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Review #1, by 800 words of heaven Flickering Hope

21st October 2013:

So my thought process in choosing this story, after reading the summary, went something like this: OMG WHAT IS GOING ON HERE THIS SOUNDS COOL I MUST READ THIS

And I'm not disappointed at all! I loved the way you portrayed Hogwarts during DH, and especially through Pansy's eyes. I like the direction that you took with her characterisation - it's different to the Pansys I've seen, but it also makes a lot of sense, and I liked that you showed a softer and more empathetic side to her.

The description here was fantabulous, especially the first and last paragraphs. Both set the mood of the piece really well, and they were sort of similar stylistically, so the entire story seemed to come full circle and there was closure and everything.

I really think the overall sentiment here is very observant and poignant. This piece was so well-written and a very enjoyable read!

PS: 50 000th story? Wowee!

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for leaving a review! I honestly wrote this so long ago, I barely remember it. Not my best work, but, I'm happy you enjoyed it :)
I never really imagined Pansy to be 'good' per-say, but I had always pictured her fitting in because it was expected of her. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if most Slytherins did... Only a handleful of them were actual Death Eaters, and while the others were Voldemort supports, it doesn't necessarily mean they were doing it because they wanted too - I'm sure a lot of them just didn't want to be labelled with the title 'blood traitor'.
Anyway, thank you so, so much, your review was just lovely to read. I'm glad you enjoyed the story as much as you did :)

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Review #2, by LadyMalfoy23 Flickering Hope

24th December 2010:
LadyMalfoy back, found the time to read another of your one shots and its truely amazing, once again you have caught the persona of a miniscule harry potter charecter to a T.

I really like how this is set with Pansy being on Potters side, because in the end of DH she is the one wanting to offer her up to the dark lord, so i really enjoy seeing her from the point of few as someone who neither supports him nor the dark lord, mainly just as a person wanting the world to be safe again. . .

Great story just wanted to stop by and remind you that i love your stories and writing!!!

Author's Response: im so glad that you've actually taken the time to come back and look at my story. it really makes my day (: hearing what you think is absolutely uplifting - you give me extra confidence and i love it!
Pansy is a strange character to write about, but i decided to take up the challenge.. i wanted to see if people could feel as i felt she would feel in this situation.. i'm glad you got to see this point of view. it makes me realise this story didn't waste my time :P haha

thank you so so so much, and i hope you find the time to keep reading, just as i hope i can find the time to keep reading your work.. you will be hearing from me soon,
kisses and hugs,

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Review #3, by ParaSiempre Flickering Hope

2nd September 2009:
I really liked it :) Draco and Pansy's attitudes were so believable. In the books, I've always imagined her as a mean bully, laughing at everyone that wasn't a Slytherin. I guess the war could've changed her and maybe she didn't have a choice and only tried to fit in... Anyways, I could visualize everything and it was great! :)

Author's Response: wow i'm so glad youu liked it! pansy was particularly different from what we experienced in the books, so it was a complete stab in the dark for me. so youu can imagine how happy it makes me to hear youu say that they sounded believable!! thank youu so so much, im glad youu liked the story - and i cant thank youu enough for reviewing!!

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Review #4, by Moondanser83 Flickering Hope

26th October 2008:

I absolutly love Pansy in fanon and this goes right along with my personal view on her. I love how she sees everything, and even though she never shows it she has a compasionate side (and is secretly rooting for Harry ;))

Wonderful job here


Author's Response: thank you soo much, your review has meant a lot to me (:

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Review #5, by IloveNeville Flickering Hope

7th June 2008:
Wow, that was really beautiful. You write so well!! I like how you wrote about it from the perspective of Pansy and how you gave her a sort of depth as opposed to the one we read in the books and in so many other fanfictions. Lovely job.


Author's Response: Oh, beautiful ... I love hearing that, I really do. It's such a brilliantly descriptive word--I soaked it up completely. Your review ... my gosh, thank you so much! You write such beautiful--oops, there's that word again--reviews :3

Yes, I wanted to try something new with Pansy. I don't think she's a bad person, I really don't: and I sincerly believe it was all just a cover for her "position" in the Slytherin Common Room. I hope I'd prove my point in this. By the sound of your review, I did, which is just great :))

I'm so glad you liked it, once again, and THANK YOU!!! I'm so grateful, I really am. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


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Review #6, by CoyotegurlNikki Flickering Hope

25th May 2008:
The idea that Pansy is "fitting in" to survive seems very plausible. Actually I'd prefer to see her in this light opposed to how I viewed her in the HP books. Never did I think that every person in Slytherin was belonging to the dark side. JK implied it in a way but what you've written here validates my thought. Maybe some didn't have a choice. Pansy and Draco for example. They couldn't change who their parents were or how they were raised. When you are a person of power you have to hold a certain reputation I suppose. Pansy's emotions are so believeable, I love that. She is a character I am slowly getting to know better and this story just elaborates on the few details I already had in my mind. Thank you for telling me about this story, it was worth it!


Author's Response: Dearest Nikki,
Oh, my ... well, I hadn't expected you to actually read this story, as I didn't know if you read my responses or not. Sometimes I think I waste my time, as you never know if your reviewers do actually read your response. I'm glad you do, though, as I read yours, and that in itself means a lot! I'm also so happy you took the time to read this AND review. How can I thank you enough?! *hugglestightly* Thank you, thank you, so, so much!!
I was nervous putting up this one-shot, as it's my first, and one-shot's aren't really my strong point--I find they don't really express the emotions across well, as they're just too short. Though, don't get me wrong, there are some gorgeous one-shots out there. Alive, by Lady September, is my favourite, by far :)

I'm glad you saw Pasny's side!! I do believe she was just a girl, trying her hardest. As for the rest of the Slytherins ... well, surely they aren't all bad! I doubt even our favourite Malfoy was bad--Lucius and Narcissa, too, for that matter, just as you said--as they just seemed to be just following Voldy because if they didn't ... well, they're dead, aren't they? I'm sure Blaise wasn't bad either ... if not, just a little self-obsessed ... But that's why I love him xP

I'm glad you found my emotions believable! That's my greatest weakness, to be told that. I seem to turn into goo everytime, but I can't get enough of hearing that! Have I said thank you?! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Really!! I'm so glad you checked out this story and ... *hugs* :D

Kisses and hugs and all the like,

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Review #7, by lyrix82 Flickering Hope

19th May 2008:
Fantastic Idea for a story and very well written too, thanks for an enjoyable read!

Author's Response: I should be thank you, dear! I'm gald you liked the story, and really, thank you for reviewing and telling me that! *hugs* It means so much! Thanks!!!

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Review #8, by uptowngirlinlove Flickering Hope

18th May 2008:
Oh Lia! That was such a beautiful rendition of Hogwarts during the seventh year as a place where students hope because there's nothing left to be done. I absolutely loved the last paragraph it was so... powerful. Yes, that's the word for it.

Honestly, I never thought that someone would actually write Pansy from this point of view, as a person who hides her feelings because it's the only thing to do; as someone who behaves in a certain manner because it's the only manner to survive.

I liked the fact that she and Draco weren't together anymore and that they were just friends. That has a nice touch to it. Also I enjoyed very much the second from the bottom paragraph when she talks about always having to pretend. It was really emotional and it managed to convey the feeling that the students needed like really needed to act in order to ensure their safety.

What a lovely one-shot indeed! I loved it and I can't wait to read your Draco/Astoria story. I can tell by now that it's going to be fabulous!


Author's Response: Lucretia!! I hadn’t expected you to read it so soon--and I'm quite surprised you agreed to reading it, what with your dislike for Pansy and all. I'm so glad you did, though, even more so that you left a review. I hadn't expected you too, so *hugs* :) I cannot possibly even begin to explain my happiness right now ...

You never thought Pansy was just an act? I remember in one owl you sent me you told me that Luna intrigued you, and that when she appeared you often wondered what she thought. Well, thinking back on that now, I guess I kind of do that with Pansy. She always seemed like that fake Barbie doll, even more so around Draco--anyone would be ... I mean, come on. It's Draco Malfoy we're talking about xP

Yes, I didn't really want to make Draco and Pansy together when I wrote this. I just don't think they go together, you know? They just don't suit, and even more, I think Pansy would just get over it. The Dark Side, I mean, not Draco. Though Draco does seem to be pretty much poisoned by the Dark Side.

The pretending part was my favourite sentence to write :) I think that the "Always pretending" part was the most powerful. Simple sentences in situations such as that, I think, really give off that feeling of helplessness. I'm babbling now, aren't I? *sighs*

Well, I'm glad you liked the one-shot altogether! I'd never written a one-shot before because I felt they never really got the feeling a novel gets when I wrote them. But I was quite proud of this one :)

Having an author such as yourself saying such things is wonderful (*giggles*). Thank you so much for making my day! I wish there was a better way to express my feelings right now! I love you!! Seriously! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With so much love .x.x

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Review #9, by Fluteline24 Flickering Hope

15th May 2008:
A fic about Pansy that doesn't make her seem inhuman, wonderful job! I'm starting to get some sympathy for her now!

Congratulations on getting the 50,000th story! :)

Author's Response: *blushes* Thank you so much!! I'm so flattered that my story changed your mind about Pansy. It was my aim for that, so to hear I acheived my goal is just ... ^^

Thank you so much for your review!!!

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Review #10, by Jacqueline Noir Flickering Hope

10th May 2008:
Well, this story is part of the history and part of our hearts now. You see, I never really managed to like Pansy, even the slightest bit so I avoided to read any fanfictions concerning her. But, by doing this and judging her so hard I was almost as mean as she might seem. Your story made me see this clear.
There are so many people around us pretending just like Pansy. This is some self-defense mechanism, to pretend. To pretend that everything is alright, that nothing can touch you and you just don' care about the rest, when in your heart you are just as scared and as simple as everyone else. Someone said, that what we hate the most in others are our own flaws. We tend to judge and condemn those peoples who have our own flaws. We deny our flaws and in stead we judge the others for them. That's how this story made me feel: that I've judged Pansy so hard, just because I have a resemblance to her. Maybe I was blind...
You written her so beautifully. You and Majikat, you two made her look so good, so real... And I must say, congratulations to the artist who made your banner, it's perfect.
Great one-shot, dear, keep on writing, keep on making us loving your stories.

Author's Response: Jacqueline!!! Oh my gosh, hello!! I hadn't expect you to review this so *hugs tightly* You're too kind xP

I'm so happy my story made you see the "other side" to Pansy. I tried my hardest to get my readers to understand that she is who she is and she's just trying to fit in like we all are. Her little insults and snide comments in the actually HP books are just a way for her to get in with the "It" crowd. Mainly, her goal in life was to have Draco love her.
As you said, the poor girl's just pretending ... Like we all are. Trying our hardest to pretend when we forget the things we shouldn't pretend ... we deny out love in our blindness and we cause each other to fall out of grace because when we fool others, we're fooling ourselves.
You described it so perfectly. I think people do judge too much and hate other's flaws because we have those flaws. It's disgusting in a way, but unfortunately the truth. And the truth is, we can't fix it. We never could and we never can ...

Oh my GOD! Comparing me to Majikat?!?! I don't even rate against her. She's the elite when it comes to writing ANYTHING. I'm so flattered, though. I'm practically bouncing in my seat--it's so good to hear such things, as you would know xP

Isn't the banner beautiful? It was up-for-grabs and when I saw it I knew it was perfect. She does lovely banners--if your ever looking for a great banner, go on The Dark Arts and look for mrsmarauder (I also recommend the fabulous xlivexlovexdreamx whose done two of my banners. She has a real talent, that girl).

Anyway, thank you so much for that wonderful review!! I'm so incredibly happy you like my stories. You're so wonderful *hugs tightly* I love you!
Kisses and hugs,
Lia .x.x

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Review #11, by listentothecrickets Flickering Hope

9th May 2008:
OMG, that was excellent!!! I LOVE Pansy, and for so long I've been trying to find a story that really brings out a "good" and "honest" side of her--and who better to do it than you? Mahalia, I love you!!! Seriously, an amazing, honest refreshing and believable story--the 50,000 too! It's a great way to commemorate it! This story should be adevrtised and strung loud and proud. It was just ... sad but, excellent.

Loved it, as always. You're an amazing writer--keep it up, babe.

Author's Response: *gasps* Hello Ellie! I hadn't expected you to review this, so I'm so happily surprised--if that's the right word. I hope you don't mind this response; my brains like brick at the moment--heavy and useless. And I'm so tired ...

Anyway! Yes, I actually really like Pansy. What I mean, is, she isn't a bad girl. She's just like us--a typical teenager, and she really, really is just trying to fit in. It's sad in a way, the peer pressure we all have. Especially dearest Pansy ... Or any Slytherin, for that matter. They all feel they must agree with Voldy's wishes or they perish. It's disgusting, but sadly true :(

*blushes* I love you too! I'm so glad you liked the story--I thought it was a new light to see Pansy in. She's still our pug-faced cow, but she does have a heart.

As I said, I'm happy you liked it and *kisses cheek* Thank you so much for yet another, outstanding review. You spoil me, hun ;)

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Review #12, by notenoughpotter Flickering Hope

8th May 2008:
That was spectacular! This totally deserved to have the honor of being the 50,000th story.

You really got "inside" Pansy's head, although she did want to give Harry to LV there at the end. I think she was just trying to cover herself, though.

Great story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! *sighs* My stories get called a lot of things, but never have they been called spectacular ... I never realised what a beautiful word it was until you reviewed. :) It was such a perfect review, too. You've made my day!
Yes, Pansy's not all that much different from your everyday Slytherin, but she does have a conscience. She wants Harry to either win, or loose--so, basically, she just wants the war to end; and who can blame her? The poor girl's best friend is Draco Malfoy ... If she's not careful, she could be dragged to the dark side just as he was. And that, I think, is the last thing she wants (I studied her character pretty carefully in the books. She really isn't that bad--just your typical teenage girl).

Anyway, sorry to keep you--I get overexcited getting such wonderful feedback. Thank you for the review, and I'm so glad you liked the story!!!

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Review #13, by cedrixfan Flickering Hope

7th May 2008:
Phenomenal. Simply fantastic. Really, Mahalia, it was remarkable! If any story deserves to be the 50,000th, it's Flickering Hope. Pansy's a tricky character to write, yet you wrote her beautifully. I could hear her speaking in my mind, could feel her emotions as she expressed them. Hiding in their own home...that's so true, yet so heartbreaking. In the world we live in today, it's somewhat like that, also. There's always evil everywhere one turns, whether it is a terrorist, bully at school or a hateful thought.
The ending was truly the worst part--omgsh, that sounded mean. Oops...I meant the ending was the most powerful. It really portrayed how they must have been feeling and living each day during the last months of the war. Marvelous choice of title, also.
You're quite a talented writer. Thanks for always reviewing Slytherin Song, dedicating NO, NE, and, most of all, writing such beautiful works.
Until next time,

Author's Response: I'll try not to write a response that'll push me to my limit this time, hey? *giggle* You're so funny, hun.
I'm sick of writing "wow" and "thank you", but really: WOW!!! Thank you so, so, very, very much!!! It's so wonderful having you review my stories--truly an absolute, fantastic pleasure. I can't even begin to express how much I want to thank you, yet I wish there was a way how ... "thank you" just seems so bland, though. How about, you made my day? Because you did--everyone did, in fact. All these faceless strangers making another faceless stranger's day *giggles*
I'm glad you liked Pansy! I've always found her quite intriguing, and before I'd read DH I confronted a friend (die-hard HP fan) and asked him what happened. He wouldn't tell me, so I mainly just asked him "Does Draco die?" (*lol*) and what happened at Hogwarts. Then he started telling me what Hogwarts was like, and when I got home I just started writing. It was a diary, like Slytherin Song, but it was in Pansy's POV. This was before I even knew about Fanfiction, too, so I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. Anyway, long story short, I found it about two weeks ago, extracted bits and pieces that fit in with DH and then yay! My first one-shot was born.
Yes, our world is so similar ... It's sad, how fiction becomes truth in the most shocking of ways. *sighs* But what can I do? I can fight the bullies, but terrorism and hateful thoughts ... they’re hard things to oppose.
The ending was the worst part? *lmao* I understood, don't worry. I really wanted to cut the ending clean, because I'm not fond of those one-shots that end sloppily with a death or (I absolute hate these stories) when the character wakes up from a dream. I really, seriously just wanted it to END. *lol* Ahhh...
The title? Really? I thought it was quite bad, but I couldn't find anything else--I'm so happy you liked it, though!!! I thought the title would put people off, which is slightly depressing, considering I actually LIKED this story, which I almost never do. Like my stories, I mean.
Anyway, I won't keep you as my response is starting to resemble my history essay. I'm so glad you like my writing, and you are so, so welcome. Slytherin Song is fantastic--I've read the last chapter's ending about five times (it was a great ending). And as I said, you're welcome--NO, NE dedication is the LEAST I can do ;)

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Review #14, by xXLuna_LovegoodXx Flickering Hope

7th May 2008:
Firstly, congratulations on having the 50,000th story! That is quite an acheivement!

Your characterisation was flawless. You portrayed Pansy so differently from how others portray her. It was so fresh and different, really well done!

Now I know that the length of a story does not affect the quality, this was quite short but it is one of the best one-shots I have ever read. Fantastic job, well done!

This is definitely going on my Favourites list, well done, a million times over!

10/10 x infinity ;)

Luna x

Author's Response: Oh, my GOSH!!! Wow!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so, so, so very much! I'm quite overwhelmed at the moment--what a beautiful, lovely and amazing review! It was so sweet ... I need to take a breath--you've left me gorgeously speechless!! *hugs Luna tightly*

Right, now I'm over my little hyperventilation: (:P)
I was so taken aback by timeturner_staff's review! When I read the 50, 000th story I was like "No ..." *reads again* "No ..." And then came the predictable "Oh, my God"'s!!! *giggles* Whether I'm just lame or I'm hitting my mid-teen crisis, I don't know, but I was nothing short of excited, let me tell you :D
My characterisation ... was ... flawless ...? Oh, wow--it means so much to hear that. I always try so hard to keep my characters in canon, but I always fall somewhere short of that along the line of Draco falling in love with Hermione, or Bellatrix crying or something really ridiculous, like Draco and Harry becoming best friends and taking over the world together (Jokes. I've never done that [though it has, unfortunately, crossed my mind ^^']). I did try to take a new POV for Pansy, as I really think she isn't a horrible person. I mean, I'm a girl, and I bitch about people, but that doesn't make me evil, does it? Seriously, when you think of it, Pansy had done nothing wrong except be a typical, teenage girl ... (hopelessly devoted to a quite un-typical teenage boy)

I've never written a one-shot before (I always fear they never capture to right description), and have only read one, so hearing that was *-* *squeaks* Yay!!!
*lol* I'm so glad you liked the story, and I hope you don't mind long responses, but reading your review I couldn't help myself (it's like a curse, writing metre-long responses to my reviewers. I'm surprised they don't just stop reviewing or say "Look, don't even bother replying").

In your favourites? A_w, that is so sweet!!!! Thank you so, so, so much, and sorry about the long reply xP

Much love,

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Review #15, by FreakOut13 Flickering Hope

7th May 2008:
Aww, you're too kind about my beta-ness. xD
It was really a fantastic pleasure to beta this. It was wonderful, and as I said, you captured Pansy very creatively and originally, along with the insight of minds at Hogwarts during DH. And the tone of the story fit perfectly with all the other elements.
Definitely worthy of my favorites list. :D


P.S. - Congrats about your story being number fifty thousand! That's fantastic!

Author's Response: Ann! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Not only for that gorgeous, amazing, wonderful, descriptive and sweet review, but also about your fantastic beta-ness (*lol* I like that word. Though I've always wondered: what do you call the person whose story's being beta-ed? The beta-er-er-ers? [there's an extra "er" in there just for good measure ;) ])
I'm so happy you liked Pansy!! I was afraid she seemed a little out-of-canon, but no one has said such--so far (and if they did I have a good rant to say to them [nothing bad, of course. I'm quite pathetic at being mean]).

You favourited it?? *hugs* Thank you!! You're too kind--and I'm so flattered you reviewed! That is so sweet!
Now I have all the wonderful reviews, it's time to go in search of a banner (that's one of my most favourite parts of uploading a story [despite the reviews]). Thank you again, and here, have another hug *hugs tightly*

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Review #16, by Lizzy Leigh Flickering Hope

7th May 2008:
Ooh, I liked the story! I normally don't read Slytherin fanfics, but I thought it'd be fun to read the 50,000th story, and I actually stumbled upon a good one! I love how you wrote Pansy and how your story just kind of flows. Well done!

Author's Response: Why, thank you!!! I couldn't quite believe this was the 50,000th story at first--I was so taken aback! It's been such an experience joining this site, and it only just occurred to me that I've contributed to that story count, the review count, the read count ... It's all so amazing and overwhelming I can barely take it in!
I'm so happy you liked my portrayal of Pansy. She's a hard character to perfect, so writing this story I really tried my hardest to keep her in canon and make her seem as if she did have a soul (because, despite what Hermione says, I really do think she does. Her devotion to Draco Malfoy, of all people, is just one example of that [that she has a soul, I mean xP])
Thank you for reading and reviewing, and I'm so happy you liked it!!

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Review #17, by Voldemora Flickering Hope

7th May 2008:
Ooh, just read the review and I can't believe I stumbled upon the 50 000th story! I'm very excited, and this certainly is a good story to commemorate it! It's a little short, but it really is very good, descriptive, and I think you captured the Slytherins' personalities well, and I really like your characterisation of Pansy. Well done!

Author's Response: Oh my Gosh, thank you!!! :) I was just as excited as you when I found out. Reading that review I was left quite speechless--it's such an honour being a part of this site, and I've met some wonderful people (some of which I will probably know long after I've stopped writing [which will more than probably be never]), so reading that review ... xP It was, as you said, so exciting.
I'm so, so glad you liked the story. It was my first ever one-shot, so I was unsure how it was going to get along with my readers (I tend to find my one-shots' slightly bland and devoid of emotion). It is a little short, I know. I have a history with short chapters (I really don't find them short writing them, but when I put them up I think "Wow. It is short ...". But I've said all I can say, and I don't want to change it, so what can you do? *sighs*)

But, anyway, I've probably bored you with my long response (I love responding to my reviewers, so I always reply long), so I won't keep you any longer. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, and I'm so, so happy you liked it!!! *hugs*

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