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Review #1, by Blue Biro Forbidden Fruit

26th March 2010:
aw, forbiden my furry pink teapot! :) loved this chapter, please please please updatye soon, im dying!
sorry thosi review is so short! again, you rock!
your biggest (and coolest) fan becky!
10 milion/10 yes it really was THAT good! :)

Author's Response: Thanks becky! I'm so glad to have a cool fan like you! :P

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Review #2, by Blue Biro The Tale of Lord Oliver Writingham

26th March 2010:
w-o-w, thats all im saying, ok i lied, its not ALL im saying.that chapter was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! really, you rock! your writing is brilaint! :)
your fan becky!
chappter 5 here i come!
100/10! again!

Author's Response: :D Thanks! I know you can't see it, but I'm blushing right now XD

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Review #3, by Blue Biro Conversations

26th March 2010:
heheh, she certainly likes ols siri, eh? well, cant wait for number 3! :)
seriously, love it!
your fan becky!
100/10! you rock!

Author's Response: Who wouldn't like Sirius :P haha! Thanks becky! ^_^

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Review #4, by Blue Biro Unexpected

26th March 2010:
ooh, a little Sirius/Aleesha action there i see! :) love it, i really liek where this story is heading, even at chapter 2 im hooked!
your fan becky! :)
10/10! you rock!

Author's Response: Thank you beckey, for another review! ILU :)

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Review #5, by Blue Biro Chapter One

26th March 2010:
wow, loving this first chappie, i dont think it was clihe at all, actualy, very orignal and deffinatly well written, no doubt about it! :)
seriously, very cool, being very close with James, yet being a werewolf AND having to move homes, really very relatable teenage charcter, really you rock!
a word of warning, i tend to review every chapter so be preepred, my reviewws wioll be a tad short though, but only becuase i liek to read on fast! :)
your newsest fan: Becky!
10/10! you rock!

Author's Response: AWWW :) Thank you!
Short review or not, it's still a review and I really love it when someone takes the time to leave a comment on my story.
I'm really glad you like it (and yay! I have a fan!!!) :D

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Review #6, by lustylover Forbidden Fruit

16th March 2010:
I love the paradoxical ways of Aleesha. It keeps me wanting to read more. She is tomboyish at times, yet you make that so appealing by allowing her to still be "a girl" even though that is what she accuses her sister of. It is very nice writing, so please continue. It is a great story.

Thank you so much for requesting reviews. I really enjoyed giving them. If you get the chance, please check out my own stories here on HPFF.


Author's Response: Thank you, once again, for taking the time to review. I really appriciate it! ^_^ I'll check out your stories once I get a chance! :D

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Review #7, by lustylover The Tale of Lord Oliver Writingham

16th March 2010:
The last few sentences are especially intriguing here. I think that you are doing a great job developing the relationships between the four boys and Aleesha. It is a great story so far!


Author's Response: THANKS :D I'm glad I'm at least going in a good direction with this novel. For the longest time, I was so lost with it I didn't know where to turn XD Thank you, again!

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Review #8, by lustylover Conversations

16th March 2010:
I love the subtle romance in this! It makes me want to keep reading! Aleesha seems like an interesting, yet mysterious character.


Author's Response: Haha, very subtle me thinks. XD Aleesha is such a close character to me, she's almost like an alter ego of me :P Haha thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by lustylover Unexpected

16th March 2010:
Short chapter, and I did notice a few spelling mistakes, so you may want to go and fix those. However, I harbor a sort of interesting liking for the Sirius-James-Lupin-Wormtail group, so I am excited to see them in this story!


Author's Response: Spelling Mistakes will be the death of me. DX I'll go look for those right away!
Thanks for telling me! :P

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Review #10, by lustylover Chapter One

16th March 2010:
Hi, I am stopping by, sorry for the wait. I know you wanted me to take a look at the last two chapters, but I wanted to just let you know that this was a great beginning chapter and you are putting yourself down by asking me to bear with you ;)


Author's Response: Yay, thank you! ^_^

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Review #11, by RonNiffler Unexpected

16th March 2010:
Your main character so far is very unique! I love her personality, reminds me of a good friend of mine.

'"Well, look how much you've grown, dear. My, your nearly as tall as me!"
"Not that that's saying much, mum."' Hehe! Great line!

So far I love James. He's just the way I always pictured him with being loving, but at the same time teasing!

Yet again great job! This story has great potential so keep the good work up!

That's my 2 r&r! So i'm gonna go now, but let me just say I loved your story!

Author's Response: THANKS FOR THE REVIEW. Ily, seriously! :)
Thanks for taking the time to travel to this story for a moment ^_^

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Review #12, by RonNiffler Chapter One

16th March 2010:
Hello! RonNiffler here from forums!

Let me just start out by saying beautiful chapter image!

Now your intro paragraph alone I can see you're a great writer! =) Great job catching the attention of your audience!

Even from the begging you show personality with your characters! And let me tell you something, I read A LOT of stories where the characters have no personality which makes every thing boring. So thank you so much for that breathe of fresh air! =)

Now I'm very curious Aleesha is a very unique name, where did you come up with it? (Don't feel the need to answer that I'm merely a curios person. =))

Your detail is wonderful, by the way. And your words flow very nicely.

Wow! I did not see that coming! A Werewolf!

Now I must warn you right away, if you're not careful this story can become very clich'e. I'm not saying it has to be clich'e, but just be cautious! But hey all great stories turn into cliche's eventually!

Great story, keep up the good work!

PS Your not pathetic for only writing in school, hehe lately I've had no time to work on my stories. =)

Author's Response: Cliche's are fun though :P Haha, Thanks so much for the review, I really appriciate it!!!

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Review #13, by Emma Potter Conversations

26th February 2010:
Hmm... Are you planning on continuing this story?
Because I like it. :)

Author's Response: Yess, just updated :)
Sorry for the wait XD
And thanks for reviewing. I really appriciated it!

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Review #14, by valarie Conversations

17th July 2009:
wow! Cant wait for the next one! 10-10

Author's Response: Thanks! The next one is, erm, moving along slowly. But I'm trying to update every single one of my stories by the end of this month, so maybe I'll have it done by them! I'm keeping my fingers crossed at least :P

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Review #15, by RupertsPheonix Unexpected

12th June 2008:
Haha, Lil' Aleesha's got a crush on Sirius! How cute. ;)

I found a few typoes in this chapter, which I'm sure were just that-typoes. So here they are in case you decide to revise a bit:

--"her voice just as shrilly as ever" I think that "shrilly" should be "shrill."
--"'When were you planning on writing me again.'" Make sure you use a question mark instead of a period.
--"and pushed me gentle away" Change "gentle" to "gently."

Anyway, the chapter was really good--a nicely written transition chapter. I'll be favouriting this story so I can keep up with your updates!

Another 10/10 chapter. =)


Author's Response: Thanks for pointing that out, I'll be updating it as soon as I finish writing this!

And thanks again, and fyi, I'll be updating soon! Inspiration for this story has been coming uber fast!


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Review #16, by RupertsPheonix Chapter One

12th June 2008:
This is an amazing first chapter! I'm really surprised that you don't have reviews for this fic, though I know you must be kind of confused about that yourself.

I love your characterization of Aleesha so far and the beginings of the character Nichole. I bet Aleesha and Remus will end up forming a friendship over their common "ailment."

Off to read the next chapter! 10/10 for this chap!
--Kate/RP =)

Author's Response: I was sorta confused by it, but I decided that it didn't really matter how many reviews I got! :D

Thanks so much for being my first reviewer, and for the compliments. Haha, yes, their common ailment will have an impact of their friendship, most definitely!

Thanks again!

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