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Review #1, by LilyPotterEvans1976 Chapter 5

20th July 2015:
You need to update this NOW! This story is A...MAZING

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Review #2, by LilyPotterEvans1976 Chapter 5

20th July 2015:
You need to update this NOW! This story is A...MAZING

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Review #3, by budarthur Chapter 5

20th September 2011:
A really good story. In the words of a country singer: "I like
it, I love it, I want some more of it!!

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20th August 2011:
love it so sweet update soon pls

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Review #5, by Tom Chapter 5

20th July 2010:
The story goes a bit longer on
http:// www. fanfiction. net/ s/ 5094458/
The chapters are put together a bit different so pick it up at the end of chpt 7

Love this ff

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Review #6, by onktom Chapter 5

23rd October 2009:
very nice story, please wfinish it.

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Review #7, by oso Chapter 5

3rd June 2009:
I would like to see this finished along with the other ones, when will that be.

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Review #8, by Nightrunner Chapter 1

17th April 2009:
You know, this is such a good story. It's a real shame that you have abandoned it. Please, pick it up again, and continue with it. I have been waiting, and hoping for an update for so long.

It's too good a story to simply walk away from. Please, come back to it.


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Review #9, by Nightrunner Chapter 5

26th February 2009:
Are you ever going to finish this story, or have you given up on it?
It's really a good story, and I'd like to see it completed.
How about it?

Please, pick it up again.


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Review #10, by Milford833 Chapter 5

19th February 2009:
this is very interesting

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Review #11, by George Chapter 5

22nd January 2009:
I hope you are feeling better soon and can continue the story.
I like what I have read so far..

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Review #12, by shanesdragon Chapter 5

12th November 2008:
One Word,
Cant Wait For the next chapter,
lolololololol knocked out there teeth by 2 dentitists

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Review #13, by DrgnMstr Chapter 5

15th October 2008:
I really have enjoyed this story so far. Are you planning to continue it?

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Review #14, by lovette Chapter 5

2nd June 2008:
please continue love it

Author's Response: Hi I'm glad you like this one, more to come. thanks for reviewing

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Review #15, by Happy Rotter Chapter 5

2nd June 2008:
Woah, I think that owl resembles the one in my story...

Awesome chapter, can't wait for the next one, I need something to distract me from exams.


Author's Response: Hi thanks for the review, I will try to update soon.

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Review #16, by tepiestar Chapter 5

1st June 2008:
baby brother!! hedwig!! i love this line : “I know what love is now Hermione, and I love you.” a map to find his presents. sounds like a hermione thing to do. also fun for kids. dudley is stupid, but he's also young. and it's not like he could really internally realize it was wrong. not if he lived with it his whole life. can't wait to see what happens next to the greatest witch, especially now since she has no more memories, well almost.

Author's Response: Hi, I am hoping to be well enough to get on with my stories very soon, hope you dont mid the wait. thanks for the comments.

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Review #17, by leO Chapter 5

1st June 2008:
your story brought tears to my eyes i and hoping that you would continue with this story i really like it

Author's Response: Thanks for the great comment, hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

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Review #18, by dennisud Chapter 5

30th May 2008:
I like this A/U and with so many All-powerful Harry stories I hope thie Super Hermione story will be unique yet wonderful to read.

BTW when they go to school, I see the obvious hair to Gryffindor, and slytherin. With Hermione the heir of Ravenclaw, WHO will be hufflepuff's heir?

Oh and remember Luna's uniqueness and use as a great catalyst!


Author's Response: Hi again, I already have the Hufflepuff heir picked out, maybe it will surprise you.

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Review #19, by dennisud Chapter 1

30th May 2008:
Nice new story. Hope to see more as I see a few more chapters to read now!

Author's Response: Hi again, I hope you enjoy the next few chapters, then hopefulyl you will enjoy the rest as it all unfolds.

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Review #20, by Joyfull Scroll Chapter 5

30th May 2008:
Bravo! Normally I don't like violence... but with the Dursley's being a HUGE exception. (In fanfic verse anyway.) I love the fact that they (Vile Vermon and Petti Pewie) lost their teeth to a pair of Dentists! They had their just deserts without the aid of magic. So no Auoror team comming by and taking those memories away! I bet even if after hearing this news of Harry's upbringing the neighbours would probably still avoid him out of sheer guilt!

May I make a suggestion? Why don't they 'let/lease' the house to Remus? It would be a huge step up from where he's probably at currently. Since he tries to work in the Muggle world anyway, that could help! Albus could suggest it? It will also have Harry meet one of his Parents friends. He could hear some stories about them from him earlier.

You also answered my Dumble questions from earlier. Thanks. Hopefully he'll remember that when they do get to Hogwarts.

Since Hermione is now losing her future memories, will they still be friends with the Weasley's? Will they befriend Neville instead? Will they also be close to Luna when she makes her appearance?

Yeah! Hedwidge makes her appearance! Nice touch that she's given by Hermione this time around. Oh, that bit on the wards... you didn't say who's the 'keeper'? Will Hermione still remember that part of not 'trusting blindly authority figures'?

I'm also glad in this story they are learning magic early on again. It'll help with Hogwarts. Oh nice name for Hermione's new family member!

I also hope that you're feeling better now that you're home from the Hospital. Take care, update when you can.

Author's Response: Hi, its nice to see some one noticed the little piece of irony with the removal of the Dursleys teeth.
It will be a while before Remus makes an appearance although it will be way before the canon version.
Hermione has her written memiors to help even though her memories of her previous life are fading, plus I have a little something up my sleeve where the memories are concerned.
I dont think that either Hermione or Harry are going to appreciate Ron Weasleys attitude now that they are so close, Ron could be in for a rough time at Hogwarts.
The scret keeper will be a bit of a surprise. And to end, thanks for the good wishes.

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Review #21, by auror_snape Chapter 5

29th May 2008:
Very nice, but the grammar needs some work. Too many commas. But I understand why, since you were in the hospital. I hope you feel better.

Author's Response: Hehe, seems I've been having a comma attack, maybe thats the part of my illness the Dr's couldn't fiind. Thanks for the good wishes, I am getting my energy back slowly so I should be able to write a little more.

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Review #22, by HJP Chapter 5

29th May 2008:
Again a great chap. I love your story. And now they have a little brother, yeah. a have some questions. will they come in the same house at hogwarts like before or will it change? and will they meet ron and become friends with him? oh oh and i have so many other questions but the most important one is: when will com the next chap?

I hope soon, because i can't wait to read it.


ps: sorry for my bad english

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, your English is not so bad, sorry but I can't answer your questions (Hermione would kill me if I gave away her secrets)lol

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Review #23, by Potter n Mione Chapter 5

29th May 2008:
YAY! They have a cute little brother! Will he be a wizard?! Excellent chapter, Merlin!

Author's Response: There will be a few more surprises soon, hope you can stick around for them. thanks again for taking the time to review.

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Review #24, by apAidan Chapter 5

29th May 2008:
Hermione's fading memories are a nice touch, letting her live more in the present. I was wondering when Hedwig was going to make an appearance. The train trip to Hogwarts should be an interesting one, looking forward to reading your take on it in the next couple of chapters. All in all, a very good read and looking forward to seeing how they progress. Nicely written

Author's Response: Hi thanks for the review, there will be a coulple more chapters ready quite soon. hope you enjoy them.

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Review #25, by Joyfull Scroll Chapter four

18th May 2008:
*Laughs* Oh Hermione's a very cleaver on to do what she did! Will they tell Dumbledore of said meeting with the Goblins and the Dursleys? All I can say is at least he's not attempting to 'obliverate' (sp?) the Grangers on Harry. So who will be the 'keeper' of the password? Her parents or herself? Does Hermione know Occlumency?

Author's Response: Old dumble draws is just a tad frightend by Hermione and her power. hehe, I like the idea as for the rest that will all be revealed as we move on.

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