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Review #1, by EDIT THIS! Chapter 1: The Burrow

26th April 2008:
Harry potter arrived at the burrow, he stood up and brushed his jeans off, he hated travelling by portkey and today was no exception, but when he looked at the house in front of him all thoughts flew from mind.

He was back home but dreading it, because of sirius's death, people were going to want to talk about it and he just wasnt ready yet.

He started down the long winding path and knocked on the front door which was answered by ginny, as soon as she saw harry, she screamed, threw her arms around him and gave him a hug worthy of mrs. weasley.

"Harry! We weren't expecting you for at least another hour! oh, i cant believe your here, i've missed you so much, i've had no one to talk to, i'll fill you in on ron and hermione later, but god i'm glad your here!"

"Hi Gin, it's good to see you too" harry said returning the hug.

They broke apart and went inside, as soon as Harry walked into the kitchen he was embraced in another hug by Mrs.Weasley. "Oh Harry dear, it's so good to see you, oh you do look a bit thin, now, you'll be sharing a room with Ginny, Ron's room is packed up with the twins merchandise, and hermione has had to move in and into the spare room because her parents are traveling on en ecological trip for two years, i hope thats okay with you?"

"That's fine Mrs.Weasley" He said, flashing Ginny a smile,she immediately blushed and looked away.

"Ginny what don't you help harry take his bags upstairs?"

"Ok mum, Shall i take hedwig harry?"

"Oh,um, yeah, sure," Harry said and prooceeded to follow ginny upstairs. When they entered ginny's room harry gasped, the walls were a sky blue, the window had a balccony on it, ginnys bed was in the middle of the wall on one side of the room and harrys bed was opposite.

" well welcome to my room" ginny said " it's not much and sorry about the mess-"
"it's fantastic, i like it its so like you" harry cutt her off.

Ginny blushed " Thanks, do you need any help unpacking?"
"yeah sure, and while were at it, you can tell me what's going on with ron and hernione" Harry said.

"Ok, well you oviously know that ron like hermione, right?" Harry nodded " well he's been over the moon lately because hermione had to move in, anyway i was walking up to rons room the other day to tell him dinner was ready to find that the door was locked!" Harry gave ginny a confused look, " whay was the door locked?"
Ginny replied "i'm getting there, i tryed to open the door but it wounldnt budge, so i unlocked it with my wand, walkied in and.brace yourself.. saw hemione and ron snogging eachothers brains out!, they didnt even notice me when i walked out the room!"

Harry was shocked, his two best friends were know going out, he was happy for them but did that mean that they were going to shut him out of everything? Suddenly a thought hit him, "Ginny"... he asked slowly, how come you unlocked the door with your wand? i thought we werent allowed to use magic outside school?"

Ginny looked upin suprise and excitement, " oh my god didnt i tell you?, well because this house is going to be in more danger than any other houses, the ministry have granted us permision to use our wands!"

Harry was happy, "thats great, you can finally get proper revenge on your brothers!"

Ginny laughed " i know!"

It was then harry realised what a nice laugh she had, and how pretty she had gotten, her long red hair shone in the sunlight making it look like a ball of flames, her deep chocolate brown eyes were enchanting, and her smile gave him butterflies in his stomache.

He was snapped out of his trance by ginnys voice, " so harry, how have you been this summer, you know with sirius an all" she said in a small voice

Harry felt like a dark cloud had drifted over him, he had tryed not to think about sirius sinse his death. "um, i'm ok, but i just cant stop thinking how stupid i was, if i hadnt have believed that stupid vision, he would still be alive"

Ginny looked at harry in shock and sat next to him against the wall. " harry, listen to me, none of this is your fault, you werent to know if that vision was real or not, he died fighting the way he always wanted and you have to promise me that you dont blame yourself!" Look at me, she gently placed her hand under his chin and lifted his head to look at her. She had tears in her eyes. " i miss him too" they spilled over and harry felt a pang of guilt because he made her cry.

He grabbed her in a hug and let her cry on his shoulder. Letting his own tears fall.
"i'm sorry" he said " i didnt mean to make you cry"

"It's not your fault" she said pulling away "just remember what i said ok!"

He smiled and wiped her tears away with his thumb. "your a great friend" he whispered. She smiled and hugged him again, "Come on, we better get back downstairs or mum will wonder where we got to!" she said laughing.

He smiled and helped her up, then both proceeded downstairs.


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Review #2, by ginny4eva Chapter 1: The Burrow

26th April 2008:
aw! twu lub! Please update soon! I really like this story so far!

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