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Review #1, by Gladis Gudgeon Righting the Wrongs

5th June 2014:
I really like this author, and the story is cute, but lily is kinda pathetic. I don't like the stories that portray her as playing hard to get. it would have been better if James was like "I'm really sorry" and then lily said "what, you didn't do anything my mom died." That would have taken him down a peg. Good writing though.
Gladis Gudgeon

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Review #2, by Katie V Righting the Wrongs

31st August 2011:
I loved this... and the first one, short, but sweet. Great writing, your story's shall keep me amused for days!

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Review #3, by hplover_15 Righting the Wrongs

15th July 2010:
That was adorable!! James deserved that punch for taking Sirius' advice. The one-shot before this was a bit sad but it was good and the two stories fit well together. Poor Lily though, Alice is a good friend. Loved the story!

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Review #4, by Harry and Ginny Righting the Wrongs

12th January 2010:
i'm glad they are alright now. great story this one.^_^


Harry and Ginny

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Review #5, by blueirony Righting the Wrongs

8th October 2009:
That was so cute. What a stupid, stupid idea. Ugh! James is so stupid to have dragged that out for so long.

Poor Lily.

This was such a fitting sequel. It flowed on really well. Adored it.

Author's Response: Yeah, James really isn't the brightest in this. But he's a teenage boy, and they do blunder alot of times. So do teenage girls. But its good he realized his mistake. I agree, poor Lily. :(

I'm glad you thought it was a fitting sequel - my first time ever writing one with this story - thank you very much! :)

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Review #6, by ReAnna Righting the Wrongs

7th September 2009:
AHHH yay they got back together that was cute and im happy!

Author's Response: Yes, they did! I couldn't leave Lily and James mad at each other. I luff them too much to do that. :) Thanks for another great review!

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Review #7, by justanotherlovesong Righting the Wrongs

2nd October 2008:
Even better.
I love that James realized he was a prat.

Author's Response: Thanks! I figured that it was about time James started figuring it out.

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Review #8, by Miss Haggan Righting the Wrongs

9th May 2008:
aww this is sweet stupid James, taking advice from Sirius.
Gld he wised up.

Author's Response: Yeah, I kinda picture James to be out-of-it and mischeivious, but still a sweet, caring person underneath his tough exterior. He's the guy every girl would want to date... As long as he never, ever takes advice on romance from Sirius again! :P Thanks for your reviews!

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Review #9, by me!!!!!!!! Righting the Wrongs

8th May 2008:
i luved it!!!i felt bad while reading the first part but this made up for it amazing!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the end of this story!! Thanks for the review! Reviewers rock my socks!

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Review #10, by Gemma Righting the Wrongs

6th May 2008:
I have to admit, after your other one-shot about this story, i was left feeling a bit depressed. however, this second part made up for it! it was sad but touching and happy as well. i love how Lily punched james before crying into his sweater, it was unexpected and pretty comical. I love this story!

Author's Response: I agree, the other one-shot was quite depressing, and I think that's because the emotions behind it were very real. :)Personally, I like stories better where I can really feel and connect with the main characters, so I try to incorporate that into my writing. I'm glad you thought that this chapter was happier. I see James as a somewhat less serious character, so it was easier to incorporate funny bits into his point of view.

Hehe, I'm glad you liked the little fight with Lily and my story! Thank you so much for reviewing!! Reviewers like you rock my socks! :P

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