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Review #1, by Marauderette Excuse Me Mister

26th June 2010:
I really like this story still! I like how you combined your other story with this (is it the same Laura or just the same name)? I hope Emily's plan works! 10/10 Update soon!!

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Review #2, by kneazlecat Just a Girl

21st June 2010:

i'm liking this a lot so far

there are a lot of wood/OC fics out there, and the plot of this one has potential to be cliche, but the writing is good, and wood doesn't seem to arrogant which i likee :)

emily is funny too

can't wait for more! :)


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Review #3, by hannah Just a Girl

16th January 2010:
mazzin where the rest ? xx

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Review #4, by Speculative Just a Girl

8th June 2008:
So far so good! It's very original and I'm excited for some Oliver action!

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Review #5, by Sarah_Bee Just a Girl

6th June 2008:
ok so I've been reading your other story End on a Musical Note and I decided to check out some of your other stuff since that other story is sooo good. This is good too!! Love it! Gorgeous banner btw.

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Review #6, by crazybibliophile Just a Girl

27th April 2008:
Emily is the funniest character, can't wait to read more of this...

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Review #7, by mrsmarauders Just a Girl

27th April 2008:
OLIVER/OC FANFIC. BY YOU! *is extremely happy right now because i loved your other fanfics so much* :)

it's a good start so far. i like the witty banter. can't wait for the next update! and hmm maybe i shall listen to the song? if i can find it :)

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Review #8, by Marauderette Just a Girl

27th April 2008:
I really like how this is starting! I love Emily. She reminds me of me kind of, except if I got Oliver Wood and he got me chocolate I'd be estatic! 10/10 definitely! I cannot wait to read more!

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Review #9, by xXsilent_tearsXx Just a Girl

27th April 2008:

hehe, yes. I love Emily already, hilarious. Give me an update already! cookies!

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