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Review #1, by taintedgreenlove Why Did You Leave?

19th July 2009:
Damn, This was amazing. You did an amazing job, VERY, VERY unique!!!



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Review #2, by The Dark Temple of Light Why Did You Leave?

27th March 2009:
This story was written with words that capture all the pain and sorrow perfectly. I loved how you cast a different light on Sirius, and made us think about what the effect was of running away...and how Regulus now had the Black crown thrust upon his head. How Regulus and Gemma suffered in silence, without their long lost (to them) big brother. Heroes in their own way. Loved it, it's beautifully written.

The Dark Temple of Light

Author's Response: thanks a lot :) these characters from hp mean the most to me so i'm glad i could write something about them!

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Review #3, by bluemoonradiogirl Why Did You Leave?

22nd May 2008:
Howdy! I've decided I'm going to read all of your stories (And review of course!) This is a great story about Sirius, it shows some great insight into his character. Fantastic job!

Author's Response: ahah aw thank you, that's really sweet. all though i think "if you say best friends" is my nest work.
i'm happy you liked it! i was iffy about this story.

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Review #4, by numba1marauderluva Why Did You Leave?

11th May 2008:
Okay, this is well written, especially the letter. You really characterise Gemma, and she doesn't even have any dialogue in the story.

Although, I'm going to be honest with you, is that alright? Sirius left because he was tired of his parents and took a stand. So technically, the way I see it, Gemma and Regulus are the cowards for just going along with something they don't believe, for the sake of themselves, uncaring for everybody else; especially Regulus for becoming a Death Eater. HE should have left like Sirius, and maybe a few lives would've been saved, eh?

Either way, you wrote this really well and it made my eyes well up a little. I'm just a little questionable about the plot :)


Author's Response: Thank you very much! And honesty is always appriciated :)
The thing is, I completely agree with you. Sirius thought of it all that way too, being brave, taking a stand for what he believed in, and thinking his siblings were the ones who were wrong for not doing so themselves.
But then Gemma's letter comes along, all woeful and stuff and that's what messes with his mind when he's already in Azkaban so that's when that was written.
Thanks for the helpful review!

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