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Review #1, by The Laughing Rabbit Chapter 3 The Weasleys

30th December 2006:
I must say, the plot is better than; 'hi! I'm from america, and I'm coming to Hogwarts!' you know, the random for no apparent reason of going to Hogwarts.
Some constructive advice, make the chapters longer and more clear. Your chapters are accurate, but they are incredibly short. Make them longer, try not to spend all your time on separatin them into segments.
On a less important note, your chapters are not too chatty, thats good. But they are close to being too chatty. Unless you have a specific reason for long conversations, try to stay away from that.
Best wishes.

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Review #2, by Wierd_Sisters Chapter 3 The Weasleys

5th March 2005:
i like it, even though it is short, it like the idea and that is why you should continue writing, noone ever reads my stories but i still write them(when i don't have writers block) so, i hae to say, don't get discouraged by people tht just want to make people msierable by saying, 'your story is horrible' they are just stupid gits that wisht ehy had come up with this idea, so please continue, just becuse people don't review(although i always do) doesn't mean they don't read it and like it, i want to let you know i will suport you all the way!!! lol, so keep up the fantastic work and i think i will end my review here, welcome to my favorites list=)

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Review #3, by hermione2008 Chapter 3 The Weasleys

11th December 2004:
update soon this story seems like it's goin to be a lil funny

Author's Response: I'm surprised that you actually read my story. I didn't think any one would. I would like to thank you, I do have to work on it. I actually forgotten this story, beacause hardly anyone liked it. I have to look for the next chapter. I had written it on paper and put into a folder, so I'll try and update it. I can't be sure that it will happen, but I might just give up on this story. I know I need to stop talking. Thanks again for the review.

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Review #4, by Ashke_the_Tormenter Chapter 3 The Weasleys

20th February 2004:
nice work i updated my story if you wanna have a look...peace out

Author's Response: thank you. I look for your story

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Review #5, by Anduril Chapter 2 Boys

15th February 2004:
it has potential the story line is good and the character is well concvieved but perhaps if your were to work on the wording a bit then your story would be fantastic! if you could please read my story, confessions of a lone wolf that would be great, no body ever reveiwa anything, just click my name, k, if ur interested. good story line!

Author's Response: thank you I'll look into your story

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Review #6, by hermione14 Chapter 2 Boys

14th February 2004:
hey this torys great! its not ****...please update soon and please r/r my story Harry Potter and the Sibling

Author's Response: I like your story. I'll update when I have my next chapter ready

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Review #7, by LoveSpell Chapter 2 Boys

14th February 2004:
Hey I am unbelievably grateful to you for always reviewing my stories, so I decided to return the favor. I am lyking this story alot so far so please update soon! and continue to review my sotries ok?

Author's Response: I love your story, so thanks for reviewing mine.

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Review #8, by emmy4oliver Chapter 2 Boys

11th February 2004:
im loving the story line! plz update!

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #9, by confused Chapter 2 Boys

10th February 2004:
ummm..dude this is a weird story my sis called it **** and yah i call it ***** and plz try to make it clearer ok???? hate yah story bye!

Author's Response: that just lowers my self esteem.

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Review #10, by fiery greaseball Chapter 1 Letters

10th February 2004:
why r yah confused with mah story is it that confusing all its about is harry finding out he has a asister,,,what so confusing about that...???well i dont see whats soo confusing but thanx for ur review anyway and i luv urs tory keep it up@!

Author's Response: I mean, with her parents...I'll try

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Review #11, by Fiery greaseball Chapter 1 Letters

8th February 2004:
hey luv yah story plz submit soon and can u read my story called the stranger by fiery greaseball and pzl review any suggestions thanx and once again i luv ur story! keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm confused with your story. I'll update soon.

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