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Review #1, by Liz More than a mask

1st February 2012:
Plz continue! I really like this

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Review #2, by clairevampiress More than a mask

19th January 2011:
this was a nice story. Sadens me that its labeld as abandoned. I hope some day you'll return to this. its really a nice story. Diffrent from the other stories of amnesia. Sad, sweet, yet has a hope for a second chance at everything.

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Review #3, by Vixen More than a mask

10th November 2010:
Please please please update this story, it's so captivating and I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Such brilliant ideas, keep up the enchanting writing that formulates this story and keep us hanging on your every word!

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Review #4, by Happyfeetthatsme More than a mask

21st October 2009:
Pleeease update! It's really good

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Review #5, by Acci0 Malf0y More than a mask

15th June 2009:
um well i really liked the story, and i wish that it hadnt been abandoned. i really wanna know if she'll get her memories back.

Author's Response: I\\\'m so very sorry! I really hated to abandon it but... I felt like it wouldn\\\'t turn out right if i tried to force it, you know? :/
I think both you and me would have been disappointed with the outcome.
I\\\'m so very sorry again. I feel just dreadful. :(

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Review #6, by IntoTheDarknessOfNight Forgetting and Forgotten

7th June 2009:
Are you just temporarily abandoning this fic? Cus' I really want to carry on reading after I've read the eight chaps already hup! Please, carry on writing it!

Author's Response: I\\\'m very sorry but I have abandoned this story. I know! I feel just so terrible for doing it but...
The story was becoming a drag to write and I wasn\\\'t enjoying it anymore because it hadn\\\'t turned out like i wanted it to. And if it\\\'s not fun anymore then is there really any point in writing it?
I think that if I tried to force it you would be disappointed with the outcome.
One more I so very, very sorry. I really hate abandoning this fic but i think it is for the best.
I\\\'m so sorry! :(

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Review #7, by alannalove2009 More than a mask

30th May 2009:
what?!?!?! how are you going to end with this?! whats mia doing! PLEASE update! i want to know what happens next!! LOVE YOU && THIS STORY!!!

Author's Response: Thanks you!

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Review #8, by alannalove2009 Out with Draco

29th May 2009:
AHHH! he kissed her! OMG! draco in love with her?!? oh i wish she would get her memories back! I LOVE THIS STORY!

Author's Response: Lol!
Thanks! =D

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Review #9, by alannalove2009 Charmed?

29th May 2009:
UG! i wish i knew what the accident was! i dont like not knowing!! but i love this plot! keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #10, by alyssa More than a mask

29th May 2009:
hey, its me again. i just wanted to know when you're posting more again. it's been over 2 months and there is no new chapter to one of my favorite stories on this website. i am disappointed :(

Author's Response: I\\\'m very, very sorry!
I just really didn\\\'t want to force the ending of this story. It hadn\\\'t turned out like I wanted it to and it wasn\\\'t any fun to write anymore. In fact, i really hated writing it.
I tried to force it along but I think that if i continue you will be disappointed with the outcome.
I feel just terrible abandoning the people who have stuck with me and I really couldn\\\'t be more sorry.
I very, very sorry but i think it\\\'s for the best. :(

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Review #11, by Alyssa More than a mask

18th March 2009:
OMGSH PLEASE UPDATE SOON! i really love this story and i can't wait for you to update

Author's Response: Thanks so much! =D

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Review #12, by JexMorgan More than a mask

16th March 2009:
Can't wait for more. This is really getting interesting. I really do enjoy the parts where it's 'Mione; it gives a lot of insight.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #13, by Ria_Lee Out with Draco

5th March 2009:
Yay! Really, you did this chapter very well. I'm not usually a fan of Dramione, but this one works!

Personally, I couldn't see anything wrong with this chapter. No spelling mistakes or anything like that. I didn't actually examine everything, of course, but when I was just reading there was nothing I spotted.

I love your plot, it's really original. As I said, it's a believable Draco/Hermione. All the characters in this chapter seemed good and were keeping to their personalities. I especially liked Pansy and Blaise, they were really good. Just how I imagined them, especially Pansy.

So overall, a brilliant chapter. Well done!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it because i'm not sure about this story myself sometimes. You have no idea how happy i am hearing that!
Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #14, by Deni More than a mask

27th February 2009:
Please update soon :)

Author's Response: I'll try! Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by Snagglepuss More than a mask

27th February 2009:
:O im shocked and happy at the same time, maybe sad too!
poor Draco but i love how you've done this! its like Hermione's trying to hide the fact that he's been nice just so she wont have to deal with the different side of him!
please write more

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it 'cause i'm not so fond of the chappie myself
Thanks! =D

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Review #16, by Avanell 2 More than a mask

27th February 2009:
Great story! I love it...more on why Ginny is so upset needed!

Author's Response: Will do! thanks

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Review #17, by ZomgShaylex More than a mask

26th February 2009:
Oh noes! Come on! What kind of cliff hanger type thing is that? Meany...

Author's Response: hehe sorry! Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by AussieAnatomy627 More than a mask

26th February 2009:
That was so emotion filled. It was incredible. Poor Draco. I'm surprised Hermione didn't notice that he hadn't called her "mudblood" in a year. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! =D

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Review #19, by Galloping Gargoyals More than a mask

26th February 2009:
i really like this story .
its different then others iv read . keep it up ! :)

Author's Response: Thankies! =D

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Review #20, by laughhard91 More than a mask

26th February 2009:
I'm kind of disappointed there wasn't anything about Mia in this chapter. I also don't think that this was quite up to your usual standard of work. This seemed to be one of those rather more cliched chapters that I suppose you have to have happen. I did like how Malfoy apologized at the end though, although we could have done without the whole eyes make her feel amazing part. I'm in a bit of a bade mood though, so sorry if this comes out harshly. I did like how Ginny was the one who was less prejudiced here. It's always nice to see the less firery side of Ginny.

Author's Response: Yeah, i know, this chapter is terrible, this story is terrible. To be honest i wish i could just scrap it and start again :/

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Review #21, by GinnyLynnPrewitt Forgetting and Forgotten

26th February 2009:
Wow! I love this!
I didn't see anything wronf with it at all. *Favouriting this!*
Awesome job! :)

Author's Response: Thank you!!!

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Review #22, by rowenaravenclaw94 Out with Draco

24th February 2009:
poor mia just doesn't know who she is... good job! 10/10! update soon!
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: I know :(
Thanks so much for the review!
I'll update soon; I've nearly finished the next chapter!

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Review #23, by rowenaravenclaw94 Forgetting and Forgotten

23rd February 2009:
"the little spat"? i think that the issues between draco and hermione were deeper than that, not that she would know that... 10/10! good job!
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!
And you're totally right ^-^

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Review #24, by AussieAnatomy627 Out with Draco

13th February 2009:
This chapter was absolutely brilliant. This story is officially going in my favorites. I think it is amazing and Draco is too. Your writing is very deep and powerful. I can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response: Yey! I'm so happy with about all of your reviews! Thanks so much! =D
I'll update super soon! =D
Thanks again!

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Review #25, by AussieAnatomy627 Charmed?

13th February 2009:
I love the emotions in this story and the descriptions are brilliant.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
I'm thrilled you like the story!

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