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Review #1, by FluffyBunny The Dilemma of Bacon and Blueberries

4th September 2009:
Aww! I love it! And blueberry muffins..Yummy! You've made me hungry! :) Please continue soon!

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Review #2, by sierralon The Dilemma of Bacon and Blueberries

3rd April 2009:
So random. Yet so interesting. I totally agree with this story, it's so nice and breezy. It flows beautifully, and it actually sounds British, unlike other stories I've read.

Author's Response: Cheers for agreeing, I agree as well. I appreciate the honesty. I am rather abrupt in first chapters, I'm afraid, am trying to change sort of. Sort of. c=
Breezy is never bad, I find, and I am too pleased with your Brit comment. Can't seem to stop smiling actually.

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Review #3, by Athena O Riley The Dilemma of Bacon and Blueberries

24th January 2009:
Yay for vegetarians!

I really like this story and hope you continue with it - soon, if you please. It's very well written, and I'm glad to see an author on this site with vocabulary that moves past "OMG, Reeemus iz ttlly looking @ me!!!1!! Hez so dreammmy!!11!!! While he starez, ill act coy and slutty @ the same timez!!!1!11!!! OMG, hez also acting coy and slutty!!! WE'RE MADE FOR EACH OTHER!"

*Cough, cough* Ok, sorry, I got way too carried away there. *tries to erase preppy textspeak grammar out of mind with bleach* Anways, Great Story!

Author's Response: *squee* Cheers. Seriously.
You know, I love vegetarianism. It's pretty frickin' sweet, I do declare.

I definitely plan on continuing this story. I actually am rather gung ho on another story at the mo' though... Fear not, no story shall ever be left abandoned! (That's my motto... I just made it up.)

Thank you so much for making me appreciate my life. I mean, really, the whole "textspeak" thing practically killed me. There was some serious loling on this end.

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Review #4, by superfantasticquirkyquill The Dilemma of Bacon and Blueberries

19th May 2008:
I like that there was quite a bit of my favourite lycan in this chapter. He's neat. More of him would be great.

I like rain, *shrugs*.

I think her name's Kate Egbert. Am I right?
I'd suggest putting in the protagonist's name more prominently.

Update something [anything] soon.

Goodnight. :)

Author's Response: More Remus is quite a nonissue. I am partial to stuffing him into every story possible.
You know, I like rain too. It's all wet and precipitative.
Yes, her name was Kate Egbert. Was. I updated. Yay? Heheh. She is Cherise now. I can't say why exactly... Know what's real cool, it's 6 pm EST. Night. Heheh. Yeeeah... well, goodnight.

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Review #5, by MoonlightDeceptions The Dilemma of Bacon and Blueberries

7th May 2008:
eeep awesome chapter um who did you use for the girl on the banner she is absolutely gorgeous i must know :)
great chapter can wait for more :)

Author's Response: Thanks muchly, dear. I'm not too sure about the girl on the banner, you'll have to ask Ladywolf at The Dark Arts for that as she made the lovely banner. Anyway, I'll try to update soon. Cheers.

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Review #6, by Gryf_Queen The Dilemma of Bacon and Blueberries

2nd May 2008:
I like it so far! Good start! Update again soon!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I'll try! Cheers!

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Review #7, by 65ashben The Dilemma of Bacon and Blueberries

29th April 2008:
Oh this is so awesome!! Hurry and post another chapter!!! Can't wait for more!! B)

Author's Response: Thanks very very much. I'll try to get the next one out asap, only there are a couple other stories that need to be validated first. *scurries off*

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