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Review #1, by gryffindorgirl94 Dinner and Disaster

28th November 2010:
great story i love lily/james so much they are just ment for each other vernon on the other hand i hate stupid, fat, blob of a person. :)

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Review #2, by :) Dinner and Disaster

15th December 2009:
so very sweet. i really love your writing style. xoxo

Author's Response: Thank you :D


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Review #3, by confusedlover Dinner and Disaster

22nd February 2009:
very lovely.

you did not specify what you wished for me to specialize in, so i will just state my overall opinions. i thought that you did an amazing job with taking an original plot and transforming it into something realistic and believable. i loved the simplistic effect that the story emitted and even thought the plot was interesting and kept your interest as a reader. some authors struggle with such an aspect but i think that you did a nice job with making it stand out. overall i thought that you did a very nice job with this and really do not have many complaints. my only suggestion is to work a bit with the dialogue, something about it did not pass off as believable as the rest. nice work on this.

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Review #4, by inkscribble Dinner and Disaster

20th February 2009:
This was fantastic!

Ever since DH I've had this... fascination with Lily and Petunia's relationship and you pictured it perfect. I understand Petunia actually, even though she was horrible to Harry I would have died if I had a sister that got into Hogwarts and I didn't. Of course she would be mad with Lily, who else would she take it out on? James was perfect too, you can really tell that he's grown up and isn't the arrogant bully he used to be and why Lily choose to say yes to him after all these years.

And I like how you made Petunia jealous about Lily and James' relationship. It makes sense and you pictured it very nicely. Honestly, you've done a terrific job with Petunia as a character. She's just as I would picture her to be like when being with Lily.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!


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Review #5, by rachm34 Dinner and Disaster

11th December 2008:
Wow this was really interesting! I really love how you are able to write about unique characters who there seem to be no fanfictions on. I have a lot to do so i read this quickly and really liked it. i promise i will review your other story much more in detail but i thought you did a good job. There were no big glaring mistakes you did a great job! :)

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Review #6, by auror_snape Dinner and Disaster

8th June 2008:
Very sweet. And I know someone else who doesn't know what love is (besides the Weasleys): Snape.

P.S. Disregard the penname :)

Author's Response: I don't think that's true, I really don't like Snivellus, but you can't deny he loved Lily.

Cheers :)

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Review #7, by rosai_gryffindor Dinner and Disaster

31st May 2008:
awww... poor petunia! i've always kind of pitied her, she obviously didnt have as much strengh as her sister and had the harder life really. and i always love reading about why she seemed to 'hate' lily so much, i mean, they are sisters and no matter what must love each other deep down. you've captured her character perfetly and what it must have been like for her to see james so in love with her sister, yet knowing she doesnt have that with vernon. then again, you think that and think, if she didnt have that love with vernon, why did she marry him? actually, that would make a good story, the reasoning behind petunia and vernon's relationship... humm... lol! anywho, back to the review...

not only did you capture petunia's character perfectly, you also had james protrayed extremely well here! ive read a lot of stories where his parents have recently died, so it could well have happened, after all, harry never knew his grandparents and there must be a reason for it! but you i think wrote the aftermath of losing parents perfectly, whilst james was upsett and clearly still devastated, you kept his strength and pride in place to show his full spectrum of true colours, including his dear love for lily!

also, i think you wrote the whole family situation thing very well, and i liked lily's mother a lot!

it was interesting that petunia found james first, and how tender and caring she actually was. its a shame realy that lily then came along when she did, as maybe if she hadnt, james and petunia would have come to an understanding. still, i also liked it that this didnt happen, it showed us how caring and sad petunia actually felt, and that her supposed perfect relationship with vernon was actually her trying to make out that she has what lily and james have, and more!

so to conclude, this was a fantastic story! i really enjoyed reading it, it was full of depth and emotion, and clearly well thought out!

once again wonderful work!!!

sorry for the delay in getting this to you, i forgot that i hadnt reviewed this yet, though i knew i had two stories of yours still to get around to!

Rose :)

Author's Response: Hi Rose,

It's okay, really! I love your reviews but I don't want you feeling guilty about not reviewing right away, alright? This fabulous review more than made up for the fact that I had to wait for it!

As to why James' parents ended up dead in this story, I was writing it at the same time as ASIN, so poor James got the angsty role to play again! It's so strange, whether it's in my writing or other situations, I always give my favorite characters the worst fate. You'll notice, in my most recent HP stories, James always suffers the most, simply because I adore writing him! I know that doesn't really make sense, but whatever!

I'm glad you thought I wrote Petunia well, even I'm quite fond of stories in which Petunia makes peace with Lily or Harry or both! Even though it was quite a sad story overall, both my parents laughed out loud at my description of Vernon's "piggy little eyes", lol!

Thanks for the great review,

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Review #8, by C D johnson Dinner and Disaster

21st May 2008:
Hi Lils,

I think this was a fantastic one short, I really did love it so much! You really have got Lily & james's characters down to a really fine art! You have brought your writing to life with the way you have posed the characters...I really do love this fan fic WELL DONE LILS!!!

10/10 - because your writing never ceses to amaze me, its simply superb!

Yours Magically,

Author's Response: Hey Craig,

Thank you so much for the amazing review, you've just put a huge smile on my face! I guess the characterisation of Lily and James is getting more accurate because I write mostly about them, it's pretty obvious which my fave HP characters are, lol! You know, it was unbelievable, I gave this story to my Mum on Mother's Day and she was so touched that she cried!

Hugs, Lils

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