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Reading Reviews for The truth will out
7 Reviews Found

Review #1, by me 'We need to talk...'

18th June 2012:
This is great,but a little different. Love it

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Review #2, by caara some shouting...

5th March 2009:
fantastic story! please keep writing

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Review #3, by IloveNeville 'We need to talk...'

7th June 2008:
That was so good. And the mystery of why Harry looks like James is solved! But how would you feel? I mean knowing that your entire life you weren't who you thought you were. And knowing that you're going to look comeletely different in the next few years. How did you come up with this story? Has it been on your mind for a while now? Well I like the Harry/Ginny relationship in this story. I'm not a big fan of Harry/Ginny but I don't know, it just works in this story. Maybe Hermione/Ron but that is done alot so I don't know you could make it Hermione/Fred or George. Remus and Tonks are always cute so you could work them into the background. The possibilities are endless.


Author's Response: A friend of mine recently found out that the man she has been calling dad for the past seventeen years isn't actually her biological father whilst the man she refers to as 'uncle' is. Of course she doesn't have the whole changing looks thing... I think that's what made me come up with the story. if it was me I think i would totally freak. I was actually thinking of making Harry go off the rails a bit. What do you think? And having the Harry/Ginny relationship would work but I was thinking if they went back to Hogwarts their relationship could be threatened. I'll try and update soon but I have a load of exams on. Thanks for your review.

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Review #4, by IloveNeville some shouting...

3rd June 2008:
I knew it!! I could tell that was coming. But one thing. Why does Harry look so much like James? This story is getting interesting. Please keep going with it. It's amazing :D


Author's Response: Hey thanks for your review.
the next chapter is up which explains why Harry looks so much like James.

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Review #5, by IloveNeville LEAVE ME ALONE!

3rd June 2008:
Oooh contraversy!! This'll be interesting :D

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Review #6, by Hermione_Harry_Ron333 some shouting...

2nd June 2008:
Please update. I did not see that coming. Please update. So good so far.

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Review #7, by UTforever22 some shouting...

31st May 2008:
um... if Sirius is Harry's father, how is it tha Harry looks almost exactly like James?

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