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Review #1, by bella1919 Cheers Darlin

20th May 2008:
one word amazing! Wow I love snape and lily stories

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Review #2, by bring_back_sirius Cheers Darlin

18th May 2008:
i think you captured perfectly the portrait of a broken-hearted man. and i love how at the end severus vows to protect harry, even though he reminds him so much of james. totally selfless of him :)

Author's Response: thanks for the review.
i think the song was perfect for him so i just ran with the idea.
thanks again

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Review #3, by alicialovegood Cheers Darlin

16th May 2008:
I love this story!
and I love Damien Rice!

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Review #4, by DeathMakesArtists Cheers Darlin

9th May 2008:
Wow. This fic amazingly portrayed his emotions. It was really lovely. 9.6/10 :)

Author's Response: thanks. i tried really hard to make it good cause i love snape

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Review #5, by cobaltsapphire Cheers Darlin

8th May 2008:
nice work, i really liked it.

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Review #6, by toonmili Cheers Darlin

5th May 2008:
congrats on your first song fic... it was well executed. The song choices were perfect to match Severus's emotions at the time.

I liked the flow of it.

I really like this line:There were times when he could’ve taken her hand and lead her away from James, but he was too shy..

That's such a pinful line becasue I'm always thinking that with Snape and Lily stories... if only.

I think that's the whole tragedy of Snape... that he could have had her if he made the right choices.

Author's Response: thanks!
i've been listening to the songs on my sisters ipod whenever i get the chance.
snape and lily is just the biggerst 'grrrrrrr' subject! he could've been happy and never would've had to be angsty and mean, but instead he chose the dark arts.
now that i think about it, choosing dark arts over lily is really really really stupid. i mean comparing love of your life with power and stuff, its obvious which one i would choose. maybe thats just me though
thanks again for the kind review

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Review #7, by Sab Cheers Darlin

2nd May 2008:
Why doesnt a little birdy tell me when things have gone through anymore? :P If you play the song while you listen to it, you nearly cry lol . This is the story of our lives! We're always waiting for someone or something. and i think you captured that really well, even though that may not have been ur aim.

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Review #8, by harrylilyjames Cheers Darlin

27th April 2008:
awe...that was sooo sad =[
poor snape... i feel so sorry for him.
Really nice, just that i wouldnt see anyone ask for his number because I just have an image of a 'odd' looking young severus.
but it was sweet. i really enjoyed it! =]

Author's Response: yeah, i'm sort of the same... a severus in his late teens is a bit hard to imagine...
thanks for the lovely review.

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