Response: Few days. Sent it yesterday to be submitted. But I swear to gosh they hate me since I always change my mind about editing :)

THANKS SO MUCH. I really appreciate you reading this and reviewing every chapteerrr.

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Review #20, by looneyleeleelovegood Sausage rolls and astrology homework.

3rd February 2009:
Aw this was such a lovey chapter. Filled with tension and laughs.

This is probably my favourite so far, keep it up!

Author's Response: Mine too. Although favoritism is not good.
Hopefully I'll crank out a few more ones like this!

Thanks! IOU X infinity

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Review #21, by looneyleeleelovegood Time to pretend.

3rd February 2009:
Oh dear, only a matter of time before James was going to blow it, but i did have a small hope that perhaps he wouldn't.

I was quite surprised to see Lily so tearful, I had always assumed she was such a strong character, but I suppose sometimes an overload of mixed feelings gets the better of all of us.

I nice bit of mystery at the end there, operation L.F.W.F.F.P indeed. Well done, keep it up!

Author's Response: It's James. What do you expect!

Liily Lily. This are overwhelming, more than you could imagine. Things should get stirred in her emotional life - next few chapters.

Thanks~ you're ah-may-zing.

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Review #22, by looneyleeleelovegood Best friends for never.

3rd February 2009:
I really enjoyed the last bit of that chapter, a perfect contrast to the previous chapter where their roles were totaly reversed. The dialogue, the similar shouting down the hall.

Also, not only was Lily chasing James, but it was also Lily standing still and James walking away from her. Hopefully now she can see that like herself, James Potter has a few things burried beneath the surface that perhaps she had never thought about before.

Well done, a very funny and fluffy chapter!

Author's Response: !!! Again you manage to make me blush. I'm so glad you enjoy it so far.

:) I love fluffy. Don't you?!

Interested as a role in betareader?
Email it at lly_lilyevans at yahoo dot com.

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Review #23, by looneyleeleelovegood Stubborn as a mule.

3rd February 2009:
I like the way you have got Stubborn in the title, and Cunning in the text. Another strategic parallel, or just a chance happeneing of word use?

The interaction between James and Sirius is always bound to be comical, I hope we see some more of Remus though! Well done!

Author's Response: :) YOU CAUGHT IT!
:):):):) One million points to you!

Thanks, most def. will include ol' Remy!

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Review #24, by looneyleeleelovegood You can't be serious?

3rd February 2009:
I don't really read Lily and James Fics too often, the ones I have read all seem pretty cliché.

But you've got me thinking with this one, your characterisation of Lily was not what I had expected, although she is bookish and fiery there is also something else about her that I wasn't counting on, she has an air of mystery about her that makes her intriguing, there is obviously a tiny part of her well beneath the surface that likes James, its just going to take a bit of digging to discover its there.

Your begining contrast with Abby was brilliant to set up a form of dramatisation as well. So well done, and keep working on it!

Author's Response: EEEK!! Thank you, thank you!
I'm totally blushing you have no idea.

Thank you!

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Review #25, by smileyface Professor Abby's techniques for the kissing impaired.

16th December 2008:
you should update umm.NOW. please. its okay i understand it takes a lot of time and effort but please its been like forever. and im just DIEING to hear more. please continue. please, please, please, please...


Author's Response: Thanks! I had to stop for a while, I'm sorry.
But the chapter should be up in a few days.

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