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Review #1, by harrypottergurl10 Rion

5th February 2011:
I like this story so far. It's alot differant then the rest. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #2, by Amanda Onward, to sixth year!

13th July 2010:
i love your story but i want more!!! will rose ever get a bf!? will rion end up secretly in love with rose the whole time!? im dying with anticipation!!!

Author's Response: I'll start posting again soon and these questions will be answered :)

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Review #3, by Michelle Onward, to sixth year!

15th January 2010:
Wonderful! I love Rose!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #4, by twinklinghazeleyes Onward, to sixth year!

12th January 2010:
SIXTH YEAR?!! That's a big leap, I like it though, because you get to see them when they are more mature as well. That thing with Sophies skin was funny, I wonder what prank they'll do to get back at James! Thank you soo much for updating so quickly! I LOVE the chapter, and of course the story!! :D Please update really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really soon! :D :) :P 10/10!

Author's Response: I feel so bad I haven't updated in years! I've restarted work on this story and will begin posting again in the next month or two.

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Review #5, by AndAnnaBegins Onward, to sixth year!

25th December 2009:
Omg! Why the * are Sophie and Rion dating?
I'm so sad! I mean, Sophie's cool and all, but Rose would be just awesome with our Rion. And without Rosie they wouldn't even know each other! I really hope this is gonna change, 'cause I want to see Rion's romantic side!
So or you change the potline, or I want to see Sophie's POV!
Just kidding, I will read it anyways!
I like how you made Rose the black sheep of the family. They're all so mean, they're always saying how the Black's where a bad family, but their are doing the exact same thing!
I can imagine that the Potter's are mean to Rose, and I really, really like that she's a slytherin. She fits perfectly there! I think Sophie could be in Slytherin too, but it's good she's in Ravenclaw, because then Rose had more time with Scorpius!
Thanks for the story and I hope you update soon!
Ps. It's sad this is the first review, you deserve much more!

Author's Response: Well, this fic is a Rose/Scorpius so there's a slight possibility they'll get together...very, very slight. :p Besides, this way Rose gets to feel even more excluded from things. It might set up a few more plot twists. :)

Yes, Sophie could be in Slytherin, but then she'd be snogging Rion constantly in the common room and we wouldn't want that, now would we?

Next chapter is written and will be posted on Jan. 5. Loved the review! :D

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Review #6, by Missoni005 Christmas and Back to School

24th December 2009:
I love this story please keep writing. And who is the guy on the poster?

Author's Response: I'm not sure...You'd have to ask the creator, but I just saw the banner and liked it. :p The next chapter will up in January!

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Review #7, by Meg Christmas and Back to School

12th December 2009:
I read through the whole thing today, and have to admit at first I wasn't sure. I didn't like the Rose character etc, but I do now. I love how different she is from any other fic I have read. Can not wait for more! These pranks are amusing!

Author's Response: More pranks to come in the next chappie! (which will be up before the queue closes) :)

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Review #8, by twinklinghazeleyes Christmas and Back to School

11th December 2009:
Yayy!! You updated this is amazing as usual!!! :D Thank you so much for updating!!! James is REALLY annoying me now!! I hope he gets what he deserves! This was amazing, I loved it, thank you for updating such a long chapter, please update a long one again really, really, rally, really, really, really, really, really, really, really soon!!! 10/10 :) :P :D

Author's Response: The next chapter will go up before the queue closes! I just have to finish the last scene and it's done. :) Glad you still enjoy my story!

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Review #9, by dyqw1700 Christmas and Back to School

10th December 2009:
Yay! You finally updated! I love this chapter! Bring on the war!

Author's Response: Sorry it took so long. Got to love the war. :)

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Review #10, by EmmaWatson23 Home Sweet Home

10th October 2009:
I just finished reading the entire story (so far)
and I love it!
I think maybe you should fast forward a bit to the future...
Like Rose's fifth year?
That would be pretty cool :)

Love it so far!
The writing, the humor... exactly how I think at some points in life when my parents are pissing me off.
:) Great start!

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm going to start fast forwarding after this next chapter. They should be in their fifth year in a few chapters. Glad you like the humor!

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Review #11, by twinklinghazeleyes 2 Home Sweet Home

20th September 2009:
Yes it is me again! Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please update really soon!!! I am literally BEGGING here!!! I love this story so much and I can not wait for the next bit!!! So please update really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really SOON!! For me, for all your readers, PLEASE?!!! 10/10!!!

Author's Response: The author likes begging. :) Sorry about the wait, it's being edited and will be in the queue in a few hours.

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Review #12, by lost4ever Family Reunion

22nd August 2009:
First off, I love your describtions. They are absolutley believable and very enjoyable to read.
I never thought that Ron & Hermione are bad parents, but this option was well written and I think I will enjoy them as 'bad' parents.
I really understood Rose and I've alredy started hating her family

ďArenít you going to ask what weíre celebrating, Rose?Ē Mum poses the question like itís my fault Iím nothing like either of them. Probably something Hugo did.
But their precious Hugo is better
That was such a good start
I've got nothing to criticise

Author's Response: Ron and Hermione being such bad parents is probably slightly out of character, but Rose is really different from all the other Weasley/Potters.

I like that you have no constuctive criticism :)

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Review #13, by Puffskein Home Sweet Home

18th August 2009:
Poor Rose!!! At least she has her wall-room-thingy to go to. (Sorry, don't know what to call it, Uncle George enchanted the wall for her?) Anyways, keep writing more! I can't wait to see what happens in her 6th year. Faithful is so cute, I love how she goes into the kitchens and the house-elves feed her, haha. Update ay-sap! So excited...10/10!

Author's Response: I don't really know what to call it either. I've got the next chapter almost written so it'll be up soon. Her sixth year is definately going to be interesting :p

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Review #14, by twinklinghazeleyes Home Sweet Home

18th August 2009:
Again I LOVED this chapter!!! Ron and Hermione are so mean!! You would think Hermione would be pleased that Rose did a fourth year level charm, there is just no pleasing some people!! Are we going to hear more about her time at home in the next chapter... hopefully!!! Will she see George and go to her secret room?? Ok I'm going to shut up now! Please update really, really, really soon! 10/10!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you loved it! Yeah, there's just no pleasing her. :( As to the rest, I'm not going to spoil the next chapter :p I'll update very very soon!

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Review #15, by Puffskein Of Mohawks and Other Such Things

10th August 2009:
I LOVE THIS! Please, write more more more more! Sophie's great, I love her.

Author's Response: Sophie's my favorite too!!! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by Puffskein Family Reunion

10th August 2009:
Oh, poor Rose! James is such a meanie. :(
keep writing, it's so good!

Author's Response: Yes he is... I'm thrilled you like it!

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Review #17, by twinklinghazeleyes Of Mohawks and Other Such Things

8th August 2009:
It was a Great chapter! I LOVED it! Especially when she actaully charmed their hair! Maybe she could get a howler from ron and hermione for it??!! Please update REALLY, REALLY, REALLY SOON! 10/10!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm thrilled you LOVED it! I have the next chapter written and I'm going to post it as soon as possible. Thank you for the review!!!

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Review #18, by magicstick93 Week One: Welcome to Hell

23rd July 2009:
I just love Rose, she makes me laugh =D x

Author's Response: Glad you like her :)

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Review #19, by Bobb's Long-Lost Friend, the Silver Lion Week One: Welcome to Hell

5th July 2009:
Hey girl!
Don't freak out, I'm at my grandma's and I haven't gone on HPFF for a while, so i decided to see what you'd updated. I've gotten all up to date on Blood is Thicker and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
You're such an amazing writer and I'm sorry i haven't gotten on to review in a while. While I love the story, there is one more thing I could comment on: it seems still like sometimes it's hard to distinguish the dialogue, like who's saying what. But the dialogue is amazing and you're totally the best Rose ever!
Am still going strong on Heart and Soul and there's something else you need to read...come to church sometime and i'll tell you about it!
Your mom told me you were out at Hollins last weekend, but i need to talk to you.
Sorry for the freakish review, but you know who i am. Right? Right.
Talk to you later,
the amazing Abby, the Lion made of Silver, and proud creator of TF and H&S!

Author's Response: Who are you? I do not know anyone named Abby. I think you must have the wrong person. Sorry if I have inconvenianced you. Oh, that Abby! I love me too! (And Rose, of course.)

I will definately work on the dialogue. I guess that is just hard because I know who is talking since I am the writer. ;) I work at VBS, see you there. :)
~The even more amazing Bobb, the person who loves padfoot, and proud creator of many many things :p

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Review #20, by redflameeyes Rion

1st July 2009:
okay i have to admit, i kind of hate rose.

Author's Response: I hate bits of her at certain times, too. But you have to remember, she is only eleven. :)

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Review #21, by redflameeyes Family Reunion

1st July 2009:
good chapter! i like your writing, my only comments would be that the family is a bit out of character and rose seems to be a bit of a brat, but its your interpretation. :) nice!

Author's Response: Glad you like it! Rose is a little annoying, I totally agree with you there. Thanks for the review!

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Review #22, by BelleRavenclaw Week One: Welcome to Hell

30th June 2009:
This story is great!
Please update soon and I look forward to reading more about your Rosie! :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I\\\'m updating really really soon!

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Review #23, by twinklinghazeleyes Week One: Welcome to Hell

30th June 2009:
I love, love, love this chapter! Please update really, really soon, you are a genius! 10/10

Author's Response: I\\\'m glad you think I\\\'m a genius! That makes one of us. ;) I\\\'m updating in the next few days.

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Review #24, by vari Week One: Welcome to Hell

28th June 2009:
thank you! i'm goin to keep checking this to see if there is more, but it is an awesome story!=D

Author's Response: Updating again in the next two days! Thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by AC_rules Flying

14th June 2009:
Wow this is really good. I really like the style you've written in and your version of Rose. She's awesome :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm updating as soon as the queue opens again!

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